Allied Church of This

Copyright Jason Brisbane © 2009

Edited by Mario Butter for The Guild Companion

"Priests of This may take any life as they see fit."

Focus: Death and Undeath

Aka: The Great Destroyer, The Unliving One, The Eater of Souls, etc

Culture (Temple Locations): Temples to This are located in most Northron Cities and towns and will almost certainly have at least one Major temple with a barracks attached. The God of Death is worshipped by all races through fear and awe. Crypts are often used as ritual haunts for worshippers and this is not discouraged. Sacrifices of wealth and animals may be left to appease the great destroyer.

Membership: Men and women, human and non-human are allowed to join this race. They must be already baptised into the faith, or change religions to worship only This. A Ceremony breaks all ties to other religions and the Initiate is baptised into the faith.

Benefits of Membership: All those who have passed the rite of alliance to This are called Theurgist's. They all possess the New Talent "Aura of Fear" and every 5 Levels are granted +5 to any Mystical Arts skill (which can include any one spell).

Restrictions: Priests of This may take any life as they see fit. They may only learn basic healing (Minor Healing -- Universal Sphere) and no stronger. They may not keep or restore life (Life-Keeping or Life-Giving)

Symbol: A cameo of a human skull with lowered jaw.

Dress: Theurgists were black robes and black boots, carved of skins of those they have killed in ritual ceremony. Adornments are not discouraged but are expected to represent the wealth of their church/temple.

Structure: This has a regimented and unforgiving church. Theurgists are expected to perform all manner of ritual sacrifices to strengthen their will, from animal to human and more. As their strength increases, so does their Aura of Fear and Undeath.

Philosophy: Theurgists are blessed followers of This, the God of Death and Undeath. They believe that This will one day return to the world to judge all and those found to be failing in faith will be sent to eternal death, their souls eaten by him and never to live again. Those who are judged worth are believed to be resurrected into the bodies of that which he considers worthy -- Undead servants. It is every worshippers belief that the Undead are worshippers of This come back to grant them respite from their duties -- some to take life as unworthy, some to cast aside the unbelievers, but the actions of the God (and his servants) are not for mortals to know. Only those who have been blessed with a small portion of his eternal divinity may even hope to understand a fraction of his essence and thus be classed as Theurgists.

Activities: Theurgists spend many hours in an unholy temple trying to strengthen their resolve to understand the divine mystery that is his unholiness. Some are granted the divine blessing that is his eternal light -- his spells of undeath. They spend hours ensuring that the temple, mausoleum, crypt or other place of similar divine worship is kept in a state of suitable unholy decay. Since many previous priests lie in state in the bowels of the temple, their security and peace is paramount. Those who are given a glimpse of this unholy divinity are said to be blessed. Those not of the faith (and some "touched" of the faith) are just called mad or insane.

Favoured Categories: Clerics of this order place one of the Favoured Categories in Combat and the other in Concentration. It is believed that their Unholy Powers (aka Chi Defense, Chi Focus, etc) are gifts from This taught by his radiant self.

Spells: Theurgists have the following spells as their sphere. They gain access to all of the spells under the sphere of This and may select 10 spells from the Selectable list for their sphere up to 20 spells.

* Spells from the Cleric Sphere
** Spells from the Necromancer Sphere (COM)
*** New Spells introduced below.
This Sphere Selectable Spells
Animate Dead* Acid Ball**
Bless* Acid Bolt**
Calm* Cure Disease*
Control Undead* Curse**
Create Undead* Disease**
Divine Hammer* Dream*
Drain Life* Guidance*
Holy Symbol* Harm*
Undead Strength*** Neutralise Poison*
Restoration* Skeleton Skin***
Speak With Dead**
Summon Undead**
Undead Mastery**

Note: These spells are always noted as Evil. All spells are Unholy (and spells that appear to help, such as Cure Disease, actually kill the disease by imparting Negative Divine Energy to it. GM's should encourage similar Unholy names i.e. Dreams = Nightmares, etc

New Talent: Aura Of Fear -- A Priest of This exudes the pallor of the grave as a corpse. Their physique appears to be like death suffering the same penalty/bonus to any interaction skills as the GM sees fit). The person exudes the same "Aura of Fear" that an Undead of Class I may exude, regardless of character Level. The distance of the Fear is Touch for those less than Level 5 and 1' per 5 Levels thereafter, up to 5' max. (level 7 character = 1' range)

New Ritual: The Ritual of Dark Eternity.

The Caster may undertake to become an Undead of his choosing. With the knowledge of the Create Undead spell he may cast the spell at the time of his death. He must have knowledge of the spell at rank required (ie if he wants to turn himself in to a Greater Vampire (Class V), then he must possess the required ranks in Create Undead Class V). At the end of this ritual the caster must be entirely dead, usually committing suicide. If the God sees fit he will grant the Caster this blessing. The User Must RR v's Will to survive the Transformation.

Eg: Theurgist Utheri the Unholy wishes to cross the border to undeath to continue the Unholy ones fight. He is trying to become an Unholy Lich, a Class V undead. He needs 22 P normally, so for the Magical Ritual requires 44 PP. He must spend 44 days in contemplative prayer to This to gain the Divine knowledge required. He has 33 Ranks in Magical Ritual for this event, meaning he will suffer a penalty of --55 ( (44-33)*5 ). Since he is a sacrifice, he is an Influence on the spell, giving +10. He performs this ritual in the Unholy vaults (+10 Auspicious Places), and on the Gods Feast Day (+10 Auspicious Dates). He fasts for this for 5 hours (+10 Fasting) for a total of --15. With his skill of +94, and --40 Base for Perform Ritual, his total is +39. He needs to roll a 62 to succeed, then a RR versus Will to survive having his soul rent through the tumultuous process! Otherwise he is simply dead.

New Spells

Undead Strength (as Natures Strength but abilities rival undead creatures instead of natural ones)
- Mummy's Strength (as Boar Strength)
- Skeleton Lord Strength(as Ox Strength)
- Wight Touch (as Tiger Claws)
- Wraith Claws' (as Dragon Claw)
- Vampire Breath (as Otter Lung)
- Shadow's Step (as Cat's Step)

Skeleton Skin (as Tree Skin but skin appears to be different types of Undead. Can still be hit with normal weapons and does not gain any other abilities, simply the DB bonus. GM may allow the spell to appear as the undead type, should the DB mean a missed shot. ie. A Skeleton Skin = +20DB. A dagger appears to go between the caster's bones on a missed attack. (GM Discretion) Duration & Scaling Options as per the spell Tree Skin.
- Ghosts Skin (+30DB)
- Wights Skin (+40DB)
- Specters Skin (+50DB)
- Wraith Skin (+60DB)