The Sindar Sacris

Copyright Jason Brisbane © 2009

Edited by Mario Butter for The Guild Companion

"Druids are to be a part of nature, not a conqueror of it."

Focus: Rarilen, The Elven God, Creator of the Fair Kin

AKA: The Elven Holy Ones

Culture (Temple Locations): All Elves of pureblood and most Elves of Lesser blood worship Rarilen. Their temples are natural sanctuaries in Deep Forests, protected by natural wards.

Membership: Only pureblood Elves are Clerics of Rarilen. Both male and female are called. Half Bloods (or lesser) are only allowed to enter the Holy Grounds to worship only.

Benefits of Membership: Rarilen grants the adherent a +5 to Herb lore and Mundane Fauna and Flora lores. Adherents also have the ability to Speak with Normal Animals (half cost).

Restrictions: No killing of any animal or plant needlessly. Druids are to be a part of nature, not a conqueror of it. Eating of Animal flesh is sickening to all Druids, and they exist on berries, bulbs, nuts, leaves, shoots and other natural growths that can be replenished.

Symbol: A small, wooden, carved animal statue, usually on a string or leather tie (eg: horse, unicorn, fey figurine, or other Elven symbology, etc).

Dress: Colors of Nature are most common as are the armour of creatures. Some may take them to be barbaric, and they tend to smell of "earthy" tones. When wearing cloth such as Wool or linen unbleached and dyed colours are both common (as long as the colour dye can be obtained naturally eg: ochre, madder (reds), weld, fustic (yellows/browns), logwood (purple/black), indigo (blue); Wattle, pomegranate, eucalyptus, saffron (more natural colours).

Structure: Rarilen Priests are a druidic order. They seem to have little structure, but seem like a great tree: The Great Druid leads his Chosen Ones (numbering no more than 8 at any one time) to guide the Sindar Sacris (Elven Holy Ones). Collectively they are known as druids.

Philosophy: Druids believe that Elves were given the Great Forests to protect them, a sanctity for animal forms to live in harmony. The taking of life needlessly is forbidden, whether it be animal, plant or humanoid. Such acts are thought to corrupt the cycle of life and their connection with the Great All of Rarilen and a self imposed Geas may take more than a hundred years, if ever, to restructure the Druids psyche.

Activities: Druids stay in the great forests and protect them with their abilities. They wander in the forests and through the great Fey Realms to other forests but such acts and abilities are never spoken of (to break the treaty with the Fey is to disrupt the trust of the Great All. They seek to protect their forests and encourage aggressors to leave, laying deadly traps in the aggressors path which will stop them once and for all should they decide to continue on their hostile way. Such acts are not frowned upon in any way and do not break their laws of Protecting Life.

Favoured Categories: Clerics of this order have the Favoured Category of Outdoor (6).

Spells: Druids have the following spells as their sphere. They gain access to all of the spells under the Druidic sphere and may select 8 spells from the Selectable list for their sphere up to 20 spells. If College of Magic is available, then all spells form the Vivamancer should be considered to be part of the list of Selectable Spells as well.

* Spells from the Cleric Sphere
** Spells from the Mage Sphere
*** Spells from the Ranger Sphere.
Syliela Sphere Selectable Spells
Animal Forms* Bless*
Control Animal* Calm*
Herbal Enhancements* Dreams*
Holy Symbol* Find Shelter***
Major Healing* Guidance*
Nature's Strength* Hues***
Nature's Tongues* Intuition*
Plant Disguise* Locate Food ***
Summon Animal* Merging Ways**
Tree Door* Path Lore***
Tree Merge* Quiet Ways**
Tree Skin* Sleep**
Traceless Passing***
Turn Undead*