The Biguana

Copyright Elton Robb © 2009

Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

rendering of the biguana with rider

Biguana: (cf)-(—),BFLQSZ,RW(—)-3.

Level: 3C; Base Rate: 90; Max Pace/MM Bonus: Dash/40; Speed (MS/AQ): MF/FA; Size/Crit: L/I; Hits: 100D; AT 3(30); Attack: 50LBi50/60SCl30/Both20; # Enc. 1-5; Treasure: --; Bonus EP: B; Outlook: Normal

Transport Information: Cost 20 gp; Man. +10; Ht/Length/Wt: 5'10"/40'/5,000 lbs.

The biguana is a large lizard native to savannas and deserts. There are four different species of biguana. Each species is identified by its coloration and the presence of spines or fins. Spiny and fin biguanas are found on different continents. Biguanas that frequent deserts and rocky shores have dun scales; savanna biguanas are more colorful.

The biguana can be easily domesticated and they are used by both desert and plains people as beasts of burden. Their carrying capacity is 500 pounds, and they provide a riding bonus of +10.

Biguanas can traverse rocky terrain and climb huge trees rather easily. They feast on large herbivorous animals such as the zebra and the wildebeest. They are about as fast as their equine counterparts but not as fast as a cheetah. They can be trained to move troops into battle, but cannot be trained to serve as a combat steed like a warhorse.

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