Arcane Congress of the Secret Mysteries of Merlyna

Copyright Jason Brisbane © 2009

Edited by Mario Butter for The Guild Companion

"Merlyna frowns upon those who do not believe in their own abilities"

Focus: Magic and the Elements

Culture (Temple Locations): The Study of Magic and Merlyna is a deeply religious event to those Clerics who follow her. Arcane Chantries exist in most cities as well as a few towns and isolated settlements, where the natural flow of magic and the elements are strongest, including waterfalls and caverns, volcanoes and on isolated cliff faces.

Membership: Men and women, human and non-human are allowed to join this order. They must be already baptised into the faith, or change religions to worship only Merlyna. A Ceremony breaks all ties to other religions and the Initiate is baptised into the faith. An initiate must worship only Merlyna for a period of no less than one year before undergoing the tests of Initiation and only then is the candidate accepted for the Priesthood.

Benefits of Membership: Study into the deep arts of Magic and the Elements grant the Holy Worshippers the Talent - Scholar.

Restrictions: Clerics of Merlyna may not wear any metal armour. It is believed that Merlyna frowns upon those who do not believe in their own abilities. In addition they may only wield crushing weapons, such as maces, or commonly, cudgels.

Symbol: A complex rune with the start and end joined, such as a figure 8, 0, etc. The more intricate the rune, the higher ranked the priest.

Dress: Priests of both sexes always wear long flowing robes, sometimes cinched at the waist to facilitate walking. They are usually of one colour but the collar or cuff is decorated with the runes of the Chantry they were taught. Initiates wear black robes while High Elementals wear white. Elementals wear robes of grey rings around the cuffs of the elements they have mastered.

Structure: They have no real structure and undertake rigorous chores as an Initiate, graduating to in-depth book study as they progress, into Alchemy and the study of Magic. Some Clerics, while very learned, may not have progressed to full cleric and spend their whole lives trying to grasp the fundamentals of Merlyna's relationship to the world around them. Clerics are referred to as Elementals. The High priest is called the High Elemental.

Philosophy: Priests and Priestesses of Merlyna follow the leys of Magic and its study across all of the seas, earth, air and fires of the world. They believe that Merlyna can grant them the power to access the Ley Lines and travel through them. How this blessing is granted is unknown but her worship is very strong. They start by immersion in the study of elements and through study and visions, may gain the insights to the more Clerical beliefs of Spiritual enlightenment.

Activities: Elementals are scholarly and spend most of their time deep in meditation or study with their heads in books, or perfecting alchemical practices. Those who have grasped the concepts of Merlyna usually involve themselves in the study of the various four elements and how they interrelate to the fifth element: spirit.

Favoured Categories: Clerics of this order place one of the Favoured Categories in Mystical Arts (3) and General (3). This is in addition to the ranks normally granted in these areas.

Spells Elementals have the following spells as their sphere. They gain access to all of the spells under the Merlyna sphere and may select 6 spells from the Selectable list for their sphere up to 20 spells.

* Spells from the Cleric Sphere
** Spells from the Mage Sphere
*** Spells from the Harper Sphere
Merlyna Sphere Selectable Spells
Bless* Air Wall**
Calm* Changing Ways**
Divine Hammer* Darkness**
Dreams* Elemental Ball**
Harm* Elemental Bolt**
Holy Symbol* Fire Wall**
Intuitions* Icy Mist Wall**
Lifegiving* Phantasm**
Lifekeeping* Presence**
Major Healing* Sleep**
Restoration* Tongues***
Summon Animal* Water Wall**
Tree Skin*
Turn Undead*