Universal Church of Syleila

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Edited by Mario Butter for The Guild Companion

"Priests of Syleila may take a life or restore it (with healing) as they see fit"

Focus: Death and Rebirth

Culture (Temple Locations): Temples to Syleila are located in all Southron Cities and towns will almost certainly have at least one Major temple with a cloister attached. Gnomes also worship Syleila to a minor extent in small Shrines.

Membership: Men and women, human and non-human are allowed to join this order. They must be already baptised into the faith, or change religions to worship only Syleila. A Ceremony breaks all ties to other religions and the Initiate is baptised into the faith.

Benefits of Membership: Syleila grants the Priest or Priestess +5 to Healing and +5 to Resistance:All. Priests who demonstrate the goddess's wishes have also been know to be granted the Succor talent after several levels (usually level 5). This includes Paladins.

Restrictions: Priests of Syleila may take a life or restore it (with healing) as they see fit. A Priest who undergoes final Blessing is granted the ability to take lives, as they believe the Goddess sees fit. Clerics may not wear plate or chain armour

Symbol: A wooden or iron medallion of a Snake eating its own tail.

Dress: Priests and High Priests wear long robes for services or white linen with a band of colour determining their church rank on the arms and base of the robe. They wear their symbol of office on the outside of their clothes. Travelling Priests/esses wear normal travelling clothes, but their holy symbol is always clearly visible.

Structure: High Priest/ess have a ring depicting their station. Their medallion is representative of the cycle of life, death and rebirth. The church typically consists of High Priests, Priests, Clerics (Missionaries), and Lay followers who are learning the mysteries of the goddess. They all undertake various duties from Midwife, Nurse, Celebrant and Giver of Last Rites; thus completing the cycle.

Philosophy: Syleilans are a peaceful order who protect and comfort all. They are worshipped by farmers and craftsmen alike, who revere the goddess in order to protect their families from harm and for the Goddess to bestow her blessings upon them. Syleilans believe that the Goddess calls the souls of her faithful to them after a long life. Those who die before their time are believed to be reborn into new bodies at a time more fitting for their spirit. Priests of Syleila choose not to wield bladed weapons, but may wield Concussion Weapons (Chains Plus, Clubs, Great Chains, Staves, or Slings) or Martial Arts, but not specialised forms. Syleilans abhor undead in all their forms, taking them to be a disturbance in the natural cycle of life, death and rebirth. They will seek to destroy undead in all their forms, but not lessening in their protection of the weak.

Activities: In urban areas they often tend to sick and needy people offering mundane as well as divine healing. They charge a fee for such services, which goes towards covering the costs of the items used, and for feeding the Priests themselves (Chickens are often accepted methods of payment). Some priests consider a wandering lifestyle and travel to towns in search of needy to dispense the goddess's blessings to, and hopefully gain a few converts. This also helps to keep remote villages updated with the happenings of the major towns temples.

Favoured Categories: Clerics of this order place one of the Favoured Categories in Combat and the other in Outdoor or Influence (PC choice depending on type of cleric -- Missionary = Outdoor; Local Celebrant = Influence). This is a lifestyle choice by the PC and changing categories can only be done by choosing the other profession (Additional Profession Talent).

Spells: Syleilans have the following spells as their sphere. They gain access to all of the spells under the Syliela sphere and may select 7 spells from the Selectable list for their sphere up to 20 spells.

* Spells from the Cleric Sphere
** Spells from the Harper Sphere
*** Spells from the Mage Sphere.
Syliela Sphere Selectable Spells
Bless* Bladeturn***
Cure Disease* Calm**
Divine Hammer* Charm**
Drain Life* Deflections***
Harm* Magic Shield***
Herbal Enhancements* Nature's Tongues*
Holy Symbol* Past Visions**
Lifegiving* Presence***
Lifekeeping* Quiet Ways**
Major Healing* Sleep**
Neutralise Poison* Tongues**
Turn Undead*