March 2009

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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Plotting new products


My Death Is Near... I'm So Cold - Tim Harper (aka Samwise7)
A story of endings from the author's fantasy setting, Marth


Cleric (Priest) of Nysdyn - Tim Harper (aka Samwise7)
A dark clerical order for HARP

The Zhyll - Tim Harper (aka Samwise7)
A new race and associated race-specific cultures


Dwarven Magic Items for High-Level Campaigns - Phillip A. Ellis
Four potent and wondrous items of the Dwarves

Kiri Kin Tha's Advanced Metaphysical and Supernatural Principles - Steve Kellison
A very magical textbook

The Black Sword - Steve Kellison
A unholy sword of great devilry

The Social Implications of Magic: Open Mentalism Base Lists - R. Dan Henry
The seventeenth in the series

Turaniel (Holy Defender) - Steve Kellison
A holy sword of great power