Kiri Kin Tha's Advanced Metaphysical and Supernatural Principles

Copyright Steve Kellison © 2009

Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

This very large book is an advanced work on the nature and mechanics of magic in general. It is applicable to any realm of magic. The book is very in-depth, and difficult to follow due to the extremely advanced nature of the topic.

Description: A two-foot by one-and-a-half foot book, six inches thick, printed on the finest, unstained white paper and bound with leather and iron. It has a clasp to hold it closed, and the front cover is full of mystical runes, spelling out the name of the book in an ancient magical language. The book weighs 20 pounds. It cannot be destroyed by normal means, and stains slide off the enchanted surface.

Abilities: After spending a minimum of 4 hours a day for 30 days studying the book, a spell user may make an open-ended d100 roll on the chart below, adding his level and his stat bonuses for Intuition, Empathy, Presence, Memory, and Reasoning. There is a modifier to the roll based on the type of spell user (pure, hybrid, semi):

  • Semi Spell Users --20
  • Pure Spell Users +0
  • Hybrid Spell Users +10
  • Arcane Spell Users +20

A character may make multiple attempts to understand the book; each attempt takes 30 days of study. A character may only gain the benefits of a particular result one time, and bonuses from different results are not cumulative. Additional benefits for higher results may still be gained, but an "Absolute Failure" result will render any previously-gained results useless.

GM Notes:

Play Balance: This is a very powerful artifact, even though it contains no magical abilities of its own (aside from being hard to destroy). Any spell user who learns of its power will want to possess it. Spell users of a "Good" disposition will want to keep it from falling into Evil hands. Those less altruistic will want the book for the potential power it represents. While the book itself can be read multiple times, the GM should make it very difficult for the player to have multiple attempts. As soon as another spell user learns the location of the book, attempts to steal it will begin.

Language: The book should be written in an ancient or magical language appropriate to the GM's world setting. If the GM desires, a player can be required to make a skill roll in the appropriate written language skill each day he reads the book. Failure would indicate that he does not understand a particular section (he cannot count that as one of his required 30 days of study) and cannot make further progress until he gets help understanding that section (e.g., from a textbook or teacher).

Strange Magic: The results for reading the book also include the results gained if using Strange Magic from the October 2008 Guild Companion.

Roll Result

-25 Down Absolute Failure: You have so confused yourself by trying to understand something so beyond your training that you now doubt what you thought you knew. You have a permanent -5 to all Spell Casting Static Maneuvers until you achieve at least Partial Success with this book.

-25 -- 75 Failure: You have obviously bitten off more than you can chew. The advanced concepts in this book might as well be written in an unknown language. You gain no extra insight to magic, and your eyes hurt from reading this stupid book.

66 (UM) Unusual Event: Your true nature as a spell user, which has escaped you for so long, is revealed to you by the book. The GM will choose another spell using profession for you (with your input on what you are willing to play). You are now a member of that profession, and develop all skills and spell lists from this point forward as a member of that profession. You retain any skills you had up to this point. Any base spell lists from your "old" profession that you have already learned may be developed as Open lists from now on (treat them as the same realm, even if they are no longer in your realm). This may also change your profession bonuses, reducing your bonus in some skills, and increasing it in others. This will not change your basic personality, or make you more or less religious, even if you change from or to the realm of Channeling.

76 -- 90 Partial Success: You are beginning to understand some of the basic concepts detailed in this book, but you have a long way to go. You gain a permanent +5 to the Power Manipulation skill category.

91 -- 110 Near Success: Almost there! You have a brief moment or two when you truly understand what is going on with your magic. +10 to the Power Manipulation skill category and you gain 5 free skill ranks in any one spell list in your realm.

100 (UM) Unusual Success: It is all so clear to you now. Not only do you grasp the concepts in this book, you see several things the author had wrong. Thoughts of how you treated "magic" before make you feel foolish in light of your newfound knowledge. +25 to the Power Manipulation skill category, and all spell lists are now considered Base lists for you. You gain an additional +3 power points per skill rank in Power Point Development. (Strange Magic: You have a +50 to your Power Meditation or Power Prayer skill, and if you are an Essence user, you may now safely draw 1.5 power points per round.)

111 -- 175 Success: Whew! What a tough read! But it was worth it. You now understand magic better than you ever have before. You gain a permanent +10 to the Power Manipulation category, 10 free skill ranks in any one spell list, and +1 power point per skill rank in Power Point Development. (Strange Magic: +25 to your Power Prayer or Power Meditation skill. Essence users may now safely draw 1.25 power points per round from the environment.)

176 Up Absolute Success: Elementary my dear Merlin! You have mastered the concepts in this book after weeks of determined labor. You have a true insight into the nature of what some fools call "magic." You have a permanent +15 to the Power Manipulation skill category, 10 free skill ranks in each of two spell lists, and +2 power points per skill rank in Power Point Development. (Strange Magic: +25 to your Power Prayer or Power Meditation skill. Essence users may now safely draw 1.25 power points per round from the environment.) The spell lists chosen for your free ranks are now considered base lists.