May 2009

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Excerpt of The Guild Adventurer #3 - Nicholas HM Caldwell
An excerpt from the third issue of The Guild Adventurer, in PDF

Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
TGA#3 and the Editor takes a retro-notion


The Blessed Protectors of Ariala - Jason Brisbane
A clerical order for the defence of the poor

The Durj - Tim Harper (aka Samwise7)
A new exotic race with a pair of subraces

The Shamans of Debella - Jason Brisbane
A nature-oriented clerical order

The Uruš Monster - Tim Harper (aka Samwise7)
A new monster to terrify low-level adventurers. Corrected version.

United Clansmen of Warriors and Huscarls - Jason Brisbane
A warrior order of the god Garal

Quick and Dirty MERP Character Creation - Gavin Bennett
Faster MERP character creation

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