The Shamans of Debella

Copyright Jason Brisbane © 2009

Edited by Mario Butter for The Guild Companion

"Those of the Land pay homage to her"

Focus: Nature, Land, Flora & Fauna

Culture (Temple Locations): Debela is worshipped by all peoples, and all cultures, save Urban. Those of the Land (Farmers, Graziers, etc) pay homage to her. Temples are few, but Shrines dot almost every Township, Village and Hamlet across the countryside, even in isolated farmsteads.

Membership: Clerics are deemed to be handpicked by Debella and are sometimes called "Shamans" by more Urban Clerical Orders. Debellians are a very nature-oriented religion, open to all. The process may seem to those around the new priest, as if the loved-one is going mad.

Benefits of Membership: Debellans have a unique association with Nature and can purchase Speak with Normal Animals at half cost. They gain a +5 to all Outdoor skills and herbcraft. The Talent "Outdoorsman" can be purchased at 10 DP's to gain a +10 bonus, taking the total bonus up to +15. Of Most importance is the fact that a Debellan Shaman may life off the land, sustaining themselves for one day per level without needing to actively searching for sustanance. (Priests must sustain themselves for 2 x level in days before this "Ability" is restored.)

Restrictions: Debellans are almost a druidic order, and abhor Undead in all its forms. Those with knowledge of any Undead Creation or Control spell are immediately outcast. They must not wear any wholly manufactured. Item (ie: Chain, Plate, etc) but restrict themselves to Natural leathers and Creature hides. (Magical hides encouraged)

Symbol: A small, wooden, carved animal statue, usually on a string or leather tie (eg: horse, cow, bird, etc).

Dress: Colors of Nature are most common as are the armour of creatures. Some may take them to be barbaric, and they tend to smell of "earthy" tones. When wearing cloth such as Wool or linen unbleached and dyed colours are both common (as long as the colour dye can be obtained naturally eg: ochre, madder (reds), weld, fustic (yellows/browns), logwood (purple/black), indigo (blue); Wattle, pomegranate, eucalyptus, saffron ( more natural colours).

Structure: They have no structured order as such, although it is believed that Debella keeps a set number of Priests at one time. Should one die, another person will be elevated to the position of Cleric. Thus, most Clerics of Debella also have one or more associated professions, or they are very young.

Philosophy: Clerics of Debella love nature and the cycle of nature in all its forms. They think nothing of death and believe that Familiar's are their own awareness of Nature and their "bonding" with nature of a spiritual level. As such Debellas' priests or Shamans (as most of them prefer to be called), tend to take on traits of animals that they associate with (rats = sneaking, watchful: ravens = scavengers: eagles = hunters; etc). They do not believe that humanoid life is a disruption of life, merely another extension of it and thus they will protect human as well as animal life. Most humans find this neutrality disquieting and may turn against the Shaman who rescues a human child, but allows the wolves to take the farmer's last cow.

Activities: Shamans of Debella tend to wander the land, allowing themselves to live of it, as well as immerse themselves in the wonder of Debella's glorious garments.

Favoured Categories: Clerics of this order have their Favoured Categories as Athletics (3) and Outdoor (3).

Spells: Debellans have the following spells as their sphere. They gain access to all of the spells under the Debella sphere and may select 8 spells from the Selectable list for their sphere up to 20 spells.

* Spells from the Cleric Sphere
** Spells from the Vivamancer Sphere (COM)
Debella Sphere Selectable Spells
Animal Forms* Banish Creature**
Control Animal* Bless*
Herbal Enhancements* Calm*
Holy Symbol* Cure Disease*
Major Healing* Dreams*
Nature's Strength* Drain Life*
Nature's Tongues* Lifegiving*
Plant Disguise* Lifekeeping*
Summon Animal* Neutralise Poison*
Tree Merge* Plant Healing**
Tree Skin* Repel Animal**
Turn Undead* Share Animal Sense**
Tree Door*