United Clansmen of Warriors and Huscarls

Copyright Jason Brisbane © 2009

Edited by Mario Butter for The Guild Companion

"A willing warrior will not give in to battle lust but will obey the words of his superior to stay his sword."

Focus: Honourable War, Strength

Culture (Temple Locations): Temples to Garal are located in all Southron Cities and towns. They have a culture of Honourable Warfare, a Hunger for Warfare and Strength of Spirit.

Membership: Men and women, human and non-human are allowed to join this race. Membership is allowed only to those who demonstrate the knowledge and belief in Honourable warfare and the strength to follow orders. Commonly they are tested in combat and in words. A willing warrior will not give in to battle lust but will obey the words of his superior to stay his sword. They must be already baptised into the faith, but may worship other faiths.

Benefits of Membership:

Restrictions: Priests of Garal do not wear any armour heavier than Leather, and Organic Armours (Spidersilk, Trollhide, Chitinous armour, etc) are favoured. A sword is always wielded as their Primary weapon.

Symbol: Crossed Swords on a Kite Shield.

Dress: Priests and High Priests wear long woollen robes for services, and are always undyed. They wear their Holy Symbol in various places, usually as a broach holding their cape on. They travel as their fellow warriors do and are fierce fighters themselves.

Structure: The church has a militaristic order with Huscarls the Priests, and each Temple led by a Valhakar.

Philosophy: It is believed that Garal looks upon those who have fallen as worthy combatants who may enter his service in the afterlife. Whether worthy or not is not for us to decide but for Garal alone, and all who fall stand before him to be judged on their skill, and honour. Skill alone is not enough and many tales are told of honour that holds true where skill fails. Those who pass are celebrated at the next feast day as they have been called to Garal where, it is hoped, they may join his armies and fight the demonic forces of the afterlife from which Garal protects the living from.

Activities: In urban areas they often tend to be centres of rowdiness, frivolity and much drinking of alcohol. Beer is common and ale is given to those who are not yet known to the congregation. They accompany warriors and soldiers into battle bestowing their blessings upon them. In times of war they come into their own with their battle cries, and blessing of strength. In peace they are centres of celebration, celebrating their life and strength and a future to come where Garal may yet call them forth to his kingdom.

Favoured Categories: Clerics of this order has Combat as their favoured category, gaining 6 ranks in that category, 2 of which must be a sword weapon. As with the favoured category Combat, all priests are Holy Warriors to Garal and the title of Huscarl bestows this.

Spells: Priests of Garal have the following spells as their sphere. They gain access to all of the spells under the Garal sphere and may select 6 spells from the Selectable list for their sphere up to 20 spells.

* Spells from the Cleric Sphere
** Spells from the Warrior Mage Sphere
*** Spells from the Mage Sphere.
Syliela Sphere Selectable Spells
Bless* Bladeturn**
Control Undead* Deflectons**
Divine Hammer* Hammer Strike**
Drain Life* Steel Skin**
Dreams* Warrior's Might**
Guidance* Weapon's Fury**
Harm* Fear***
Holy Symbol* Haste***
Major Healing*
Nature's Strength*
Turn Undead*