Alien Races for Rolemaster

Copyright Phillip Ellis © 2009

Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

"They are, instead, extremely curious, highly analytical, and devoid of all forms of sentimentality."

Many argue that there are more worlds than just those of the sun. It is also argued these other worlds must contain other life-forms, and that some of those life-forms must also, by extension, be intelligent. What follows are some notes, gleaned after long and dangerous research into a small number of such races—races that visit our planet even now.


Reptiloids (--)-(--), (--), (--), (--); 5'6"-9' tall; mentalism spell-users, with 3-4 pp per level

Reptiloids are reptilian humanoids that, for the most part, live in large cavern complexes. They are between five and a half to nine feet in height and up to 450 pounds in weight. They have scaled crocodilian skin that is usually greenish-brown. The scales on their backs, thighs and upper arms are large, and their hands, abdomen and face are covered with smaller scales, allowing more flexibility.

Some Reptiloids have tails; others do not. Those with tails usually hold them off the ground. They have lean, firm bodies with powerful arms and legs. Their arms are long with three long fingers and an opposable thumb. Their feet have three toes and one recessed fourth toe towards the back of their ankles. The claws of their hands and feet are short and blunt. They lack nipples and navels.

Their heads are slightly conical in shape and have two bony ridges rising from their brow, across their backwards-sloping skull, toward the back of their head. There is no bridge between their eyes. The nasal openings are at the end of a small, flattened nose and are two small slits that slant upwards in a V formation. They have wide lipless mouths that contain reptilian teeth. They have large, black eyes with pupils that are vertical slits. Reptiloids lack hair. Their genitalia are concealed within a vertical slit located at the base of the torso.

Cold-blooded like all reptiles, the Reptiloids flourish in warm, tropical climates.

They use illusions to produce an outward "human" appearance; they possess abilities of both telepathy and invisibility, due to their mastery of Mentalism spell lists.

These are highly advanced entities but, because they regard most races as totally inferior, they are both arrogant and hostile. The Greys are subservient to the Reptiloids.


Greys (--)-(--), (--), (--), (--); 2-3.5' tall.

The most common of all alien races are the Greys, small beings with reptile-like skin that ranges in color from pale to dark grey. A Grey is very slender and delicate looking, light, with a large, rounded head that has a pointed chin, penetrating black, slanted eyes with no pupils, and a vestigial mouth and nose. They have no body hair. Their arms reach to their knees, and their long hands have small palms, with four claw-like fingers. They also have small feet, with four small, claw-like toes, and no visible genitalia.

They were genetically engineered from a cetacean-like life-form, by the Reptiloids, who needed slave labor. They have since evolved beyond the need for sexual reproduction: their digestive tracts and sexual organs have totally atrophied as a result, and their only method of reproduction is cloning. As a result, with each successive generation of clones, more and more damage occurs to the Grey genetic sequence, causing the Greys to travel outwards, and seek the DNA of comparable species. Hence their propensity for abducting humanoid races, and extracting the races' DNA, in order to repair the damage that their own has incurred.

The primary method by which Greys overpower their prey is a form of telepathy, which, in game terms, is equivalent to the 7th level spell, Paralyze I, on the Mind Attack spell list, although this attacks costs only 5 PP instead of the usual 7. Greys have 2 PP per level.

The Greys lack deep, emotional feelings and compassion. They are, instead, extremely curious, highly analytical, and devoid of all forms of sentimentality. They look at other races as inferior species, useful only in order to maintain their existence. Their sciences deal largely with the genetic study of other life forms and races. Their social organization, also, has a very rigid structure.

They are also servants to the Reptiloids. As a result, they desire their freedom from their masters, and in turn play at being the masters of all terrestrial species; they are technologically advanced, and are intent upon conquest. The Greys also desire the humanoid races to aid them in an expected future war with the reptilian masters, a war projected to take place a generation from now. The Greys are known to have bases in many countries of the world.

Greys are slower than humans, and, as a result of the atrophy of their digestive system, must have humanoid blood and other biological substances to survive. They do so by absorbing their needs through their own skin. This is then converted to energy and waste products are excreted back through the skin. Aside from feeding off of humanoid proteins and fluids, they also feed off the "life energy" of their abductees. In game terms, consider this a drain of 1 PP per round, while a Grey remains in physical contact with its prey.

Type Greys Reptiloids
Lvl 5C 7E
Base Rate 30 40
Max. Pace/MN Bonus Jog/+0 Jog/+5
Size/Crits S/-- M/-- to L/--
Hits 50E 90F
AT (DB) 1(0) 8(0)
Attacks 25We/Special 50We/Spells
# Enc. * *
Treasure * *
Bonus XP A C
Outlook (IQ) Curious (AV) Superior (AA)

Encounter Ideas

  • Someone, or something, has been mutilating livestock in the region, so the adventurers are asked to investigate. All of the mutilations occur at night, and all are occasioned by strange lights in the skies.
  • Resting in camp, during their travels, the adventurers set up watches for the night. Unfortunately, one person on watch falls asleep, awakening suddenly to find strange creatures bending over the other sleeping members of the party.
  • One of the spell-users is not recovering power points at night. All evidence points to another party's involvement, so a trap is set.
  • Rumors of a large metallic disk falling from the skies, and exploding, reach the party. If they investigate, they find that that disk was inhabited, and that someone, or something, has survived.
  • Exploring a mountain, home to strange flying lights that appear in the night sky, the adventurers find caves that, unbeknownst to them, are inhabited by a very secretive, very haughty race.