September 2009

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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Apprentices of the Guild and Something Wicked


Monstrous Templates for HARP - Massimiliano Caracristi (aka Arioch)
Introducing the Savage, Fey, Chaotic and Champion Templates

Rolemaster to HARP character conversion guidelines - Jörg Jahnke
Guidance on recreating existing characters that retain the spirit of the original


The Ranger and the Bard (Revised) - R. Dan Henry
Putting a bit more oomph into the Ranger and Bardic spell lists as they should have been

The Social Implications of Magic: Magent Base Lists - R. Dan Henry
The twenty-second in the series


Universal Night Watch Ground Operations - Glen E Terry
Setting material for the Spacemaster Imperium setting post-Brood