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To the 134th issue of The Guild Companion.

Guild Companion Magazine : Submissions Received, More Needed

As you will have noticed, we have a significantly higher number of articles this month than last. We also have a number of new articles that are in the queue and will be appearing all being well in the May or June issues. Many thanks are due to all of the contributors who responded to last month's call.

We do, however, need a steady stream of articles to ensure that this magazine does not grind to a halt, so if any of you do have a potential contribution, no matter how large or small, please get in touch with me ( email editor at guildcompanion dot com)

Ongoing Work on HARP SF

March has been a month of great interior illustrations for HARP SF. Rick Hansen has now produced over thirty wonderful illustrations for this first volume.

Here's an example from the Professions chapter, namely the Pilot (artwork copyright Rick Hansen):

Pilot looking out cockpit at comrade's vehicle

Here's an example of twenty-fifth century computer programming in action from the Skills chapter (artwork copyright Rick Hansen):

programmer directly programming a robot via a wired neural linkage

More still to come from Rick and I'm working feverishly on getting the HARP SF Xtreme text finalised.

Guild Adventurer #4

Michael Tumey has completed the cartographic adjustments for Ward Miller's Keep of the Damned scenario. We have experts hard at work multi-statting the various scenarios and are impatiently waiting the arrival of Terry Amthor's latest masterpiece, Eyes of Stone.

Shadow World Player's Guide

The Shadow World Player's Guide survived its last and final proofreading run and is now in layout. I've mentioned in other places that it will have fantastic colour artwork. To prove this, here's one example of a Navigator's Obelisk by the brilliant Craig John (illustration is copyright Craig John). We will definitely be making the Player's Guide available in colour in both pdf and softcover printed versions.

A Navigator's Obelisk somewhere on the Shadow World

Farewell for now ...

Multiple projects requiring my creative or managerial attention, so I'll leave to enjoy the rest of the issue. We'll be back in May with issue 135, but until then ...

Keep gaming and have fun,
Nicholas HM Caldwell
General Editor for The Guild Companion