Sul-Huvascar Reserve

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"When the Armageddon war came to their shores, they were lucky, only being attacked by a tri-swarm"

Sul-Huvascar Reserve

Capital: Asunción

Controlled Systems: Alpha Delphini/Beta Delphini/Dauphine Delphini

Alpha Delphini (α Del / α Delphini) is a multiple star in the constellation Delphinus. It also has the name Sualocin, Alpha Delphini has seven components: A (Blue White) and G (Yellow), a physical binary, and B, C, D, E, and F, which are optical and have no physical association with A and G.

Asunción (the capital planet)
Climate: The climate of Asunción can be described as warm, dry and humid for most of the year. It has a very favorable climate. A subtropical climate that gives farmers five harvests every 24 months. 30 standard hour days with 23 hours of sunlight on average, with 2 extra hours in the summer and 2 less in winter. Volcanism is the lower end of the standard range and meteor in-fall is very low.

Basic Notes: A trace of the indigenous Guaraní culture that has endured is the Guaraní language, understood by 90% of the population. About 75% of all Sul-Huvascar speak Anglaman. Guaraní and Anglaman are official languages. It's largest economic activity is based on agriculture, agribusiness and cattle ranching. Huvascar Technologies is ranked as the universe's third largest exporter of Molecuboards, and its beef exports are massive (That's right, when you fork over the big Elmonits for a REAL steak dinner, now you know where it comes from). As a cultural note: You cannot visit Sul-Huvascar without enjoying an "asado," or "parrilla," grilled meat. There is a very important social component to it. Any family gathering of any importance or a public function includes one. An asado can be made al asador or a la parrilla. In the first case a fire is made on the ground or in a fire pit and surrounded by metal crosses (asadores) that hold the entire carcass of an animal splayed open to receive the heat from the fire. In the second case, a fire is made and after the coals have formed, a grill (parrilla) is placed over with the meat to be cooked. The meat for an asado is not marinated, the only preparation being the application of salt before and/or during the cooking period. Also, the heat and distance from the coals are controlled to provide a slow cooking; it usually takes around 2 hours to cook an asado. Further, grease from the meat is not encouraged to fall on the coals and create smoke which would adversely flavor the meat, indeed in some asados the area directly under the meat is kept clear of coals. The asado is usually placed in a tray to be immediately served, but it can also be placed on a bracer right on the table to keep the meat warm. Chimichurri, a sauce of chopped parsley, dried oregano and nopal, garlic, salt, pepper, onion, and paprika with olive oil, is a common accompaniment to an asado. Food replication devices are uncommon throughout the province as the primary industries are food related.

The Arts: Northern University Opera Company, Arlequín Theater Foundation, National Symphony Orchestra, Northern University Symphony Orchestra, City of Asunción's Symphony Orchestra (OSCA){Most well known}, Asunción Classic and Modern Municipal Ballet, The National Ballet, Northern University Ballet. Belly Dance is both an art and a popular past time in the Reserve.

Venues: The Municipal Theater, The Sul-Huvascar - Tokugawan Center, Central Bank's Great Lyric Theater, Juan de Salazar Cultural Center, Tom Jobim Theater, The Americas Theater, Arlequín Theater, Manzana de la Rivera.

Nightlife: revolves around two areas: one in the downtown part of the city and the other in the neighborhoods of Manora and Las Carmelitas, a strip full of nightclubs and bars.

Sports: The Main Sports of The Sul-Huvascar Reserve are Soccer and Power Raking. The main soccer teams are: Olimpia, Cerro Porteño, Club Libertad, Club Nacional, Club Guaraní, Club Sol de América, which have their own stadiums and sport facilities for affiliated members. The Defensores del Chaco stadium is the main football stadium of the country and is located in the neighborhood of Sajonia, just a few minutes away from the centre of Asunción. The power raking teams of note are Leopardo Negro, Jet fusion, Clockwork Golems and The Fury. Power Raking rules, in a nutshell: It is similar to Roller Derby in that two teams clad in body armor skate (in this case on hoverboards) around a banked, circular track. There, however, the similarity ends. The track is oval, with a long axis of 50 meters and a short axis of 30 meters. Each team has a goal, which is a cone-shaped area inset into the wall at opposite sides of the track. Teams consist of ten players: four hoverboarders, two motorbike riders, two runners ("clubbers") and two catchers (also on hoverboards). All participants wear extender claws on their left arms except the catchers. Hoverboarders wear them on both hands, the bike riders only on the left, the clubbers wear them on the left with a metallic tomahawk looking club in the right. The catchers wear large mitts on their right hand and shockgloves on their left. Teams score by throwing or placing the ball into the goal, a small, conical, magnetic hole on the outer edge of the track or when a team's runners manage to pass the opposing skaters. Balls are fired by several cannons (up to four will be in play at once in one game), in the same direction players skate, with the aim of hitting and disabling players from behind. Games have three periods of twenty minutes, with rest periods of two minutes in between. The balls are made of steel and can read the DNA of people holding it. If more than 4 different DNA patterns are detected without the ball entering a goal, it explodes. For this reason, in the early days of the sport twins and clones were very desirable players. Now, it is mandatory for each team to have a minimum of 8 different DNA patterns on a team. All raking events take place in the Charo Arena.

Estadio Defensores del ChacoDefensores del Chaco stadium.

Popular Neighborhoods:

Sajonia is located next to the Paraguay River (The literal translation from Guaraní is Para = of many colors; Gua = from or belonging to or place; Y = water or river or lake.) and has a population of 15,873 people. This neighborhood is home to different social classes, but most predominantly middle- to upper-class families. The Carlos Antonio López Avenue runs through Sajonia and showcases the beautiful scenery of this neighborhood. Some important sites in this neighborhood are the Port of Sajonia, the Club Deportivo Sajonia (a social and sports club), the Reserve Hospital, the Navy Club and The Defensores del Chaco stadium which is used mostly for football (soccer) games but it is also used for other activities such as rock concerts.

Manora (The name of this neighborhood comes from the Guaraní language: the word is Manó means "dying" and the word Râ means "to", so it basically translates as "to die for". It is said that the name was given after the beauty of the flowers and trees spread throughout the streets, making the residents say that this neighborhood is so pretty that it is "to die for".) Manora has a population of 5,898 people and is known for its Lapacho trees that blossom in bright colors, notably red, pink, yellow and white.

Other Points of Interest:

The Huvascar Wheel is a rotating boat lift connecting the Mayan Canal with the Paraguay River. The site includes a visitors' centre containing shops, a café and exhibition centre. The difference in the levels of the two waterways at the wheel is 24 meters. It is Identical to the one found on the capital of House Falkirk, having been designed and built by the same company. The structure is located near the village is Ciudad del Este (about 8km upriver from Asunción).

The Ripurti Falls: A whole area of waterfalls about 15km to the west of the Capital. A popular area for the young couple in love, this area has large areas of untouched land dotted with small areas where all manner of tourist attractions can be found. Everything from five star dining to water parks to bed-and-breakfast establishments can be found. Despite the tourist fall off in recent times, most of these are still open, largely due to government funding, but they still see a fair amount of tourism and income from the locals. Especially popular is the Sul Tower, which looks over the falls.

The Falls from above, Resort at left center.

Lake Ypacarai: North of the Ripurti Falls and in fact, feeding them, is Lake Ypacarai which boasts a wide variety of leisure time activities including, but not limited to, boating, swimming, picnic areas and sightseeing. The town of La Costa is on the shores of the Lake and boasts a number of high end resorts and also has its own spaceport, Meso-Ripurti station, however it is much smaller than the capital's. Near the Lake is a TBD array, oddly, this one is completely independent of the one at Asunción.

Companion House Madrassa: A training institution as well as a working companion house. Companions are high-society courtesans licensed by the Galactic Court of Humanity. Companions are part of the social elite, often accompanying the wealthy and powerful. There is considerable ritual and ceremony surrounding their services, which extend beyond sex to nurturing psychological and emotional well-being. Companion training includes social and physical grace, performing arts and psychology. They are also trained in more elegant forms of self defense including martial arts, archery and fencing. Companions choose their own customers, and can have ungracious customers banned from any Companionship. A Companion must have a yearly physical examination in order to keep her license. There are heavy monastic overtones to many Guild practices, such as the use of incense, a focus on contemplation, and a cloistered lifestyle. A tea ceremony is a part of the traditional opening to a meeting between a Companion and her client.

Pardilla's Fine Dining: A popular upscale restaurant that is located near the port of Sajonia, this one is unique in that it sits 5 meters under the surface of the ocean. Great views of the ocean with a 270 degree field of vision.

Bayern Stube: A Carlisle styled restaurant with large tables for family dining. A very popular place with the locals, as you can get a very hearty meal for under 10 Elmonits. Located on the restaurant strip in Manora.

Bolsi: has a modern décor and Chef Valiente loves the Mediterranean cuisine and adapts them with local ingredients. Known for its surubi, a local river fish. Any kind of meat is always a safe and great bet in the Reserve. Tour groups love Bolsi. Located on the restaurant strip in Manora. Chef Valiente owns and operates the premier Greek restaurant in the Capital city. What he can do with lamb can make a grown man cry. He is a very quiet 5'1" man and it is impossible to tell how old he is. He could be anywhere from 45 to 150. He is very soft spoken and one word from him and you will never be served in the restaurant again. He takes his cooking extremely seriously and if you are respectful will make a meal for you that you will never forget.

Churrasquaría Acuarela: This enormous, 1,300-seat rodízio-style (One pays a fixed price and the waiters bring an offering of food to each customer at several times throughout the meal, until the customers signify that they have had enough.) restaurant might just be the best value in town (around 10 Elmonits). Waiters traverse the dining room with skewers of grilled sausage, chicken, pork, and beef, slicing off as much as you want. You can stroll over to the buffet laden with salads, vegetables, and desserts. Skewers of grilled pineapple and banana are constantly offered as palate cleansers between meals, so that the different meat tastes don't get muddled up. Another Manora area treat!

Nearby provinces:

Outreach: While not technically another province, in some ways it might as well be. The third planet in the Dauphine Delphini system, Outreach is totally unlike the rest of the Sul-Huvascar Reserve. Some time ago, several mercenary groups gathered here and bought land to use as their base of operations. Since then, the whole planet has more or less been turned into a place where mercenaries spend downtime, negotiate new contracts, recoup and refit themselves. The entire economic base is in direct support of the mercenary industry. Many renowned mercenary organizations have offices here: Yoka-Shan Warworlds, The Megaversal Legion, Kentucky Headhunters, Wolf's Dragoons, Charon's Children and the Sunrunners to name only a few. The capital city, Merctown, also houses offices for numerous companies that deal in weapons, armor, vehicles and other products necessary to make war. The vast majority of the businesses here are part of the service industry. Since the majority of this planet's population at any one time are families of merc units or off duty mercs themselves, there is a wide variety of restaurants, theatres, brothels and amusement providers to keep them entertained. Outreach by and large is not protected by the Sul-Huvascar Reserves, nor does it follow the normal laws or customs of the Reserve. It simply pays its taxes and is left alone. Due to this and difficulty of trying to enforce the laws, you will seldom see Vegapol, GEO or other GCH personnel on the planet. Which is exactly the way Merctown likes it. Many mercs have had difficulties with the law in the past, and so Outreach has little official police. This should result in a land of anarchy and a den of thieves, but this really isn't the case. There are way too many bad asses, or at least people who have friends who are bad asses, for people to go around starting trouble. Mostly everyone treats other people with respect.

The Great Onsager Moot: Named after their founder Lars Onsager. This province is little more than a think tank and home for the Onsager University, which specializes in Theoretical Physics and Physical Chemistry. Their government's decisions are made by a popular vote of the most intelligent 15% of the citizens. Located in Alpha Scuti/Zeta Scuti, they are largely peoples of Norwegian decent.

Angeli Outstation: A TBD hub and trade station, Angeli outstation is a politically neutral outstation, largely believed to be controlled by the League of Merchants. Structurally, Angeli is fairly common for an Imperial Era outstation, though being a frontier zone station; it is somewhat heavily armed for a station of its displacement. Rumors abound that Angeli is an important waypoint between important League locations like Tanquilla Beach Shadowport and Star Haven.

The Iraklion Republic: Home of The Iraklion Archeological Museum, the people here are descended from the people of the Crete area of Greece. (Willow/Theta Lupi) The Iraklion Archeological University was the most respected in the old Imperium, and continues to train the best and brightest in the field, known for their ability to "think outside the box."

Harvested fruits and vegetables

Bananas, Avocados, coconut, pineapple, Mango, papaya, oranges, green onion, bell peppers and potatoes are the most recognized, but a number of others are cultivated as well.

Cherimoyas: Also called custard apple, this large tropical fruit tastes like a delicate combination of pineapple, papaya and banana. Irregularly oval in shape, the cherimoya has a leathery green skin that has a scaly pattern not unlike large, overlapping thumbprint indentations. The flesh, peppered with large, shiny black seeds, is cream-colored and the texture of firm custard. Now grown in Po Yang cherimoyas are available from November through May. Purchase fruit that's firm, heavy for its size and without skin blemishes; avoid those with brown splotches. Store at room temperature until ripe (they will give slightly with soft pressure), then refrigerate, well wrapped, up to 4 days. Serve cherimoyas well chilled. Simply halve, remove the seeds and scoop out the flesh with a spoon. Cherimoyas contain a fair amount of niacin, iron and vitamin C.

Sapodilla: Sapodilla is a long-lived, evergreen tree the fruit is a large ellipsoid berry, 4-8 cm in diameter, very much resembling a smooth-skinned potato and containing 2-5 seeds. Inside, its flesh ranges from a pale yellow to an earthy brown color with a grainy texture akin to that of a well-ripened pear. The seeds are black and resemble beans, with a hook at one end that can catch in the throat if swallowed. The flavor is exceptionally sweet and very tasty, with what can be described as a malty flavor. The unripe fruit is hard to the touch and contains high amounts of saponin, which has astringent properties similar to tannin, drying out the mouth. The sapodilla trees yield fruit twice a year, though flowering may continue year round. The fruit has a high latex content and does not ripen until picked. Some are round and some are oval with pointed ends.

White sapote: White sapote fruit ripens six to nine months from bloom. Fruit size varies from 1 inch to 6 inches for some of the newer cultivars. Fruit color ranges from apple-green to orange-yellow at maturity. The fruit shape is round and irregular. The skin is very thin and smooth, with a waxy bloom, and is sometimes bitter. Green-skinned varieties have white flesh; yellow skinned varieties have yellow flesh. The flesh has a custard-like texture and a sweet delicious flavor reminiscent of peach or banana, although sometimes with a hint of bitterness. The fruit becomes pungent and unpleasant if overripe.

Sweetsop: It is a semi-evergreen shrub or small tree, the fruit is usually round, slightly pine cone-like, 6--10 cm in diameter with a scaly or lumpy skin. There are variations in shape and size. The fruit flesh is sweet, white to light yellow, and resembles and tastes like custard. It is high in calories and is a good source of iron. A tree five years old may produce as many as 50 sugar-apples (this is an alternate name for Sweetsop fruit).

Atemoya: The atemoya is a cross between two tropical fruits -- the sweetsop and the cherimoya. An atemoya is normally heart-shaped or rounded, with pale-green, easily-bruised, bumpy skin. It is very juicy and smooth, with the white flesh tasting slightly sweet and a little tart, reminiscent of a Piña Colada. The taste also resembles vanilla. There are many inedible black seeds throughout the flesh of the atemoya. The seeds are toxic. When ripe the fruit can be scooped out of the shell and eaten chilled.

Breadfruit: Breadfruit is a species of flowering tree in the mulberry family. Breadfruit is one of the highest-yielding food plants, with a single tree producing up to 200 or more fruits per season. They are very rich in starch, and before being eaten they are roasted, baked, fried, or boiled. When cooked the taste is described as potato-like, or similar to fresh baked bread (hence the name).

Plantain: Plantain is a crop in the genus Musa and is generally used for cooking, in contrast to the soft, sweet banana. Plantains tend to be firmer and lower in sugar content than dessert bananas. Bananas are most often eaten raw, while plantains usually require cooking or other processing, and are used either when green or under-ripe (and therefore starchy) or overripe (and therefore sweet)

Nopal: Nopal is a vegetable made from the young segments of prickly pear, carefully peeled to remove the spines. Nopals are very rich in insoluble and especially soluble dietary fiber. They are also rich in vitamins (especially vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K, but also riboflavin and vitamin B6) and minerals (especially magnesium, potassium, and manganese, but also iron and copper). Nopales have a high calcium content, but the nutrient is not biologically available because it is present as calcium oxalate, which is neither highly soluble nor easily absorbed through the intestinal wall. Addition of nopales also reduces the glycemic effect of a mixed meal. Nopales are low carbohydrate and may help in the treatment of diabetes.

Military: Sul-Huvascar's military is largely volunteer reservists built around a core of about 10000 full time military personnel. There are roughly 30000 reservists on duty in the province at any one time, with the number swelling to nearly 100000 in times of dire need. On Asunción, roughly a third of the military is deployed via the wet navy. Ships varying from jumpcraft carriers and destroyers to small river patrol craft and submersibles are common sights all over the planet. The level of training for troops is very inconsistent, ranging from lackluster to very good. In general, the wet navy has the best quality troops as their training is supplemented with real world experience on watercraft performing anti-pirate missions as well as rescue operations and even some scientific research. The Reserves' aero-space assets are generally held by reservist pilots with professional flight leaders. The line infantry are particularly weak and are the laughing stock of the rest of the military. The ranger platoon is a definite exception, however. Highly trained, motivated and with excellent esprit de corps, the rangers get the best of everything and are considered the highest quality soldiers in Sul-Huvascar. No reservists are allowed in the rangers and for good cause, as they are performing actual missions a lot of the time. The rangers routinely assist the GEO and occasionally help (read: keep tabs on) Vegapol when necessary and round out their time training or taking out drug operations as they become aware of them.

1050th Naval Operations (Wet Navy)

Commanding Officer: Admiral Araceli Riveros (F, Age: 37)

Araceli was born on Poseidon and is a Trans 8 which makes her extremely valuable in the wet navy. Araceli moved here at the age 12 when her family was transferred. Both of her parents work for the GEO and were placed here and fell in love with the land. Araceli loves the water and would spend her entire life in the water. Araceli rose quickly in the Navy due to her love of the corps and her willingness to work hard. She is married to her wife of 15 years and they have two children from invitro (both Trans 8s).


52 x Orinoco Lt. Cruiser

8 x Nakamura Submersible

250 x Kryma Patrol Ship

84 x Guarani Destroyers

8 x Espinoza Carrier

32 x Albatross Scout Aerocraft

192 x Sturmovov Ground Support Fighter

64 x Hurm Attack Transport

96 x Hauken Air Superiority Fighter

640 x Orpha Air Superiority Fighter

1070th Home Guard (Ground Forces)

Commanding Officer: General Micha Tropoli (M, Age: 54)

General Micha Tropoli loves his system and will defend it with his and all of his men's lives. As of yet he really hasn't had to put this to the test but he says that he is ready to right now. General Tropoli is a father figure for his troops and is well loved by all. He has a very gruff voice but no bite to back it up, yet everyone respects him and works hard for him; not out of fear but out of not wanting to disappoint him. General Tropoli takes his job seriously but also is the first one to host a Home Guard BBQ at his ranch, or a Hawaiian shirt day.


1 x Patriarch Mobile Control Center (But don't ask them how they got it!)

1 x Ark Groundcraft Carrier

1 x Karnak Mobile Bunker

2 x Fargoer Multi-motive Explorer

10 x Chamberlain Infantry Support APC

30 x Stinger Light Torpedo Carrier

50 x Pacer Armored Car

30 x Asgurd Heavy Troop Transport

64 x Hurm Attack Transport

1075th Ranger Platoon

Commanding Officer: 1st Lt. Electra Ovilo (F, Age: 24)

Electra Ovilo is a professional soldier and is very good at her work. She is a skilled martial artist and is very skilled with her weapons of choice. Despite her good looks, her men respect her. It is common knowledge that she is 'dating' a smuggler ("He's not a smuggler; he's an independent transport captain!") that comes in every few days. While it would seem odd that none of the higher ups are giving her a hard time about this association, the fact is that Marco Briendel has been able to get merchandise into the province that no one else seems to be able to. Like Marco says, "everyone wants something." Therefore her relationship is not just tolerated, it is encouraged. Though she is technically in charge, she takes advice from her Warrant Officer, Erik more than she cares to admit.

Chief Warrant Officer (CW5): Erik Martin (Ex LRI team leader) (M, Age: 26)

Erik Martin is a Jadist LRI team leader who has been loaned out to Sul-Huvascar Reserve forces

to act as an advisor and help with training, however, he is often leading from the front and teaching by example. His personal specialty was Psychological Operations, and he has been training one of the squads along these lines, while working with the others on different specialties, just like LRI teams. He is very fond of Electra, but knows that she isn't available.

Squad 1: Psychological Operations

Squad 2: Recon/Forward Observation

Squad 3: Hostage Rescue

Squad 4: Heavy Weapons.


10 x Hurm Attack Transport

1074th Mobile Artillery Battery

Commanding Officer: Captain Blanca Ovelar (M, Age: 44)

Captain Ovelar loves to blow things up, and he will happily tell anyone he meets that fact. He originally trained as a structural engineer and is well versed in demolitions but found it wasn't as satisfying as military grade weapons. During the last galactic war he was actually off planet on vacation and got caught up in the fighting. Now that he is back in his peaceful home he yearns for some good old fashion fighting. If you work with him then you have heard his war stories about a 100 times and he never gets tired of telling them.


6 x Remorhaz Mobile Artillery (Lob Cannon)

2 x Patrioso Mobile Artillery (Torpedo)

1073rd Armored Battalion

Commanding Officer: Lt. Colonel Callum Laino (M, Age: 41)

Lt. Colonel Laino was born and bred on planet. His Father and Grandfather were serving officers in the Armored Battalion and he likes to say that motor oil is in his blood. Even though he has never really seen any real combat he is a stickler on being prepared. (He is also an Eagle Scout). Laino is married with 6 children, 5 girls and his youngest a boy. He is currently grooming his 3 year old son to take his place one day in the Armored Battalion.

Assets: 4 x Shinobi Jumptank

10 x Mouse Heavy Grav AFV

20 x Stryder Walker AFV

10 x Paroxysm Grav AFV

1030th Home Defense Group (Aerospace)

Commanding Officer: Commander Kate Cassidy (Plt 10 Gnr 9) (Ex-millennia warrior) (F, age:51).

Kate originally wished to retire from active military when this position came about. She had been attached to a brood forward attack group with the UNW and visited the system when her ships were in drydock for repairs at the nearest outstation. Kate has been with the Home Defense group for the past 10 years and loves her job. There are days that she misses the constant action but is ever vigilant on the possibility of attack. Kate is a friend and companion with Minister Allan Enriquez and there have been rumors that they are secretly dating, but if that is so they are extremely hidden with it. Kate has been pushing for adding to the military and wants more funding for better ships and pilot training. Kate saw many times the devastation that the brood can do to a planet and she believes it is just a matter of time before something sets them all off again. She also believes that the people of this system have become complacent because they have never truly been attacked before.

Assets: 1 x Nautilus (Her personal fighter, though she rarely flies anymore)

Quetzalcoatl Squadron:

Squadron Leader: Luigi Bampa (Plt 7, Gnr 7) (M, Age: 35)

Luigi was born on a small cattle ranch outside of the capital city. He is a cowboy through and through. Even in uniform you will usually find him with cowboy boots on and a Stetson hat nearby. Luigi likes a good drink, a good woman and a good ship. He is extremely easy to get along with unless you cross him. He is slow to anger and can be vindictive if crossed. He doesn't take his job as seriously as Kate would like but is a good pilot and a better leader. He understands how to take command and is respected by everyone who serves under him.

Kukulcan Flight:

Flight Leader: David Waterhouse (Plt 6, Gnr 7) (M, Age: 32)

David is the most unlikely pilot you will ever find, he is 5'6", and 150lbs soaking wet. He has curly blood hair and looks like he is only 14 though he is 32. David is well liked by all of his comrades in arms; he always has a smile and is always willing to spot someone a beer or a couple of bucks when needed. David is single at the moment; he seems to have the "friends" curse where women are concerned.


6 x Thunderbird II

2 x Nighthawk

2 x Hellbender II

4 x Sorenson III

1 x Epping

Typical Pilot (Plt 4, Gnr 4)

Typical Gunner (Gnr 5)

Ququmatz Flight:

Flight Leader: Zatarra Smith (Plt 8, Gnr 7) (F, Age: 19)

Zatarra is a orphan and was raised in the capitals one small orphanage. She went into the military the second she came of age and moved quickly up the ranks. She is a great pilot and has a natural mind for tactics. She is well liked by everyone serving under her and is tolerated by her superiors. She has a quick temper and has been known to start a bar brawl when she is in the mood. She has a bad habit of arguing with her superiors which up to now hasn't been that big of a problem because there really hasn't been much of a military action since she started. Commander Cassidy worries that if anything actually serious was to happen, Zatarra might not be up to the job.


2 x Thunderbird II

4 x Sorenson III

2 x Pharsii II

6 x Nighthawk

1 x Betafortress

1 x Epping

Typical Pilot (Plt 4, Gnr 5)

Typical Gunner (Gnr 5)

Historical Notes: The Sul-Huvascar were supporters of the Provincial Powers Alliance, They had steadfastly been supporters of the Empire until the proof came out that the Emperor had been keeping durandrium from the masses and lied about it. Of course, this is not very relevant today. When the Armageddon war came to their shores, they were lucky, only being attacked by a tri-swarm. The Brood were repelled, but starfighter loses were almost total.

Government: Scientific Collective...Governing Council of Thirteen Members, Admission to the council is by appointment by one of the council members, the appointment must then be seconded by another member. Then the appointment must be ratified by a 2/3 majority vote by the council. Then the appointee is voted on by a group of 2000 elected officials from throughout the province. In this case a simple majority win makes the appointee a council member. In the case of a tie (this has never happened before) then the 2/3 majority is considered enough. This method is followed by all but the Commons councilman's seat. All candidates must have at least a Masters Degree to be eligible (though usually the candidates have doctorates.)

Council seats:

Agriculture: Handles all internal farming decisions. Minister Jane DeMarco, age: 68. Jane was born on a farm outside the Capital city. She rose in prominence at the age of 35 when she successfully cross bred two different strains of wheat producing a heartier and healthier grain. Jane is a firm believer in protecting the purity of the Agriculture environment and is always looking for way to limit the impact Agriculture has on the natural environment. She is also a strong supporter of limiting the number of immigrants allowed. She believes that population control must be strongly enforced.

Agribusiness: Handles all business transactions, trade and market prices on produce and Livestock sales to offworlders. Minister Daniel San Terano, age 45. Daniel is a self made man. He started his first shipping business at the age of 17, shipping out prime cuts of beef to the nearest outstation. Daniel believes that to make money you need to spend money and he has always supported industry and business. He especially supports new entrepreneurs and small business owners. He has voted for tax breaks on new business and for companies that push innovation. Daniel believes that their system could corner the market in beef and specialty produce if they just build up a larger merchant marine but alas he has been voted down each time the measure comes up.

Husbandry: Handles all internal livestock concerns. In addition to the thriving cattle industry, chicken, turkey and pork are raised here. Fishing is a small industry here as well, but most fish are caught and sold locally instead of for export. Minister Stephen DeMarco, age 23. Stephen is the youngest of the ministers on the council. He is also the nephew of Minister Jane DeMarco. Stephen takes after his Aunt in the fact that he has personally developed 3 new breeds of cattle and one new breed of turkey. He is currently working on a new pig breed but has been having difficulty with the cross-breed. Stephen is a genus when it comes to livestock and husbandry issues and he is devoted to his calling. Stephen at first did not want to be part of the council because he was afraid it would take away too much time from his research and work, but after seeing who was campaigning for the job, instead he threw his hat in the ring. The other candidate was Mr. Mark Blanco, a ruthless Cattleman who has been trying to gain a foot hold in the council for years. Stephen decided that he should run against him and won.

Business: Handles all business transactions, trade and market prices on other goods and services both internally and externally. Minister Lilian Hubardo, age 47. Lilian is a special case on the council. She was the wife of long time Business councilman David Hubardo, who was impeached and is now serving a jail sentence for corruption. Lilian gained his seat because she herself is a fine business woman and it was through her hard work that he was exposed. Her dedication to the system over her husband is what got her nominated and voted into his recently vacated position. There were even rumors that he had ties with the League.

Arts and Entertainment: Handles all internal concerns with the arts, entertainment, museums and is a Liaison to the Companion house (which is somewhat autonomous and has a non-voting seat on the council.) Handles all diplomatic relations with the Iraklion Republic. Minister Samantha Serazano, age 72. She is a retired dancer and singer, extremely popular and famous at the height of her career. She was born in the Jade-Cat Confederacy and settled here when she retired from international performing. She has held her seat for the past 10 years because she is exceptional at what she does. She truly understands the artistic community and how the galaxy at large works. She has been able to get off world funding for several art exhibits and has helped many up and coming performers get contracts and tour dates. She has truly adopted this system as her home and never leaves the planet, this works since because of her previous fame people are more than willing to travel to her.

Defense: Handles all police and internal security measures, theoretically also handles war on other territories, but this remains theoretical as the Reserve has never performed any sort of force projection outside their borders. The biggest responsibility, however, is keeping up with the intricate dealings in Outreach. Minister Allan Enriquez, age 62. Allan was also born in the Jade Cat Confederacy, his father an LRI team member and his mother immigrated there when she was 18. She had been a student at the IT school and fell in love with his father. Minister Allan himself was an LRI team leader and active in their military until 15 years ago. He had had too much of continuous war and decided to retire. He moved back here and settled on his Grandparents country estate. He was soon sought out for all types of advice on military matters because of his vast "real world" experience. When this seat became vacant 5 years ago he was pushed by the populace in general to run. He was unopposed in the race and has done a wonderful job since. There are rumors that he still receives intelligence from the Jadist Intelligence Directorate and is always one step ahead of galactic military news. He has been recently pushing for more training of the Reserve and more specialized training in specific. Getting an appointment with this man on Asunción is very difficult, as his job forces him to spend much of his time on Outreach.

Conservation: Handles all conservation based issues, hunting and fishing licenses, land management and acts as a Liaison to the local GEO Field Office. Minister Ackmed DiJaniaz, age 39. Ackmed works extremely closely with the Agriculture and Husbandry Ministers. When he first started his position he was kind of a hot head, always arguing and getting worked up. He is now starting his second year as Minister and has relaxed considerably, this is probably due to the fact that both the Agriculture and Husbandry minister are extremely ecologically minded and have been supportive to his positions and motions. Ackmed toured the galaxies extensively as a child on his father's merchant trading vessel. He had a firsthand view of over populated and ecologically failing planets and has since been a rabid supported of ecological issues. There was a worry that if he hadn't gotten the council seat he might have become more rabid and actually would have become an eco-terrorist.

Science: Handles all other scientific issues and is also the Ambassador to the Great Onsager Moot. Minister Simon Matha, age 32. Simon currently has 9 doctorates and 12 master's degrees. He is a graduate of the IT school and is extremely brilliant. His current focus is tachyon molecular conversion and its applications. Simon, while having a seat on the council is a little too wrapped up in his own work. He doesn't take his council position seriously and is waiting for his term to be finished so it can be passed to a "lesser" scientist. Simon can be quite an ass in meetings because if an issue isn't related to the scientific community he just ignores the person speaking or tries to talk over them and get them to move on to something that interests him. As an Ambassador to the Great Onsager Moot he is slightly better, but they too are anxiously awaiting the next vote and a new Minister. He has been careful enough not to truly piss anyone off to the point of violence but he still has time.

State: Handles all diplomatic and protocol issues with anyone not previously mentioned. Minister Hans Van Dizemer, age 54. Hans is an immigrant from the Colosian home world. He was an officer of protocol for their royal house and at the age of 40 decided to leave (escape) and find better employment. Hans is not your typical Colosian. He is actually quite polite and really enjoys his job. He makes the perfect State Minister and has thrived since he no longer has to watch for the dagger in the back. Hans is liked by all of the Ministers, including Simon and is treated with great respect. He will probably hold this position until he wishes to retire since the system runs so smoothly with him at the helm. An interesting point is that Hans and Minister Allan Enriquez are quite close friends and have been seen fishing and hunting together.

Power & Technology: Handles all concerns with the windmills, hydroelectric, solar and Matter/antimatter reactors, also Handles all manner of technological concerns, and ends up working closely with the science and business councils. Ultimately, any new technology that is proposed to be bought by the reserve must get the ok of this department. Minister Jennifer Aknle, female, age 38. Jennifer is a cyber guru and a techno-wizard. She is always up to date on the greatest and latest technological advances. She has every gadget you can imagine and is always looking for more. Jennifer is actually kind of socially awkward and a klutz and seems to rely on technology to make up for her social inadequacies.

Public Health and Safety: Handles all concerns with Hospitals, medical insurance, crisis management, fire prevention and Hazmat issues. Minister Dr. Sarah Taylor-Siaz, age 54. Sarah is a physician with multiple specialty degrees, including cybernetics, alien physiology and veterinary medicine. In addition to her council seat she still runs a small medical practice that does mostly charity work. Sarah keeps up on all of the new techniques and medical advancements but she herself is not a researching physician. She is a very sweet person and enjoys her medical practice more than her council seat. She is also always first on the scene whenever there is a public health care crisis.

Commons: The only seat that is voted in purely by the popular vote of the public, this councilman handles issues with the public at large and the concerns of the commoners. Minister Luigi Terazini, age 67. Luigi was a write in winner in the last election and took the council by surprise. There is a rumor that someone rigged the election to get him, but everyone knows that it wasn't Luigi's idea. Luigi is a owner of one of the best fresh fruit and vegetable markets in the capital city. Luigi is also who you go to if you want a bit of gossip or a good piece of advice. When Luigi won, he tried to turn down the position but on a lark decided to try it. He has actually been a great councilor and the people love him. He is approachable and he is extremely aware of what is going on in the real world. He always knows the behind the scenes gossip on each of the council members.

Paranormal Affairs: A catchall council seat, and the councilman with the largest staff (even bigger than the agribusiness) and handles all concerns such as psionic licensing, Sianetic Harbinger artifacts and non-aligned alien forces. Her job also includes the oddest responsibility, she is required to vote against the rest of the Council as a dissenting party, and then follow up with more in depth research. Minister Debbie Wonderhousen, female, age 42. Debbie is a psionicist and was once part of the group that lobbied against PsiCore. Debbie came here while being hunted by PsiCore as a rebel and found a home. Debbie is extremely vocal about psionicist rights and the importance of keeping an open mind. Debbie is friendly and vivacious but if you catch her when she doesn't realize she is being observed you might see a strange look in her eyes. No one knows what happened to her previous to her settling here and she has never discussed it with anyone. Debbie lives in the capital but no one knows where, all of her mail is sent to a PO Box and she always goes and meets people in public or in their homes.

The Law

GEO: The Galactic Environmental Organization's field office is located in the center of Asunción, close to the courthouse and the Vegapol offices. This GEO station is one of the most asked for assignments for those in the know. Nowhere else in the universe is the GEO more respected, listened to, and just plain wanted. Sul-Huvascar is a place where GEO patrol officers are known by name, offered complimentary fresh coffee at the street cafes and in general are treated very well. They are also frequently bored for a number of reasons. Not only is local government very conscientious about environmental concerns, but so are the people. Also most of the companies here are local and are known for exceeding the standards legally set for environmental impact. Finally, they are overstaffed. The GEO deploys 10 patrol members plus support staff for each system a province controls, but in the case of Sul-Huvascar, they only really have 2 systems to actually work, and both systems don't really need that much supervision. The only group that really causes any problems is Hanover Industries.

GEO Regional Office #3976: Sul-Huvascar Reserve

GEO Magistrate: Alise Shepard (F, Age: 48)

Alise Shepard is more than a dedicated professional, she is a believer. She is dedicated to the GEO ideals of keeping planets from being strip mined, polluted and otherwise rendered useless by overuse and abuse. She takes her mission very seriously, and when she finds companies failing to comply with GEO mandates, she will charge them with every possible offense, hoping to force compliance by making examples of violators. This however has made her something of a political liability, hence her post here.

GEO Marshal Information Bureau Head: Melissa "DataMole" Kincaid (F, age: 21)

Melissa is a dedicated hacker for the GEO. She was once a true believer in the cause, but has outgrown her youthful fervor. Now, it's just a job, a job she is quite good at. She doesn't want to quit, she likes her post, loves this place and is working on her off time to get a private investigator's license. She hopes to have her own business and be her own boss at some point.

Regional Headquarters #3976 Alpha Delphini

GEO Marshal: Chaka Makumbe (M, age: 37)

Chaka is a very temperamental person, not one to take insults, bullying or other challenges to his authority. If he encounters anyone that crosses him, he goes out of his way to make that person miserable. This is what makes him such a fantastic Marshal. He is very proud of his son and is quick to bristle if anyone implies (or he thinks they imply) that his sons position is due to nepotism.

GEO Patrol Chief: Yizizmak Makumbe (M, age: 20)

Yizizmak is the son of Marshal Makumbe, and takes his job every bit as seriously as his father. The result of a drunken union of his father and a Thaan nobleman's daughter, Yizizmak never really knew his mother, who was whisked away by her family, leaving him with his father. While this wasn't a very easy life, Yizizmak has grown fiercely loyal to his father.


10x GEO Patrol Officers

4x GEO Detectives

6x GEO HazMat Team members

4x Marshal Information Bureau members

12x GEO Shocktroopers

32x GEO Support Personnel (pilots, technicians, medics, secretaries, etc.)

4x Trident Fast-Attack Trimaran

2x Reef Raider Strike Submersible

2x Goblin (Macleod Model 227) Scout Jumpcraft

2x Goblin SAR (Macleod Model 227b) Scout Jumpcraft

12x Hurricane-XC Jumpracer Bike

Field Operations Office #3977-Beta Delphini

GEO Marshal: Hank Pearson (M, age: 54)

Hank took this job to retire from 'real' police work, as his previous job was as a sector ranger. This job works really well in this way, as it lets him relax more than he could before, but still allows him a small bit of action so he doesn't get bored.

GEO Patrol Chief: Valarie "Val" Mayerik (F, age 23)

Valarie is fairly new to the job, only in for 6 months. She likes the work and loves her co-workers. She specifically has a bit of a crush on Marshal Hank. It annoys her that he looks at her as a daughter and not as a woman, but she thinks she will be able to win him over.


10x Patrol Officers

2x GEO Detectives

8x GEO Support Personnel (pilots, technicians, medics, secretaries, etc.)

1x Goblin (Macleod Model 227) Scout Jumpcraft

1x Goblin SAR (Macleod Model 227b) Scout Jumpcraft

8x Hurricane-XC Jumpracer Bike

Field Operations Office # 3978-Dauphine Delphini

GEO Marshal: Sarah Morris (f, age: 26)

Sarah comes from a very rich family, a family that also goes right back to the formation of the GEO. Because of this, Sarah hasn't worked hard for her position within the GEO. In fact, you could say that she hasn't worked while she has been in the GEO. Her position, her appointment here, everything has been carefully constructed by her family to help keep the families control in the GEO strong. For her part, Sarah doesn't much care about the GEO or being a Marshal. What she does care about is that she gets to keep up her solid tan, gets to be out away from her families prying eyes, and she can party it up with the locals (rumor has it that she has bedded a good number of the local mercs). Her current plan is to keep up the charade for 2 more years to finish her tour with the GEO and then move into the real career of her choosing...modeling.

GEO Patrol Chief: Derrick Veril (m, age: 31)

Derrick Veril looks like a very good, efficient patrol chief on paper, but for some reason he and the members of his patrol seem to have rather large gaps in their paperwork and reports. So far his marshal hasn't seemed to notice, but GEO Marshal Information Bureau Head Melissa Kincaid sure has and is performing her own internal investigation.


10x Patrol Officers

2x GEO Detectives

8x GEO Support Personnel (pilots, technicians, medics, secretaries, etc.)

1x Goblin (Macleod Model 227) Scout Jumpcraft

1x Goblin SAR (Macleod Model 227b) Scout Jumpcraft

8x Hurricane-XC Jumpracer Bike

VegaPol: That VegaPol has a presence this far out from the core is something of an enigma. Their primary purpose out here is as a regional drop off point for GCH fugitives that were picked up by bounty hunters on the fringe, or at least that's what they say their primary purpose is. They often find they are not particularly welcome here, and are often at odds with the Provincial police who prefer to handle local problems locally, and even the locals are not particularly keen on VegaPol's often brutal methods. This regional office has a particular interest (read: obsession) with Marco Briendel (an itinerant smuggler and love interest of the Commanding officer for the Ranger Platoon.). They have brought him in to be questioned (read: beat the living daylights out of) twice and while they know he is shady, they don't really have anything on him. Considerable local political and military pressure (A group of hooded Rangers jumped one of the VegaPol Officers and gave him a 'Soap Party' after Briendel was picked up the second time) has been brought to bear against VegaPol for harassing him. A few weeks ago when Briendel's Ship landed at the spaceport, VegaPol was there waiting for him and immediately searched his vessel, finding no contraband. Within 5 minutes of his landing there was a crowd of nearly 1000 people clogging the streets in front of the VegaPol office protesting the continuous harassment (Rumor has it General Tropoli was giving out free weekend passes for military personnel who happened to be interested in standing up for a "local boy being unfairly oppressed".) The regional Supervisor does not want any more incidents, so he has declared a moratorium on taking overt action against the smuggler for now, however there is a 30,000 EL reward for information leading to his arrest and conviction.

Regional Supervisor: Major Korso Telzinger (m, age: 34)

Korso Telzinger is a no-nonsense sort of guy who takes his job very seriously. He has no sympathy for anyone who violates the law (or anyone he thinks will violate the law). He is however, not stupid and recognizes the fact that some (like Briendel) are protected by others highly placed and cannot be easily brought to "justice".

VegaPol Chief: David Dunncan (m, age: 52).

Chief Dunncan has been with VegaPol since he finished school. He has never worked for anyone else but he is now starting to get disillusioned with the organization. He does not subscribe to the "he just fell down the stairs" school. Chief Dunncan took this post because he wanted to be as far as he could from the VegaPol machine. Chief Dunncan loves his post and has turned down two other postings (that would have been promotions). He is married, with no children. His partner is named Scott and they both enjoy the easy going lifestyle of these systems.


10x VegaPol officers

4x VegaPol support staff (They handle various administrative things, (No, seriously!)

Unknown number of Vega Operatives (not that they really exist, mind you.)

6x VegaPol Jump Patrol Cars

Provincial Police: The 'real' law in Sul-Huvascar, the Provincial Police Forces are fairly average in ability, but since there is very little poverty in the Reserve, crime is also very low. As a result, when crimes do occur, the police tend to work them hard and clear them fast. A good rule of thumb is that if a violent crime occurs on Monday, they will have someone in custody by Friday. Conversely, however, if there is no one in custody by Monday, it tends to end up as a cold case. While this may seem very odd to outsiders from the busier Core systems, the simple fact is that the Sul-Huvascar police either know who to look at initially, or find out quick. So if they don't have someone right away, they generally don't get them ever. Mostly, however, the provincial police end up dealing with petty crimes; drunk and disorderly, some domestics and the occasional small time drug dealer. Theft and property crimes are especially low here. If there is anything different about the provincial police it is two-fold. First, they are very well armed. High end sidearms are the norm amongst the police and there is a GAW Mark 512 Overload Taser Rifle in a dash mount in their patrol vehicles. There is also some form of heavy rifle and extra armor in the trunk. Secondly, they tend to give foreigners a very hard look when they encounter them. While this was not the case when the tourist industry was better, but for the last few years, strangers have generally been trouble.

Provincial Police Chief: Michael Sindalar, (M, age: 62).

Chief Sindalar is a no-nonsense kind of chief. He takes his job seriously and believes that the low crime rate in the systems is due to his governance. He takes personally anytime the crime rate goes anywhere other than down. He loves his job and he feels that he does a better job than VegaPol ever could. He actually can't stand the VegaPol Regional Supervisor and tries to keep him out of the loop as much as possible. But he likes the VegaPol chief and they play cards together every Thursday night


Too many to actually give an accurate count, But a good estimate would be around 900,000 employees on any given planet in the Reserve, roughly 60% of which are officers. Some (like Outreach) have considerably less. There are, however, 11000 officers in the city of Asunción.


Huvascar Technologies:

The third largest molecuboard manufacturer in the universe. The corporate offices are in Asunción, but all of the manufacturing happens in the Beta Delphini System, with major factories (a good portion of the planets!) on Beta Delphini 6 and 7. Additionally, Huvascar Tech has mining interests on Beta Delphini 2 and warehouses and distribution centers on Beta Delphini 5. They do not have any industrial centers on Beta Delphini 4 at all, just a shuttle depot for the employees that live there to get to the other in system locations. By keeping their industrial base out of the home system and on planets that do not naturally support life, they avoid any problems with the GEO, not that they are below standards very often anyhow. The Huvascar Technologies planets are all just big industrial parks in biodomes, with little else in them except for couple dozen eateries, a medical clinic and a handful of dormitories that house the maintenance and security personnel while they are working their 60 hour on call shifts.

CEO of Huvascar Technologies Blaine Richardson (M, age 58).

Blaine was born and raised in the capital city; his grandfather founded Huvascar Technologies and like his father before him has followed in the great man's footsteps. Blaine loves his planet and loves his country. He is very high placed in politics but has never tried to run for a minister position. He prefers to work behind the scenes and influence policy that way. Blaine is married with four children but his first and only love is the company. His wife is just a trophy wife and children are there to make him look good. Every time someone tries to look for skeletons in his closet all they find are just empty closets.

Public Relations Officer: Tina Faye Levinsin (F, age 27).

Tina is the Public Relations office and is a genius at her job. She can hide anything and does on a daily basis. It is thanks to her that the company's reputation is so spotless. She is the queen of spin and has been since the day she was born. The interesting thing is that she is the love child of Blaine Richardson. He is aware of who she really is and thinks that she doesn't know. He hired her right after school to keep an eye on her. The only thing is, is that she has always known that he was her father and is waiting for the right time for her to use that knowledge.

Lavender Organics (LavOrg):

A very environmentally conscious company that produces many biomods as well as having divisions that focus on Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, DNA based data storage, neural interfaces and even the sports entertainment industry. LavOrg owns both the Clockwork Golems power raking team and Club Sol de América (soccer). In addition they broadcast all of the local games and many from neighboring provinces as well. When watching sports it's inevitable that you're going to hear "brought to you by Lavender Organics!" LavOrg is also remarkable for its open door policy. At any time during the day any member of the public may take a very detailed tour of their facilities, with almost total access (Only the R&D areas are closed to the public). This sort of 'palms up' attitude has made it very popular and given it a very wholesome image. Their offices and Industrial areas are just outside of Asunción (capital city).

Local Head of Lavender Organics: Danny Washburn, (M, age 67).

Danny was considering retirement but changed his mind when this cherry of a job opened up. Danny is looking to take it easy; he is sick of corporate politics and wants to live somewhere that isn't facing another galactic war. Danny lost his wife and three children in the last war and he hasn't really gotten over it. He moved here with his last remaining family- his two grandchildren. This position gives him the time to raise his grandchildren and relax and live with his grief for once.

Hanover Industries:

Hanover industries has its hands into so many different pies it's difficult to state what its business is. Hanover has a banking division, a healthcare division, and then it manufactures and sells all manner of consumer goods. Everything from kids toys and toothpaste to memory disk players and home defense firearms, if it's for sale in the universe and its remotely legal, Hanover makes it. Despite this, Hanover is not the faceless corporate giant that everyone hears about, quite the opposite; they are very much in your face. Open a magazine, there is a Hanover ad, drive to the store, Hanover billboard, rent a video, Hanover public service message. Hanover's primary production facility in the Reserve is about 180km north east of Asunción (capital city), making it close enough to have access to the shipping lanes (landing and taking off freighters need only modify their course slightly and are still managed by the Spaceport) and yet far enough away so that the GEO isn't right on top of them. The GEO has had problems with the Hanover Industries corporate factions on many planets before, and while they haven't caught them doing anything to bad here yet, it's only a matter of time. Hanover's 'Security personnel have a bad reputation for shooting first and covering up later, which is something of a joke on the Commcore.

Local Head of Hanover Industries: Silvia Botswee, (F, age 28).

Silvia is an up and coming corporate leader. No one is sure how she got this posting so young but she is extremely ambitious. Some say she slept her way to the job, some say that she has blackmail material on the higher ups and some say that she is just extremely good at her job and has gained everything by merit. Sources within the company say she is tough as nails and punishes mistakes with a ruthless thoroughness but she also rewards accomplishment.

Local Hanover Security Chief: Billy Debois, (M, age 57). Billy seems like an old time cowboy, wears a cowboy hat and boots everywhere he goes. He speaks with a drawl and likes chewing tobacco. The only thing not cowboy like is the number of cybers on this body. He doesn't have a full body conversion but it is pretty close. Billy is like any old good ole boy and because of this it seems like this is the reason he was sent to this backnet planet. He must have pissed someone off at some time to get this posting.

Matsuyama Electronics / Nippon Industrial State/ Anasi Systems/ Gendiver:

This Keiretsu shares offices on the edge of Asunción (capital city). Matsuyama is known for its electronics and surveillance equipment as well as bodycomps. NIS on the other hand is in banking, consumer goods (Hanover's direct competitor in many markets) and Heavy Industrial concerns. Anasi does business in biomods, pharmaceuticals and health care. Finally, Gendiver's focus is on genetic and environmental engineering and even does some limited security work. Unlike many Keiretsu, this one is interesting because not only is it very traditional Tokugawan and at the same time has a gaijin member (in this case Gendiver). The executive director of NIS, Nakazato Tamotsu is childhood friends with Matsuyama Ide and both are very traditional, meaning that business always follows idle conversation and idle conversation always follows tea. While the Nakazato family is very much in charge, they are much too polite to lord it over the other families.

Local Head of Matsuyama/Nippon Industrial state: David Nassiss (M, age: 44)

David is an urbane gentleman who enjoys the local theater and arts. He also donates heavily to the locate youth programs and in doing so has Matsuyama electronics in every school. It is said that he has ties with Matsuyama Ide and is like a son to him but it has never been confirmed. He is polite and a great conversationalist but no one is sure if he is straight or gay since no one has ever seen him with a romantic attachment. When he attends events it is always solo.