Timeline of Events for the year 6053 TEI

Copyright Ward Miller © 2010

Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell, Terry Amthor and Matt Hanson for The Guild Companion

"Storms and aftershocks continue, and people begin to suspect the End of Days is upon them."

Overview: The purpose of this document is to provide a GM's journal of interesting campaign events for the year 6053 in the Rhakhaan Empire. This work is based on official Shadow World documents, with the exception of items marked with an asterisk, which are my invention. This is one of the best-documented years in the source material and makes a wonderful campaign setting. (See the 'Works Cited' section at the end of the document if you want to peruse my source material at greater length.)

Winter 6053

Day 1: New Year's Day. Shortly after midnight, there is a worldwide earthquake. This is followed by a series of aftershocks and sudden storms of frightening power.

Day 1: Winter Starry Night (Reann)

Days 2 & 3: Storms and aftershocks continue, and people begin to suspect the End of Days is upon them.

Days 4-34: The Airships of Sel-Kai and all Navigator guilds suspend their services, bringing international commerce to a screeching halt. (Storms, tidal waves, and aftershocks continue.)

Day 8: Bad Luck day

Day 35: Winter Moon (Jaysek)

Spring 6053

The Lethys Sea-Merchant's guild declares an emergency situation as Sea Serpents and severe storms continue to endanger their ships. All valuable commodities are rerouted by land-based routes for the rest of the year. *

Day 1: Spring Starry Night (Reann)

Day 8: Bad Luck Day

Day 12: Italana's Day (Day of remembrance in honor of Empress Italana VI)

Day 15: Retribution Day (Celebration of the Usurper's defeat)

Day 18: Spring Equinox

Days 30-33: Lawgiver's Days (Government holiday)

Day 35: Spring Moon/Baeris' Blessings (Baeris is a Spirit of Orhan)

Day 66: Rites of Spring/Night of the Satyr

Day 67: Repentance Day (For the excesses of the night before)

Summer 6053

Day 1: Summer Starry Night (Reann)

Day 1: Coronation Day (Government Holiday)

Day 8: Bad Luck Day

Day 9: Night of the Third Moon (Charon Full)*

Day 25: Prince of Lethys' birthday*

Day 35: Summer Moon/ Midyear's Day (Phaon/Orianna)

Days 36-44: Kieronalia

Day 45: Day of Water (repentance for the excesses of Kieronalia)

Day 69: Empress Ajkara's Birthday

Autumn 6053

Day 1: Autumn Starry Night (Reann)

Day 8: Bad Luck Day

Day 11: Crown Holiday (Commemorates creation of the Phoenix Crown)

Day 26: Emperor's Bodyguard comes out of his coma.

Day 28: Driven insane by nightmares, Count Celindan commits suicide by jumping off a high tower.

Day 31: Duke of Calthos is arrested on suspicion of High Treason. (It is alleged he offered aid and comfort to the Usurper during the war).

Day 35: Autumn Moon/Harvest begins (Iloura)

Day 38: Calthos' trial begins

Day 40: Duke of Calthos is found guilty of High Treason

Day 47: Duke of Calthos is beheaded

Day 52: Autumn Equinox

Days 52-57: Lambethfield Faire/Autumn Festival (Harvest ends)

Day 56: The Vice-Ambassador of Namar-Tol is assassinated in the Imperial Palace itself.

Day 58: Sir Vyrs Jentarania is found murdered in a changing room at the Kieronian Baths in Haalkitaine.

Day 59: Viscount Ridgeston is arrested on suspicion of murdering Sir Vyrs when it is discovered that Ridgeston's dagger was the murder weapon.

Fall 6053

Day 1: Fall Starry Night (Reann)

Day 8: Bad Luck Day

Day 12: Duke of Sanaria arrested on suspicion of High Treason (It is alleged he offered aid and comfort to the Usurper during the war).

Day 19: Night of the Third Moon (Charon full)*

Day 22: Duke of Sanaria's Trial starts (He was the Usurper's half-brother, so nobody expects the trial to take long).

Day 23: Duke of Sanaria is found guilty of High Treason.

Day 25: The long-delayed murder trial of Viscount Ridgeston begins in Haalkitaine.

Days 25-29: Viscount Ridgeston's murder trial unfolds before the Imperial Court to a packed gallery.

Day 29: Emperor Jerrin's son (Torren) comes forward with evidence that Viscount Ridgeston couldn't possibly be guilty of murder. The evidence is that Viscount Ridgeston was sleeping with Prince Torren at the time of the murder, making it impossible for him to have been in the Kieronian Baths. Subsequent testimony from palace staff members confirms this alibi, and all charges against Viscount Ridgeston are dropped.

Day 30: Disgraced and humiliated by their forced outing, Prince Torren and Viscount Ridgeston set out to discover who stole Ridgeston's knife and murdered Sir Vyrs with it. The Imperial Court is rocked by the scandalous nature of Prince Torren's confession in open court. While obviously displeased by this turn of events, the Emperor makes no public statement on the matter.

Day 35: Fall Moon (Shaal/Neela)

Days 35-37: Festival of Wine

Day 47: Duke of Sanaria and his heir are executed for High Treason.

Day 70: New Year's Eve

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