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To the 132nd issue of The Guild Companion.

Ongoing Work on HARP SF

January was a month of table extraction and typo correction on the main HARP SF rulebook, in addition to efforts on other projects. All of the tables for HARP SF have been duly extracted from the Word manuscript and reshaped into Excel for easier integration into the emerging layout. A final proofreading pass is underway and once any issues found through it have been resolved, HARP SF will receive its final imprimatur from me and it will then be up to Andrew Ridgway and Rick Hansen to complete their graphical design and illustration magic upon it.

I'll soon be moving onto the reshaping of the HARP SF Xtreme portion of the unified HARP SciFi manuscript. The goal here is to ensure that it reads as a unified secondary core rulebook, not a collection of four chapters looking for a new home.

Guild Adventurer #4

As a refreshing change of pace from the HARP SF work, I have also embarked on the editing of the scenarios for the fourth issue of The Guild Adventurer. Although Terry has not yet sent in his adventure, I wanted to ensure that everything else was ready to go. Issue #4 will feature five adventures - a Shadow World adventure set in Emer, Who Saves the Savior? an Echoes of Heaven adventure from Robert Defendi, Muck and Mire from Marc Rosen, an old-school dungeon bash by Ward Miller (title may be renamed following map reworking), and Unusual Heroes from Dennis Larsen. Terry's adventure will feature RMClassic and RMSS/FRP stats; the other four adventures will be multistatted for RMClassic, RMSS/FRP and HARP. We've some map adjustments to make in order to ensure that TGA#4 is suitable for a print edition (as well as a pdf edition). The current expectation with regard to print editions of Guild Adventurer issues is that these are likely to be done as omnibus editions.

Shadow World Player's Guide

The Shadow World Player's Guide is effectively complete in manuscript form and has been receiving editorial input from myself and Terry Amthor as well as helpful comments from other Top Folk. Matt Hanson is currently busy incorporating our various requests. It already has a veritable gallery of beautiful illustrations and exquisite diagrams. These will astonish you when you see the final pdf product.

Now here's a question for you. As long as the Shadow World Player's Guide meets a certain minimum page count (and if need be, I'll send it back to get more content to make that minimum), it will be suitable for a print edition. We can produce a black&white printed version of the Guide via our intended print-on-demand provider. But we can also produce a full-colour printed edition at a higher cost. To give you some ball-park ideas of the cost differential for black&white versus colour, we currently sell the pdf edition of the Xa-ar Shadow World module for 15 USD, a black&white printed version of Xa-ar would come in at approximately 20 USD, and a colour version (that is colour interiors) of Xa-ar would retail at approximately 32 USD. Note the prices are approximate. The Shadow World Player's Guide will probably weigh in at 10 USD in a black&white print edition (because it will be in a page count range where the provider simply charges a unit price rather than a unit price plus a cost per page). For a colour edition, there is a unit cost and a price per page, so a colour-inside printed softcover Shadow World Player's Guide would retail at a maximum of 15 USD (though it will almost certainly be less). I am minded to get our layout gurus to do Shadow World Player's Guide in both black&white and colour softcover editions. We would be very interested to hear which version you would be interested in purchasing. Please let us know either on our forums or on the Shadow World section of the ICE forums.

Farewell for now ...

I am off to chaperone multiple projects, so I'll leave you to enjoy the rest of this month's issue. We'll be back in March with issue 133, but until then ...

Keep gaming and have fun,
Nicholas HM Caldwell
General Editor for The Guild Companion