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Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion


To the 141st issue of The Guild Companion and our monthly progress report.

Just the Editorial

It is just the editorial this month. We do have a number of articles that have entered the editorial queue - some of them within the last couple of weeks - but they are not quick turnaround articles in that they are big meaty articles. Which is why I'm not panicking about this issue being essentially just me. And looking to the future, I am hopeful that the Guild Companion magazine will be able to reverse the downward trend of the past several years.

Of course, you can help with this by submitting more articles!

Ongoing Work on HARP SF and HARP SF Xtreme

The layout on HARP SF continues apace. Craig is probably now at 90% in terms of the page count. We're now into the last chunks of draft layout and the careful fiddly bits of tracking down styling errors that have crept into the layout. Joel Lovell achieved the perfect version of the front cover for the product.

Meanwhile with HARP SF Xtreme, Joel submitted his final interior illustration and is now working on the back cover for the product. We will have a mix of colour renderings (from Joel) and black&white drawings (from Maria Duffield and Rick Hansen). For the pdf version, we will use the colour renderings. For the print version, we will be using greyscale versions of the renderings (and these still look great.)

So we're closing in very hard on these two products and I will be pulling in extra personnel from across the freelance staff of Guild Companion Publications Ltd to provide fresh eyes for final proofreading as required.

Ongoing Work on Something Wicked

The first editing pass on Something Wicked has already been completed. My editor had some vacation time that he needed to use up, so he spent that time reading the entirety of the manuscript. I've already completed about half of the editing requests for correction and clarification, and will be pursuing the rest as time permits over this month.

GCP Ltd Now Exclusive with OneBookShelf

There have been a number of changes regarding the implementation of our ecommerce strategy that have been and are now being executed. These have been part of our strategic planning for some months now, and the time is now right for execution.

Firstly we have deactivated our account on www.YourGamesNow.com, which means that it will no longer be possible to buy our products from that store. Only a few orders had ever been made via the YourGamesNow route for our products, and it has been clear to us that people who like our products shop for them elsewhere. Note that I do have the details of those orders so if our YGN customers lose their pdfs, simply contact me and I'll be able to replace them.

Secondly we will be deactivating our store on guild.ironcrown.com. This has been a successful sales outlet for us, but as our approach to printed copies is to use the genuine upcoming print-on-demand services of OneBookShelf, the TGC store on the ICE site simply cannot provide the services that we need. Again, I have the details of all the orders that have been made, so if anyone needs to replace a pdf of one of our products, give me a shout. The deactivation is likely to happen in the next few weeks.

Thirdly, we are now exclusive with OneBookShelf (which you will know variously as www.rpgnow.com and drivethruprg.com and affiliates such as RapideJDR.fr). There are numerous advantages to GCP Ltd in being exclusive (from better margins to more effective ability to market our products). There are also advantages to our customers (that means you!) in terms of better previews of our products, the upcoming capability of buying print versions, easier acquisition of products (we had timeout issues for some payment methods elsewhere), and easier distribution of complementary copies.

Farewell for now ...

We'll be back in December with issue 142 which I expect to have actual articles, but until then ...

Keep gaming and have fun,
Nicholas HM Caldwell
General Editor for The Guild Companion