Prowler Light Scout Freighter

Copyright Erik Sharma © 2010

Edited by Aaron Smalley for The Guild Companion

Name: Prowler Light Scout Freighter
Crew 10 (1)
10 Crew Quarters
16 Cryogenic Berths
Cargo: 3,593 Kiloliters (1,135 Metric tons)
Mass: 1,454 Metric tons
Hits 2,000
Vacuum Power Rating 1,345 (0)
DB 25
Radiation Shielding. (+20)
Evade +25
EW Not standard
Cost 33,425,800
Top Speed 4.375Gs loaded, 7.765Gs unloaded
4,000 kph airspeed
Translight Capability Level One Drive
Atmospheric Capability Full
2 MK 20 Laser Cannons (Turret, +62)
2 MK 20 Laser Cannons (Turret, +62)
Medical Dispensary
Sick Bay (1 Capacity)
Vehicle Bay (5 Metric ton capacity)
1 Airlock
Artificial Gravity
1 Docking Ring

Commentary: This Imperial design is classed as a Light Scout Freighter. But despite the name it is rarely used used for trading. Instead the main purpose is to operate in the frontier, manned by a combat trained crew. It would be scouting for new targets and areas that the Empire would deem worthy of conquest. It has a decent sized cargo hold and a couple of cryogenic berths so the crew can plunder and take prisoners/slaves that they bring back to the Empire for profit and evaluation. It also have a 5 metric ton vehicle bay that normally carry a Gravitic Assault Craft for troop insertion. It has slightly better combat statistics than a normal light freighter and armed with two double laser cannon turrets. This ship normally have a crew of 51 but an advanced SI computer has reduced the crew requirement to 10. The ship can run perfectly well like this, but in case of a malfunction, it's dangerously understaffed for damage control.