Scotian Huntress Trade Pioneer

Copyright Erik Sharma © 2010

Edited by Aaron Smalley for The Guild Companion

Name: Scotian Huntress Trade Pioneer
Crew 9 (1)
Cargo: 1,475 Kiloliters (491 Metric tons)
Mass 861 Metric tons
Hits 1000
Vacuum Power Rating 1,117 (0)
DB 0
Radiation Shielding (+20)
EW Not standard
Cost 8,006,265
Top Speed 7.392 Gs loaded, 11.612 Gs unloaded
4,000 kph airspeed
Translight Capability Level One Drive
Atmospheric Capability Full
Armament Not standard
Hard Points
Microfrequency Comm Rig
Quantum Comm Rig
Advanced Sensor Suite
Sick Bay (1 Capacity)
Vehicle Bay (8 Metric ton capacity)
1 Airlock
Artificial Gravity
1 Docking Ring

Commentary: This ship is an ISC design that specializes in finding new trading opportunities around the frontiers. It is basically a light freighter with some improved sensors so they scout new planets and a small vehicle bay that usually holds a Gravvan for planetary explorations. This ship normally have a crew of 46 but an advanced SI computer have reduced the crew requirement to 9. The ship can run perfectly well like this, but in case of a malfunction, it's dangerously understaffed for damage control. As it's not intended to enter combat, this hasn't been a problem.