Tales of Adventure

Copyright Ron Soller © 2011

Edited by Aaron Smalley for The Guild Companion

"At this point, a scream is heard from inside."

Similar to products released for RM2 in the past, I have decided to put a number of small adventure scenarios together in one document. These scenarios are intended to be used as filler for those long trips between castles and towns.

Although I use Shadow World for my campaigns, my stuff contains lots of things that wouldn't necessarily be canon, like these. The Big Hunter was done when I was playing MERPs, and the Dire Wolves were converted from that system, since RM2 has nothing like that.

The Big Hunter

Back Story: Tuok and his wolves were trained as a hunter killer team. The concept works well except that Tuok did not understand that his mission was finite and so he and his wolves have never returned. The team has been hunting for years and they are far away from home. They are currently based in the crumbled tower mentioned below.

Encounter: About two days out of town you are walking down the road. The sky is overcast and dreary. It is late afternoon and it will be time to start thinking about setting up camp and preparing for the evening meal in the next hour or so. The road stretches through a field with a forest on the right that appears to meet up with the side of the road on the horizon. One lone tree stands within the field, a massive oak up ahead and to the left. Off in the distance, towards the forest, you hear some yipping followed by a howl. The sounds come closer and closer.

Then you see them break the horizon, what appears to be three wolves. They begin an incessant howl as they advance on your group. You realize that they are larger than normal and they are maneuvering to go after the least armed people in the group.

Two rounds after the (dire) wolves engage the party a rock is seen flying into the fray. (+50 Rock throw) A 10' (minor) giant can now be seen lumbering towards the party wearing filthy ragged skins tied on with a rope for a belt, carrying a very large club. He will attack the warriors of the party while the wolves continue to engage the others.

Other than the large club and skins, the only interesting item on the giant is a large pouch tied to the rope belt. Inside are two skulls, a bashed in pot helm, the pommel of a broken short sword which is wrapped in a piece of very supple leather. On the inside of what appears to be tanned human skin, is a crude map.

On the map the single oak is marked, making the line to the East the road that the party is on. Further to the North as the road nears the tree line, a natural spring surrounded by granite rocks feeds a small stream that runs West down the tree line. The X on the map refers to the remains of an old tower behind a copse of trees near the stream.

One room remains weather proof on the ground level; any higher levels that once might have existed are now wasting away around the perimeter. The doorway to the room has a very heavy skin covering the opening so the elements don't intrude quite so often. Inside is various piles of skins, furs, and refuse. The stench of rot is offensive but tolerable. Nothing of value can be found within the rubbish and refuse, but under the pile of furs is a trap door to an underground level. The trap door is locked (Medium to unlock) and a ladder can be seen going down into the darkness.

Ten feet down the twenty foot ladder the rungs are rotten, and anyone who steps on them must make a hard strength maneuver or fall the last ten feet to the floor. The 30' by 30' forgotten room is extremely dusty and full of cobwebs, rubble, crumbled furniture, and the skeletons of 4 unfortunate souls. The skeletons seem to have been trapped and are sprawled out and covered in dust. Weapons racks can still be found mounted on the walls, although all the weapons are rusty and worthless. A box of rotten arrows sits on a shelf.

There is a passage way leading north that goes for about 30' before it ends in a pile of rubble. An easy perception roll will reveal a skeletal hand sticking through the rocks and dirt. If dug out a large iron chest is found. It is locked (Medium to unlock) and trapped so that when it is opened a scything blade sweeps out the front (treat as a +40 OB broadsword attack). Within the chest is 3000bp, 500sp, 50gp, 2 small emeralds worth 100gp, a Diamond ring which is a +2 spell adder for any realm, an off-hand dagger (CT II, p70), and a Bracelet of Time (CT II, p72).

If the players have the chest or its contents with them when they return to the dusty chamber, the 4 skeletons will rise, pull rusty weapons off the wall (2 short swords and 2 maces), and attack the looters.

Encounter Statistics

Name Level Size Speed Hits AT DB Attacks
Dire Wolves 4D L/I VF/FA 80 3 45 75LBi/45Lcl
Minor Giant 6E L/LA FA/FA 200 4 20 60We(2d)/50LGr/80LCr^/50ro
Lesser Skeletons 3H M/I# MD/MF 55 1 10 40We50/50Mb50/Special

Magic Items

Off-hand Dagger - Can be used at full potential in the off-hand that it was trained for. If used off hand in two handed combo adds +20 to normal parry.

Bracelet of Time - Always tells the correct time on a display on one side.

Orcish Open House

Encounter: On the evening of the characters arrival back in town while they are headed for an evening meal a horse wildly gallops into the street from the west. Lying across the back of the steed is a young boy with a black-feathered arrow stuck in his back. The horse trots up to the group and halts, he is breathing hard and is lathered. The boy, who looks to be maybe 12, is nearly unconscious from pain and loss of blood. …Raiders, …at our farm.… Town's folk rush over to help bring the youth down from the horse while one of them rushes off to get the town healer. In the ensuing activity, the party overhears that the boy's name is Thom and that his family farm is about a league out of town, due west just before a thick forest. A hard perception (or an answer to the question) will also reveal that Thom has an older sister and brother in addition to his parents.

Farm House

1. As you approach the house, the sun has disappeared over the tree tops and the shadows grow dark and cold. Nearer to the home you notice the bodies of 3 orcs sprawled around the trees and yard, stuck with arrows. As you gain the porch you see a young man (16) draped over the side railing, a short bow lies on the ground before him. There is a hand axe buried deep in his forehead. Around him you see the bodies of 2 more orcs and a large blood stain before the front door; a shattered broadsword lies near. At this point a scream is heard from inside.

2. This is the main living room. In this room the fire is stoked and the furniture is thrown around. Spiked up against the wall is a balding man, his leather armor sliced open. There is blood running down his face from a large gash on the side of his head. He raises his head slightly, looking directly as the lead character; the pitiful look in his eye will be one you remember at night for a long time. Another scream sounds from further in the house at the same time as a flying dagger embeds itself in the balding man's ribs. To your right you notice 2 orcs, and they seem to notice you at the same time. Lying at the feet of one orc is the body of an older female. The smaller orc has 2 more throwing daggers, and a short sword in a sheath. The larger one has a battle axe. Each carries 20sp and 10bp in a pouch.

3. This is the kitchen as well as the room from where the screams are heard. There are 2 more orcs in here who are raping a young woman (18). Both have long swords and a quiver of 12 black feathered arrows on their back. There are 2 short bows lying on the floor near their feet. The woman will crawl away and cower under the table after she gets away from the orcs. She will not come out until the house is cleared of orcs. Each carries 20sp and 10bs in a pouch.

4. This is the children's sleeping room. The room is in shambles, but there appears to be nothing of value.

5. This is the parents sleeping room. As the door is opened they will notice a large orc in plate armor as well and another wearing robes who turns towards them. They will attack the party with no quarter. They were working on opening the metal chest they pulled in here from area 6. The orc leader is wielding a 2Handed sword and the orc warlock has a +5 mace. He is a 5th level Warlock with 5 power points and he knows Doom's Law, Evil Eye, and Revenging Law to the 10th level. He also carries 3 opals worth 20gp each in a pocket inside his robes.

6. The curtain is torn down and two cedar chests worth of clothing have been strewn around, including a +10 non magical chain shirt. The chest (now located in room 5) is iron bound and locked (hard maneuver to pick). Inside can be found a full suit of chain, a visored helm, a +10 non magical broadsword, and a backpack (Backpack of Storing). Inside the backpack is 50gp, 101sp, and a Potion of Heroism,.

Aftermath: Shelvia is the daughter of this family. She is 18 years old and has been trained as a healer. She is currently in no condition to fight as she is in shock over the orcs' physical assault and the loss of her family. After the orcs have been dispatched and the party is cleaning up the house she will come out. She will become very clingy to one of the warrior type PCs. She is very beautiful (App 95) and will insist on never being out of eye sight of the warrior. When you get back to town it is discovered that Thom did not survive. After a week, she will suddenly not be around, she will be found not too far away crouched up very small and crying. She knows that she is pregnant, and is now carrying a orc child. Due to her nature, she will have this child and raise it best she can. {No statistics have been generated for her because she will either become a PC and be generated by a player or an NPC, in which case just use the generic NPC chart in the RM Campaign rule book.}

Encounter Statistics

Name Level Size Speed Hits AT DB Attacks
Orc #1 4D M/- MD/MD 70 8 30 80 Ss/60 DaThr
Orc #2 4D M/- MD/MD 90 8 30 80 Ba
Orc Rapists 4D M/- MD/MD 80 8 30 80 Bs/60 Sb
Orc Leader 7Ftr M/- MD/MD 120 17 15 95 Ts
Orc Warlock 5Wrlk M/- MD/MD 65 5 20 40 Ma/Spells
Shelvia (daughter) 1Hlr M/- MD/MD 18 1 15 See Aftermath

Magic Items

Potion of Heroism - This potion bestows great prowess in melee combat, given as an additional OB of +35 for 24 hours. (CT 1, P72)

Backpack of Storing - This leather backpack can hold 250 lbs but encumbers at only 10%. There are no volume restrictions. (CT 1, P76)