Words from the Wise (Guys)

Copyright Aaron Smalley © 2011

Edited by Aaron Smalley for The Guild Companion

Welcome to the 146th issue of the Guild Companion.

Included in this issue are several articles that should help GM's to create interesting games for their players. Among them are two small Rolemaster encounters that can easily be incorporated into an existing game as the characters are traveling between locations, titled Tales of Adventure and authored by Ron Soller. We also have an article written by John Duffield on HARP Custom Profession Creation, which will allow for much more creative and flexible use of the HARP rules for, as the name indicates by providing rules for creating custom professions. We also have an article titled Book of Combat, which is a collection of scalable combat related spells by Martin Schacht as a continuation of his earlier article in the August 2010 issue, titled Revised Spell Casting for Rolemaster. Then we also have part 1 of what will be a yearlong series of articles by Johs. Sondrup titled Arts of Fighting that is intended to provide additional depth to combat in RM2 (Rolemaster Classic).

I also wanted to introduce a new member of our staff, John Lees. In discussions of The Guild Companion expanding our coverage to other small-press RPG's, John is a logical choice to cover the Hero system, which is like Rolemaster has a moderately large and loyal fan base and with John having extensive knowledge of the Hero system and having done quite a bit of Freelance work for the Hero system, in addition to having quite a bit of experience in the editing field. John may also help with editing other game systems that we are hoping to cover and once he comes up to speed on our process, to possibly help out with the General Editor duties occasionally. Meanwhile, Stephen Wilcoxon and I are also working to try to expand our coverage into a few other game systems and will be providing editing duties for some of these new systems (at least those that we are familiar with).

Hope everyone enjoys this month's content and finds it useful.

Aaron Smalley-

Ad Hock General Editor for the April Issue of the Guild Companion