The Haunted Bassinet

Copyright Phillip Ellis © 2011

Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

Rather than a magical object per se, the haunted bassinet is an object that has become the focus of a lesser ghost, one that is particularly malevolent and insidious. The ghost manifests whenever a baby is left alone in the bassinet to sleep. It forms directly around the affected baby, but the ghost is invisible, so that the baby appears ordinary, albeit intensely cold. Usually, the affected infant wakes and cries, kicking off any rugs or other coverings, and this usually "explains" its coldness. Over time, the infant becomes listless and fretful, refusing to drink anything; it will slowly waste away before succumbing to an early death.

The ghost is mindless, but cunning, and only appears when the infant is left alone. Physically attacking the ghost has the added danger of wounding the infant, and killing the infant causes the ghost to disappear and heal to full strength.

Ghost (II)
Lvl: 4
Move: 0
Attack Speed: VS
Size: S/LA#
Hits: 60
AT(DB): 1(0)*
Attacks: Special
XP Bonus: B