The Sword of the East

Copyright Phillip Ellis © 2011

Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

Summary: +15 high carbon steel scimitar, of Slaying against recusants, Water Production I 1/day

Base Time Cost: 48 weeks (50 for Essence & Mentalist alchemists)

Spells: Work High Steel; Weapon III; Daily III; Water Production I; Weapon II

Base Cost: 2496 gp (2600 from Essence & Mentalism alchemists)

This scimitar is always of a high-grade carbon steel, engraved with a couplet on the blade, and embedded with a large ruby on the pommel. The couplet always talks about being refreshed by cool waters, and the enchantment of the sword is such that whosoever possesses it (Requiring a +0 Attunement roll) need not drink water or any other liquid, even in the harshest of conditions, and will remain hydrated; hangovers from excessive alcohol are not diminished, however.

The sword is also attuned to a specific deity, and those who have turned recusant against professing faith in that deity receive Slaying criticals. As a result, this sword is sometimes called "the Avenger of the Faith."