Words from the Wise (Guys)

Copyright Aaron Smalley © 2011

Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

Welcome to issue 145 of the Guild Companion.

As most readers have probably heard or read, there have been some major changes occurring in recent months relative to ICE and the Guild Companion. Nicholas Caldwell has taken on a lot of additional responsibilities by setting up Guild Companion Publications Ltd, which is now the licensor of most of the ICE product lines and has plans to breathe new life into them.

I won't get into the details of how things transpired, however in short; Nicholas has found himself too busy with his new responsibilities to continue in the role of General Editor of The Guild Companion e-zine. This is also partially due to the fact that we at The Guild Companion e-zine have always had a commitment to provide un-biased coverage of the ICE products as well as other RPG related topics and products, and in his new role there is a bit of a conflict of interest, since the above company that he formed is now the licensor of publishing rights to most of the ICE product lines.

As such he had put out a call to TGC staff to see if anyone was willing to take up the reigns, since he needed to step down from his position as General Editor. It was decided after some debate and a lack of time on the part of the other staff members that several of us would work together to try to fill his shoes. Thus we are going through some major changes ourselves here at TGC, with current General Editor responsibilities now being taken on jointly by Peter Mork, Laura Trauth, Stephen Wilcoxon, and myself (Aaron Smalley), and possibly others among the TGC staff. Mario Butter has also been instrumental in helping us to make the transition, as well as Robert Brott on the web site end of things.

This 145th issue of The Guild Companion includes two articles. A new Death Criticals table by Wayne Johnson as a follow up to his spell lists from last month and with some explanations as to other ways it can be incorporated into a variety of existing spell lists. As well as an article titled Ars Certo written by Peter Mork which covers several optional ways to add depth to the available combat skills; such as additional defensive skills, expansion and re-working of weapon skills to give them more flexibility, and a combat maneuver system that also opens up a lot of tactical flexibility to put warrior types on a more even footing with spell casters.

There has also been some limited discussions in-house about the possibility of adding coverage of more gaming systems to The Guild Companion. While we have occasionally run articles reviewing other game systems, these tend to be rare. However there are several other small press games out there who also deserve coverage like we provide for the ICE products, and we would love to hear any feedback from our readers on any other game systems that they would like to see included in future issues.

And as always, if you have ideas for optional rules, short adventure ideas, stories, or other useful information, please consider writing them up and submitting them to The Guild Companion for publication, so that your ideas can reach a wider audience.

Hope you enjoy and get some use out of this issue and return for more the future.

Aaron Smalley- Spacemaster Editor for the Guild Companion