Words from the Wise (Guys)

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Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

This month brings us four new articles from four different authors. We start with an article by Jörg Jahnke for HARP that describes how to implement 10 seconds rounds (instead of 2 second rounds). This seemingly simple change gives the gamemaster much more flexibility: a lot of action and dramatic complications can happen when the round is that much longer. Ten seconds seems a happy medium between 1 second rounds (Car Wars) and 1 minute rounds (AD&D).

Next, we have an article by Chris Rebman providing advice on how to minimize the amount of time it takes to make characters in RMSS. Rolemaster has always been a game in which countless hours can be devoted to perfecting a first-level character (only to have that character die in the first round of combat due to an unfortunate critical, not that I'm bitter!). However, players that would rather just right into role-playing will appreciate Chris' recommendations.

On the RM2 front, we have an article by Lez Johnson on the art of the apothecarian. This article presents a new way for characters to concoct potions by combining a solvent with one or more reagents. I'm tempted to call this work Alchemy Companion for several reasons: the process for concocting potions is fully explicated, there are several humorous asides from the author's own game, there's a new spell list, and in the tradition of RM2 companions, even a new monster. Unfortunately, I think there's already a book called Alchemy Companion.

May's issue also includes the second installment of the Art of Fighting. This month's offering is a veritable treatise on bladed weapons from throughout the world. I encourage you to peruse the article (skimming just won't do it justice), and we can engage in a lively discussion regarding the best sword in the world.

Finally, according the Crown of Iron, their Enterprise has gotten the Shadow World Master Atlas (4th Edition) and Powers of Light and Darkness in electronic format. We're also promised the Shadow World Master Atlas (3rd Edition) and Cloudlords of Tanara later this month. I'm probably the only Rolemaster fan not familiar with Shadow World, so I cannot offer a pithy summary of these products. However, I am encouraged by any progress getting the archive of older materials brought into the 10s. Hopefully more Rolemaster books will be forthcoming.

Until next month, may all of your Large criticals be open-ended.
Peter Mork
Editor of the Month