Words from the Wise (Guys)

Copyright Peter Mork © 2011

Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

Welcome to the 151st edition of the Guild Companion. It's been several months since The Guild Companion and Guild Companion Publications split into separate entities. The Guild Companion continues to publish free content on the web, while Guild Companion Publications sells ICE content (both hard-copy and PDF versions).

From an organizational perspective, the transition has been quite successful. Nicholas left behind an editorial staff that has largely been able to assume his responsibilities. From a marketing perspective, things may have been murky: not infrequently The Guild Companion editors receive correspondence intended for Guild Companion Publications. However, based on this partial insight, people seem excited to see PDF versions of Rolemaster (and Spacemaster) titles.

On to the articles: We have the latest installment of the Art of Fighting which describes thrown weapons, including the quirky hunga-munga. We also present the second installment of the Stellar System Generator. This month's article shifts from the design of galaxies to the design of stellar systems and nebulae.

Until next month, may all of your Large criticals be open-ended.
Peter Mork
Editor of the Month