Bughunters 2155 Campaign Players Guide, Part 2

Copyright Clint Fell © 2012

Edited by Mario Butter for The Guild Companion

"The unicorn 'horn' is a heavy machine gun mounted in a bubble turret on the roof of the vehicle."

Character Creation for Bughunters 2155

Character creation follows the standard HARP Sci-Fi rules. Several new races are available, as are some new traits and training packages.

Available Races


A heroic example of the homo sapiens species. The most prolific race in the zone of human influence. Humans are the only species allowed to be UTRPF officers, and have the least amount of social sigma in the campaign. However, baseline humans are very sensitive to hyperspace and are very susceptible to hyperspace sickness requiring most of them to travel through hyperspace in stasis pods. Some UTRPF starship officers have undergone the Synner hyperspace conditioning granting them the ability to cope somewhat with the sickness but not negating it completely. Humans come from any culture.

Racial Talents:
  • Bonus Skill Ranks - 5 bonus ranks for favored skills
  • Skill Specialization - +10 bonus to one skill selected at character gen
  • Profession Adaptability or Skill Flexibility - 5pt discount for multiple profession cost or one skill chosen at character gen counts as a favored skill
Racial Limitations:
  • No natural Hyperspace Tolerance - Exposure to Hyperspace without sedatives or stasis causes persistent disorientation and nausea. Protracted exposure causes both physical and psychological problems. This can be mitigated with Hyperspace Conditioning training and taking the trait Hyperspace Tolerance (lesser). Doing so reduces the penalties but does not stop them from accruing.


Synthetic Humans, clones of true humans force grown in tanks, their genomes slightly altered for extra durability, strength, and tolerance to hyperspace travel. These clones are further enhanced with reinforcing materials throughout their bodies, making the average Synner far tougher and stronger than all but the most gifted humans alive. The memories of their genetic donor are imprinted onto the clone before training giving them diverse life experiences to draw on. After decanting, Synners are trained with the most advanced VR and real life training humanity can give them, conditioning them to ignore what little discomfort for hyperspace is left in them and making them the ideal crew and marine compliments for interstellar travel. However all this training and inherent superiority over humans leaves regular humans very uncomfortable with Synners, and Synners are essentially owned by the UTRPF. And then there is the Synner's discomfort with themselves - they remember being someone who they aren't, and they remember volunteering for it. Synners, like humans, come from any culture.

Racial Talents:
  • Hyperspace Tolerance (greater) - no penalties for hyperspace exposure
  • Tough Hide (lesser) - +10 to DB
  • Dense Musculature- +5 OB, +5 DB, -25 swimming maneuvers
  • Bonus Skill Ranks - 5 bonus ranks for favored skills
Racial Limitations:
  • Owned by the UN - All Synners are grown, serialized, and trained by UTRPF. They are in for life, and have limited legal rights. Rogue Synners are hunted down and killed.


A race of bipedal reptile analogs. They originally came from a high G world that had just began to explore their own solar system, then they were conscripted by the Shapers to become their preferred marine and shock troop throughout the galactic region near Sol. After generations of war the Quarm economy and homeworld was left in ruins, the Quarm people were scattered across unknown numbers of planets, and the Shaper's enemies had found new allies that crushed the weakened Quarm. The Quarm fought valiantly against the Tazzim and inflicted huge casualties but were ultimately defeated and their worlds were bombed back into the stone age. Little records of the Quarm golden years remain, only their ancient religious writings and stories remain. Their legends speak of a savior race coming and restoring their glory, and after encountering the Quarm humans were all too happy to claim that role. Quarm are 2.5 meter tall 150kg powerhouses from a 2G world. Strong and tough, the Quarm are excellent warriors and skilled outdoors men. Their primitive background and small numbers limits their usefulness to UTRPF however - but they excel at hard manual labor and work cheaply in conditions humans find inhospitable. The Quarm have begun sending many of their best and brightest to study and fight with the Terrans to learn what they can from them and prevent their ever becoming pawns to the Ancients again. Quarm come from primarily the Frontier culture, with some from a Religious culture.

Racial Talents:
  • Hyperspace Tolerance (greater) - no penalties for hyperspace exposure
  • High Gravity Adaption (minor) - +4 ST, +4 QU, +4 CN, -2 AG, -2 PR
  • Tough Hide (lesser) - +10 to DB
  • Dense Musculature- +5 OB, +5 DB, -25 swimming maneuvers
Racial Limitations:
  • Primitive - All Modern skills, Science Skills, and Technical skill maneuvers - 20, but all Outdoor skills maneuvers +10
  • Lumbering Gait - subtract 1.5 from BMR


A race of bipedal feline analogs. They were discovered early in their spacefaring years by the Artificers who bootstrapped their technology and co-opted them into their war with the Shapers. After many decades of fighting for the Artificers, the Tazzim were pushed into crushing the Quarm. During that struggle both sides inflicted many atrocities on each other, leaving social scars that persist to this day. During the crushing of the Quarm the Tazzim realized how similar their position was and feared a similar fate for themselves some day. So after the last push to obliterate the Quarm civilization the Tazzim rebelled from their Artificer masters and stole as many ships from them as they could. Using this great flotilla the Tazzim fled into the depths of space becoming tribes of nomadic spacefarers spreading far and wide but always traveling to hide from their former masters. Many generations have since passed and the Tazzim have become masters of keeping their ragtag technology running. After running across Terran explorers a few Tazzim tribes have formed an alliance with them. Trading technology secrets and their knowledge of the Artificers for access to humanity's huge resource and industrial base. The Tazzim have been building and repairing their aged fleet with brand new (if somewhat low tech) ships. The Tazzim tribes have selected many representatives to work with their UTRPF allies to see if they can hold off enslavement and annihilation from the Ancients. Tazzim are 1 M tall and about 45kg with 6 fingered hands. They are extremely agile, inventive, and friendly. The Tazzim and Quarm still share a lot of fear and hatred for each other despite the end of their last war. Tazzim come primarily from a Belter culture, with some coming from an Aristocratic or Scientific culture.

Racial Talents:
  • Hyperspace Tolerance (greater) - no penalties for hyperspace exposure
  • Blazing Speed - +2 to BMR
  • Fast Fixer - repairs things in 1/2 the time
  • Sureshot - reduced range penalties
Racial Limitations:
  • None


A race looking very similar to humans with slightly frailer frames, larger heads and larger eyes. Sometimes called "Chibis" by terrans for slightly alien cutesy look. Wraithers were a race beginning to explore outside their solar system when they first encountered signs of the Ancients. They found evidence of their terrible war and the proxies used in it. Realizing their own danger they began planning for their inevitable encounter with the Ancients. They did not get to plan long. Being a race of extremely strong empaths the idea of interstellar war so frightened and disgusted them, they used negotiations with the Ancients to appear they would aid both sides, while gathering as much information and secrets as they could. They learned the secrets of the Tazzim jump drives from the Artificers and the location of numerous Artificer bases suspected of being abandoned from the Shapers. Neither race suspected the Wraithers of having as strong telepathic abilities as they do, a secret the Wraithers kept very hidden. The Wraithers then under the pretense of building war machines devoted their entire economy to constructing tens of thousands of escape craft, and launched them all at once. Nearly the entire species fled their home world. The Ancients both suspected the Wraithers of siding with their enemy and tried to destroy them, killing 80% of the fleeing Wraithers. Those lucky survivors fled to the darkest hidden spots they could find on their own or commandeered ancient Artificer bases long abandoned, and there they have hidden scattered across the stars. Wraithers eventually encountered a UTRPF team exploring an "abandoned" alien base deep underground. After carefully observing and secretly aiding the team in avoiding the booby traps of the base, they eventually made contact with the Synners. The Wraithers have brought the most complete set of knowledge of the Ancients to the Terran Alliance and have been masterful negotiators and diplomats. Several Clans of Wraithers have decided to help educate the Terran, Quarm, and Tazzim and bring them together in peace. They feel this is the best hope they have of bringing not only peace to the three races, but also rebuilding a homeworld for themselves. The Wraithers seem to feel a true bond to humanity, treating them somewhat as violent retarded siblings, but doing their best to help them as much as possible. Wraithers are extremely intelligent and charismatic, if somewhat frail. Many members of their race show psychic powers little understood by Terrans. Wraithers come from primarily a Scientific culture, but some are from Exotic culture.

While the Wraithers are part of the Terran Alliance, they would probably make for poor choices as a PC race due to their extreme pacifism. The vast majority of the race feel it is far better to die than to kill. Only the race's most ostracized sociopathic members would consider killing someone even if their life depended on it.

Racial Talents:
  • Hyperspace Tolerance (lesser) - reduced penalties for hyperspace exposure
  • Logical Mind- +10 to science skill maneuvers
  • Psychic Resolve - +10 to psychic activations
  • Latent Psionic field - untapped psychic ability
Racial Limitations:
  • Pacifism - Will not kill even to save their own life.

Racial Modifiers and Age Chart

Species ST CO AG QU SD RE IN PR Endurance Power Points Psi Energy Points Stamina Will Magic Adulthood Lifespan Age Increment
Human +* +* +* +* +* +* +* +* 30 30 10 10 10 10 20 100 2
Quarm +4 +4 +2 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 40 35 10 15 5 10 15 90 2
Synner +3** +3** +2** +** +** +** +** +** 35 25 10 15 15 0 1(20) 90(110) 2
Tazzim -2 +0 +4 +4 +0 +3 +0 +0 35 25 10 15 15 0 25 140 3
Wraither +0 +0 +1 +3 +0 +4 +2 +1 20 40 20 5 5 20 50 350 5

*humans receive 10 points of racial bonus to be assigned between the attributes with no more than +3 to any one attribute.
**Synners receive 3 points of additional racial bonus to be assigned to no more than 2 attributes with no more than +5 to any attribute.

Racial Height and Weight Chart

Species - Gender Base Height Height Mod Base Mass Mass Mod
Human - Male 185 2 80 2
Human - Female 170 2 60 1.5
Quarm - Male 250 2 150 5
Quarm - Female 230 2 130 4
Synner - Male 188 2 89 2
Synner - Female 174 2 69 1.5
Tazzim - Male 100 2 45 1
Tazzim - Female 95 1 38 1
Wraither - Male 180 2 55 1.5
Wraither - Female 165 2 45 1

Cultures in the Bughunters 2155 setting

  • Aristocratic (noble or commoner) - a strongly hierarchical society such as an Earth kingdom.
  • Belter - A society living in the depths of space. Tazzim nomads, or Asteroid Belt mining communities are examples.
  • Corporate (shareholder or employee) - a society run by a mega-corporation
  • Cosmopolitan - a society from densely urban areas such as Terran metropolises.
  • Exotic - A society usually based on artistic or emotional awareness. Certain religious colonies and communes would fit this category.
  • Frontier - A society in the wilds of a unconquered planet such as Quarm Tribes, or Human colonists.
  • Military - A society of strongly militaristic bent similar to the Spartans, or Free African League Warlords.
  • Religious - A society of religious upbringing such as Quarm shaman-monks, or New Age Erudition Communes.
  • Scientific - A society of strong scientific background, such as Terran Universities, Martian Research Centers, or Wraither colonies.

Starting Professions

Adepts and Fusions are typically available for Wraithers only, and would probably make for poor PC classes. Your GM may open these professions up to other races but he or she should be consulted as to which races they wish to allow in these professions.

Generate Stats

This setting assumes the 550 points to assign method of character creation, but your GM may prefer other systems. Consult your GM on how they wish to generate stats.

Available training packages

All Synners must take the "Basic Training" training package at first level and may have no more than 1 Training Package outside of the UTRPF MOS training packages. Human UTRPF officers and Alien characters may take whatever training packages they wish.

All training packages from the HARP Sci-fi book are available (some make less sense than others), plus the following UTRPF MOS training packages:

Basic Training
Brawling - 2, First Aid - 2, Weapon Skill (Modern ranged) - 2, Vocation (soldier or crewmember) - 4
Craft (cooking) - 5, Machine Op - 2, Trading - 2, 0-G Maneuvering - 2, Psychology -2, Xenology -2, Vocation (crewmember) - 2
Demolitions expert
Demolitions - 5, Chemistry - 2, Physics - 2, Electronics bypass - 3, Locks & Traps - 4, Perception - 2, Vocation (soldier) - 2
(use standard from book)
(use Combat Marine from book)
(use Space Engineer from book)
Ground Vehicle Pilot
Combat Style (Combat Piloting) - 4, Gunnery - 3, Navigation -3, Signaling - 3, Ground Pilot - 4, Vocation (soldier) -2
Armor -4, Endurance - 3, Gunnery - 2, Mundane Lore (tactics) - 2, Vocation (soldier) - 2 Weapon skill -4, Survival - 3
Gunnery - 5, Engineer (weapons) - 3, Machine op - 2, 0-G maneuvering - 3, Vocation (crewmember) - 2
Heavy Weapons expert
Weapon Skill - 4, Gunnery - 4, Armor -3, Endurance - 3, Mundane Lore (tactics) - 2, Vocation (soldier) - 2, Survival - 2
Armor -2, First Aid - 5, Survival -2, Endurance - 2, Mundane Lore (tactics) - 2, Vocation (soldier) - 2, Weapon Skill - 2
Computer Op - 2, Gunnery - 2, Mundane Lore (cosmography) - 5, Navigation -5, Signaling - 2, Vocation (crewmember) - 2, 0-G maneuvering - 2
Pilot (aerospace)
(use Starfighter Pilot from book)
Pilot (deepspace)
(use Navy Officer from book)
Protocol Officer
Duping - 2, Linguistics - 2, Mundane Lore (cosmography) - 2, Mundane Lore (law) - 2, Public Speaking - 2, Psychology - 2, Trading - 2, Xenology - 2, Vocation (crewmember or soldier)
Radio Operator
Signaling - 3, Armor - 3, Endurance - 3, Machine Op - 3, Mundane Lore (tactics) - 2, Survival - 2, Weapon Skill - 2
Squad Leader
Armor - 2, Endurance - 3, Mundane Lore (tactics) - 4, Navigation - 2, Vocation (soldier) - 3, Weapon Skill - 2, Survival - 2, Public Speaking -2
Armor - 2, Endurance - 2, Mundane Lore (tactics) -2, Navigation - 2, Vocation (soldier) - 2, Weapon Skill - 2, Survival - 2, Stalking and Hiding - 2, Sniping - 2, Perception - 2

Special Talents

Military Rank (5/level) could be very useful. All characters can take up to 6 ranks of this for UTRPF and are assumed to be effectively rank -0 (private one/recruit). Note: only 6 ranks above rank 0 are playable.
Rank 0: Recruit/Private One
Rank 1: Cadet/Private Two
Rank 2: Starhand/Private First Class
Rank 3: Starmate/Lance Corporal/Specialist Four
Rank 4: Petty Officer Three/Sergeant/Specialist Five
Rank 5: Petty Officer Two/Staff Sergeant/Specialist Six
Rank 6: Petty Officer/Gunnery Sergeant/ Specialist Seven
*: Chief Petty Officer/Master Sergeant
*: Senior Chief Petty Officer/Sergeant Major

Warrant Officer 10 points (new) could be taken by any character and is used in conjunction with military rank to determine actual rank. Note there are only 5 ranks of Warrant Officer above 0.
Rank 0: Warrant Officer
Rank 1: Chief Warrant Officer
Rank 2: Star Lieutenant/Sword Captain
Rank 3: Light Star Commander/Sword Major
Rank 4: Star Commander/Light Sword Colonel
Rank 5: Star Captain/Sword Colonel

Officer 20 points (new) could also be useful but is for humans only. Military rank is used to determine how high an officer. Note: only 5 ranks above rank 0 are playable.
Rank 0: Ensign/2nd Lieutenant
Rank 1: Light Lieutenant/1st Lieutenant
Rank 2: Lieutenant/Captain
Rank 3: Light Commander/Major
Rank 4: Commander/Light Colonel
Rank 5: Captain/Colonel
*: Commodore/Brigadier
*: Admiral/General

Hyperspace Tolerance (lesser 20 DP, greater 40 DP) (new). Reduces the number of resistance rolls required for a hyperspace trip to one per week for lesser tolerance or one per trip for greater tolerance. Additionally hyperspace tolerance adds +20( for lesser) or +50(for greater) to the resistance roll against "Jump Flu" and Hyperspace Psychosis. Training and conditioning can increase a character's tolerance from their base race by one step (Synners are born with lesser tolerance but all Synners receive the conditioning and thus get greater tolerance before play). Note even with lesser hyperspace tolerance extended hyperspace trips will require significant recovery without stasis or sedatives.


Characters begin with 2000 credits (creds) of UTRPF script. Those with the Magnate talent start with 10000 creds. This can be used to purchase personal possessions and equipment. UTRPF assigns equipment to its agents as provisions warrant and the mission requires, but these possessions are the characters outside of mission assigned equipment. Unrestricted items cost normal from the book price, but restricted items cost twice listed value due to their illegal nature (and being caught with these in your personal possessions is also likely to be illegal).

Equipment Tech levels. Assume all items are mature tech level except for the following:

  • Firearms are Advanced
  • Terran Blasters are Early but regular cost
  • Tazzim Blasters are Mature but cost 10 times regular cost.
  • Vibro weapons are Early
  • Laser sights are Advanced
  • Weapon Scopes are Advanced
  • Dazzlers are Early
  • Neurowhips are Early and Tazzim built only costing 10 times regular cost.


TZ-37 Stun Pistol
Popular with police forces and societies that discourage lethal force for personal defense. Use the standard electrostunner from the Harp Sci-Fi book.
M34A5 Heavy Pistol
Manufactured for UTRPF by a variety of arms builders, the M34A5 is a 13mm caseless semi-automatic pistol. It's short range stopping power makes it a favorite for personal defense and shipboard actions. The M34A5 can use a variety of ammunition including standard, tracer, splatter, JA, and HEJA.
H&K 86 Small Pistol
A small but popular pistol used commonly by UTRPF human officers and civilians throughout terran space. Use standard pistol from the Harp Sci-Fi book. It can use standard, tracer, and splatter ammunition.
Taurus 12mm caseless Heavy Pistol
A monster revolver renowned for its heavy frame and simple styling. This weapon is popular with some users because of it's intimidating size and flexible ammunition selection. Use revolver from the Harp Sci-Fi book but increase critical to medium. Can use standard, tracer, splatter, JA, HEJA, HEAP, and HEAT ammunition.
M181 Tranquilizer rifle
This is the standard issue UTRPF tranquilizer delivery system. It is also heavily used by explorers and xenobiologists to attempt to pacify alien creatures. It is a single shot version of the needle rifle but dealing only a tiny puncture critical. Typically uses tranquilizer flechettes but may use toxic ones as well.
M275 Assault rifle (needler)
The workhorse weapon of the UTRPF marines. This is a bullpup style assault rifle intended to use chemically treated 3mmx30mm caseless needles to kill a variety of fauna, those chemicals were never made available due to treaty requirements, costs, and the vast variety of alien fauna UTRPF is finding itself dealing with. Ultimately this weapon under performs on stopping power, but remains the most common weapon in UTRPF armories throughout Terran space. When using the proper chemical treatments this weapon is truly devastating against biologic targets. The M507 grenade launcher is often under-barrel mounted on this weapon to increase the flexibility of the weapon system.
M138 Assault rifle (caseless)
The "old school" weapon of choice for many special forces units throughout Terran space. Rugged, dependable, and with stopping power to spare. The only critiques of this weapon are its size, recoil and ammunition weight. The M138 is more accurately a "battle rifle" than assault rifle, and its size reflects that. Even though it has been replaced by newer models numerous varieties of ammunition is still available for the M138 with splatter and HEAP the most popular. The M138 has an under-barrel mounting system for grenade launchers such as the M507. Bi-pods are popular modifications as well.
M507 Grenade launcher
This is the most common grenade launcher in Terran space. It is popular with both UTRPF armorers as well as mercenary and corporate security forces. It can be converted from an attached version or a stand alone version with the appropriate stock. It uses the standard mark 2 grenade launcher (either attached or stand alone) from the Harp Sci-Fi book. .
HI-700-1 "Flyswatter" Automatic Shotgun
This weapon is popular with UTRPF marines expecting close in combat as well as colonists all over Terran space. Use the standard automatic shotgun from the Harp Sci-Fi book.
M557 Light Mortar
The M557 is the preferred infantry portable "artillery" option used by UTRPF marines. It is a single operator mortar that can not be direct fired easily and can not be used while moving. The M557 fires Mark V grenades and can be used in single fire or 3 round burst mode. It has a built in tripod.
HF-18 Flamer rifle
The HF-18 is an advanced version of previous binary fuel flamer units updating them with the newer plasma cell ammunition. It's close in damage capability makes it popular for use against swarming opponents. Use the standard flamer repeater from the Harp Sci-Fi book.
M333 Howler Machine gun
A 6 barrel 25mm caseless chemically boosted electromagnetically discharged light support machine-gun. Typically fitted with either bipod or tripod, but may be fired while carried. Its incredible rate of fire requires a backpack fed magazine. A wide variety of ammunition is used with the howler including: standard, tracer, splatter, HEJA, HEAP, HEAT, and UHDUG. This is the squad support weapon of choice by most UTRPF marines, despite its size and weight. What the howler lacks in subtlety if makes up for with devastating power.
M702 "Deadeye" Laser Sniper Rifle
The weapon of choice for many UTRPF snipers. Many snipers have been known to setup M905 tuned reflectivity mirrors to make trick shots to throw off the direction their attack came from using this system. Doing so causes an additional -20 penalty to attack rolls per mirror used. The M905 mirrors also tend to rapidly degrade in use and add an additional -5 penalty to the attack per previous use.
M702-A1 "Deadeye 2" Laser Sniper Rifle
A slightly larger version of the M702 with additional focusing optics giving considerably better long range operations. Otherwise identical to the M702.
SU-8 Sentry Gun
An automated sentry gun using the M333 howler light machine gun. Total weight is 45Kg with 4000 rounds. Recoil penalty is reduced to -10. Uses the Gunnery skill to set up with the results of the Gunnery Check on the Bonus Chart applied to the units base 30 attack skill. Generally considered inferior to the M720, but still extremely popular because of its parts commonality and extremely intimidating look and sound during operation. UTRPF studies have shown a 20% higher rate of retreat in targets attacked by the SU-8 than the M720.
M720 Disco Light laser sentry gun
A laser Sentry gun unit. It uses the Gunnery skill to set up with the results of the Gunnery Check on the Bonus Chart applied to the units base 50 attack skill. The M720 is the most popular of the Sentry Guns used by UTRPF, and despite having significantly less "bark" than the SU-8, it does have considerably more "bite". UTRPF studies have shown 30% higher casualty rates in targets attacked by the M720 over the SU-8. It weighs 50kg with a 5000 round magazine. It has single fire, 6 shot burst, and 30 round suppression modes, with 100m range increments, +50 burst fire bonus, 0 recoil penalty.
RU-444 Portable Missile launcher
The RU-444 is one of the most sought after weapon system by team leaders, but one of the least popular to carry. Large and cumbersome even collapsed this weapon is popular because of its truly impressive firepower and the fact that you have not one, but ten shots with it. Use the tank buster missile launcher from the Harp Sci-Fi book but with a magazine of 10 missiles.
PRC-12 Machine Pistol
This high tech corporate security favorite uses the submachine gun stats but weighs 1.5 Kg. It has advanced recoil compensation features and uses a 10mm caseless pistol round. Technically Restricted but commonly available to mercenaries and corporate security anyway. It typically uses standard, splatter, or JA ammunition.
PRC-50 Assault Blaster
The PRC-50 is a Terran built early assault blaster. The PRC-50 is the state of the art human built assault blaster assembled by a variety of Chinese defense contractors. While many logistics studies have debated the value of this as a legitimate weapon of war, no one argues with its impressive ability to inflict tremendous damage at close range.
Voidcat Model 3 Tazzim Assault Blaster
The true "state of the art" in assault blasters for the Terran Alliance. The Voidcat model 3 uses Tazzim know-how and manufacturing systems to make a superior weapon. The Tazzim swear by blaster technology for use against all manner of targets due to its mix of impact, electrical, and thermal damage components. However UTRPF quartermasters balk at the extremely high price tag associated with these. A single Model 3 cost as much as 10 PRC-50s.
Item Avail Cost Mass Att size/type fumble Burst bonus recoil pen RI PB bonus PB range SS/burst/supp shots
TZ-37 Stun Pistol U 300 0.5 sm neuro 01-02 10 0 10m 10 5m 1/2/3 20
M34A5 Heavy Pistol U 700 1.5/2.5 md balistic 01 20 -15 10m 10 5m 1/2/3 12
H&K 86 Sm Pistol U 100 0.5 sm ballistic 01-02 20 -10 10m 10 5m 1/2/3 17
Taurus 12mm Caseless Heavy Pistol U 150 1 md ballistic 01-02 0 0 10m 10 5m 1/2/3 5
M181 Tranquilizer rifle U 700 2.5 tiny puncture 01 0 0 40m 15 20m 1/0/0 1
M275 Assult rifle R 800 3.5/4.5 sm puncture 01 30 -10 40m 20 20m 1/8/50 200
M138 Assult rifle R 500 5/7 lg ballistic 01 20 -15 50m 20 25m 1/2/9 30
M507 Grenade launcher R 350 3 mk2 grnd 01-03 0 0 30m 20 15m 1/0/0 1
HI-700-1 "Flyswatter" Autoshotgun R 450 5 lg shrapnel 01-03 30 -15 10m 20 5m 1/3/6 18
HF-18 Flamer rifle R 1200 5 md plasma 01-04 25 -15 10m 30 5m 1/3/6 20
M333 Howler Machine gun R 1500 10/15 lg ballistic 01-03 50 -30 60m 50 30m 1/50/250 2000
M702 "Deadeye" Laser Sniper Rifle U 700 7 md laser 01-02 0 0 60m 20 30m 1/0/0 100
M702-A1 "Deadeye 2" Laser Sniper Rifle R 850 8 md laser 01-02 0 0 60m 20 30m 1/0/0 100
SU-8 Sentry Gun R 3000 45 lg ballistic 01-03 50 -10 60m 50 30m 1/50/250 4000
M720 Disco Light laser sentry gun R 4000 50 md laser 01-02 50 0 100m 50 50m 1/6/30 5000
RU-444 Portable Missle Launcher R 1300 10/18 tn warhead 01-04 0 0 50m 10 25m 1/0/0 10
PRC-12 Machine Pistol R/U 550 1.5 sm ballistic 01-02 30 -15 10m 10 5m 1/4/12 23
PRC-50 Assult Blaster R 1200 4 md blaster 01-02 35 0 15m 30 7.5m 1/3/6 50
Voidcat model 3 Tazzim Assult Blaster R 12000 4 md blaster 01 35 0 15m 30 7.5m 1/6/12 100


HI-EX High G exoskeleton
Heavy, clunky, and a pain to work in - the HI-EX exoskeleton is considered an unpleasant piece of equipment to use. But for operating in High G environments it is sure better than going to battle in your underoos and a bb gun because you can't carry anything heavier. Unfortunately the armored version (HI-EX-AR) is even less comfortable. Unrestricted 2000 credits unarmored, 4000 credits armored (combat armor equivalent).
LO-EX Low G exoskeleton
Some people say the only thing worse than wearing a HI-EX-AR suit is wearing a LOEX suit. It is almost as heavy, and just as clunky to wear but with the bonus of an gripping tail to try to control as well. Many Synners opt to simply wear a vacc suit and deal with the hassle over wearing a LO-EX suit. The LO-EX-AR is also sometimes used when armored Low G suits are required. Unrestricted 2500 credits unarmored, 4500 credits armored (combat armor equivalent).

Weapon accessories

CAT-15 Advanced Holographic Computer Assisted Targeting Scope
A cutting edge CAT system integrated into a holographic assisted scope. It provides a +35 bonus (+15 from holographic sight +20 from CAT) and a -30 to range penalties (as well as other scope bonuses). It is prohibitively expensive and is very rarely available for UTRPF rank and file use. Restricted 6000 credits.
CAT-12 Holographic Computer Assisted Targeting Scope
A popular weapon accessory providing both the telescopic abilities of a scope with the easy targeting of a holographic sight and the bonus of advanced CAT software. This provides a total +30 bonus to attack (+15 from holographic sight +15 from CAT) and -30 to range increments (as well as other scope bonuses). The high cost of this system has caused to be used primarily only for sniping weapons. Restricted 4500 credits.
CAT-10 Holographic Computer Assisted Targeting system
A next generation targeting system integrating a holographic targeting system with an advanced CAT system. This provides a total +25 bonus to attack (+15 from holographic sight and +10 from CAT software). This is a common accessory for newer close range weapons. Unrestricted 1000 credits.
CAT-7 Computer Assisted Targeting system
This is some of the older computer system targeting software in use by UTRPF. It provides a +5 bonus to attack roles to the weapon it is attached to. It also indicates vital and non-vital areas of lifeforms in its database. This is typically integrated into a scope offering an additional -30 to the range penalties of a weapon. This is a common accessory for most rifles used by UTRPF. Adding this feature to a weapon multiplies weapon or scope cost by 5 (typically 500 credits for a scope or sight - but can be built into the weapon itself at great cost). Unrestricted.
Steady-gun Gyro-stabilization system
This is the time honored standby for recoil reduction gyro-stabilization of UTRPF weapons. It provides a -5 reduction in the recoil penalty of the weapon it is attached to, but increases its effective weight by 10%. Unrestricted 500 credits for most weapons (heavy weapons usually require larger gyros and motors increasing the cost to 1000 credits).
Heavy-barrel Gyro-stabilization system
A newer recoil reduction gyro-stabilization system used by UTRPF. It is popular with heavy weapons operators who have muscle to spare. It reduces the recoil penalty of the weapon it is attached to by -10, but adds 25% to the weapons total weight. Some operators liken using this system to "arm wrestling a gorilla". Unrestricted 1000 credits for most small arms, 2000 credits for heavy weapon systems.
Helmet HUD
A comprehensive system common on almost all UTRPF helmets. It integrates a short range tactical radio, a camera, and a vital signs indicator with a heads up display that can display most of a soldiers equipment displays including electronic sights and scopes on top of "reality". These systems have a 7 km effective range but battle conditions often degrade this down to much shorter ranges. Restricted for UTRPF encoded units, private sector versions cost the same but lack UTRPF encryption (often replaced with other encryption) and are Unrestricted. 300 credits.
M603 Targeting Visor with CAT
The predecessor to the modern Holographic CAT systems such as the the CAT-10 system. This system project a HUD display on a full face mask visor. This system only provides a +10 to ranged attack rolls using modern ranged weapons. Still popular with UTRPF due to its familiarity and common availability, this system is also very popular with scouts and engineers due to its ability to display and enhance hand held sensor operations granting a +10 bonus to these as well. Unrestricted 1000 credits.

Medical Gear

Hera model 7 Portable Womb
Colloquially known as "the oven" or "mom" by Synners. The Hera model 7 portable womb is a powerful cloning system able to regrow lost body parts or even whole bodies given sufficient time. The model 7 can grow body parts for any of the member races of the Terran Alliance, but is too small to regrow complete bodies for Quarm (Quarm bodies can be grown cut off at the knees or head and the rest grown in a separate run). The model 7 grows at a rate of about 1 Kg per hour, but delicate and complicated structures can take two or three times that long. The full version is restricted, but a human only version is Unrestricted. 30000 credits.
Caduceus Model 3 emergency portable stasis system (Fetish bag)
Nicknamed the Fetish bag, this device is why many Synners refer to Medics as "Headhunters" or "Witch Doctors". It is a portable stasis changer with a fast closing iris blade contained in the ridged ring at its base. Placed over the head of an incapacitated trooper it is activated decapitating the trooper and immediately placing the head in stasis for later reattachment to a new cloned body. Many marines have been saved by this device, but it remains one of the most feared devices on the battlefield. Scouts have been known to "borrow" and modify these (disabling the warning lights and buzzers) so that they can quickly and quietly disable opponents - and potentially interrogate them later. Will run for one day on a power cell. Restricted (and modified ones are against all sorts of regulations and laws) 2000 credits.
Model 91 I-Chamber (inert gas surgical isolation unit)
A collapsible sealed transparent vessel with inert gas canisters used to treat incendiary wounds from sources such as white phosphorus. In a pinch these are sometimes used for treating potentially dangerous parasitic xenomorph infestations as well. Unrestricted 2000 credits.
Phillips Xenovax customizable wide spectrum vaccine with pharmo-nanofacs
A pharmacological cocktail of wide spectrum vaccines for whole classifications of biological pathogens. It includes a healthy dose of drug manufacturing nano-facs injected into the blood stream to help administer long duration drugs continuously as well to help patients deal with a variety of environmental hazards common on alien worlds. These Xenovax are tuned to specific environments and grant a +30 to RR checks against most biological and chemical hazards they are tuned for. To avoid complex interactions between different flavors of Xenovax most of their effects are purged from the system within 7 days. Some claim this is a blatant money grab on the part of Phillips, who in turn claim it is purely a safety precaution. Unrestricted 500 credits per dose.


A rolling brick nicknamed "The Beast" or "The Brick Outhouse". The SU-501 is renowned for its rugged nature and ability to take abuse. However its creature comforts are spartan at best. With a top speed of about 70 kph on road and 50 kph off the SU-501 has a maximum operating range of about 700 km without refueling. It has NBC sealing and life support for 20 for 12 hours without recharging. The SU-501 can carry a crew of 3, 16 passengers and an internal cargo hold rated for 12 cubic meters and up to 3 tons. The SU-501 has 3 mounted light machine guns, a heavy machine gun, and a heavy machine laser. Restricted 350000 credits.
The general purpose light armored ground vehicle of the UTRPF nicknamed the "Unicorn" due to its large HMG that typically points forward and tilted up when not in use. The WA-741 has the equivalent of combat armor with both kinetic and ablative treatments. It has room for 6 and about 500 pounds of gear. The WA-741 can be sealed and has the option for a 6 man 8 hour life support system. The unicorn "horn" is a heavy machine gun mounted in a bubble turret on the roof of the vehicle. It has a top speed of about 100kph on solid surfaces or about 50 kph on rough surfaces. Unrestricted (without the HMG) Restricted (with the HMG) 60,000 credits.
UL-47 Ultralight Hopper
A small lightweight VTOL known as the "pixie". It is capable of carrying a pilot and a squad of 4 at speeds up to 400 kph in earth like conditions. The UL-47 uses two vectored thrust tilting turbofans for lift and/or propulsion. For missions where transportation is not needed weapon pods may be added - typically consisting of air to ground missiles and a heavy machine laser. Restricted 100000 credits.
UGV #5 light support UGV
The "Rabid Wombat" UGV is a twin tracked remote operated UGV armored and armed for squad support heavy weapons. Thin skinned armor by vehicle standards still make for impressive amounts of protection from personnel scale weapons. The #5 UGV has a robotic arm with both a heavy grasper and a human hand analog to interact with the environment. Massing in at about 200 Kg the #5 has a top speed of about 20 kph on or off road. Powered by a Vehicle power pack the #5 UGV can operate for 3 days without recharge. The hard points of this system's weapon system allow for a variety of different weapon combinations consisting of no more than 4 weapons weighing no more than 100 Kg with ammunition. Restricted 35000 credits.
UAV-112 Doombat UAV
The Doombat UAV is a popular multi-role UAV. Powered by a vehicle power pack the Doombat has 20 hours of endurance at cruise speeds of 200 kph in earth-like environments. The Doombat can also be configured for air to air, air to ground, or recon missions adding up to 100 Kg of weapons or sensor. Restricted 40000 credits.

Alternative Ammunition

Standard Ammo
Use standard ammunition and pricing.
Tracer Ammo
Use standard tracer ammunition and pricing. (+5 to hit, -5 to damage).
Splatter Ammo
An advanced version of hollow point ammunition utilizing memory materials that revert to a star shape about 5 times the starting diameter after impacting the target. Significantly better than conventional hollow point ammunition, but much more expensive as well. Splatter Ammunition causes a -5 to OB, but a +15 to damage. Triple normal cost of ammunition.
JA (Jet Assist) Ammo
Nicknamed "Screamer" or "Screecher" ammunition, Jet Assisted rounds utilize tiny ramjet motors to significantly increase both the speed and the range of the round. Jet Assisted ammunition is extremely expensive and loud, but legal for civilians in many nations on earth. +5 OB and doubles the range increment for the weapon, but costs 5 times standard ammunition.
HEJA (Hi Explosive Jet Assist) Ammo
An extremely popular ammunition for military units unconcerned with subtlety. It combines the features of JA ammunition with a high explosive warhead. Restricted to military use only almost everywhere HEJA ammunition is also expensive enough to cause quartermasters to track every round issued carefully - often asking for reports of when and where each shot was used. +5 OB, double range increment, and adds a tiny shrapnel critical (1 meter area of effect) to the damage as well. 10 times standard ammunition cost.
HEAP (High Explosive Armor Piercing) Ammo
One of the most popular military ammunition available, HEAP ammunition combines good armor penetration with the devastating power of high explosive warheads. +10 to OB, -10 to damage, adds a tiny shrapnel critical (1 meter area of effect) to the damage. 6 times standard ammunition cost.
HEAT (High Explosive Anti Tank) Ammo
Popular for anti-material rifles HEAT rounds use a shaped charge to generate a liquid metal penetrator that melts through armor. Adds +10 to OB, converts the critical from ballistic to plasma, adds a tiny shrapnel critical (1 meter area of effect) to the damage. 7 times standard ammunition cost.
UHDUG (Ultra High Explosive Depleted Uranium Guided) Ammo
The most advanced ammunition currently common to UTRPF forces. UHDUG rounds combine superior armor penetration, uncanny accuracy, and the most powerful warhead that humanity can squeeze into a slug. Most often used with the Howler machine gun - Heavy weapons experts love this ammunition but hate filling out the after incident reports demanding an accounting for every single round fired. +15 to OB, adds a tiny shrapnel critical (2 meter area of effect) to the damage. 25 times standard ammunition cost.

Archaic and Melee Weapons

Haashack (Quarm toothed-club - similar to the leiomano)
Modern equivalents to these are popular with affluent Quarm hunters and warriors. 1 handed melee weapon (clubs - does medium slashing crit). 2 - 4 kg. Vibro versions are available but only for the wealthiest or best Quarm hunters and warriors (does large slashing crit). Uncommon but not restricted - 50 credits for normal, 150 credits for vibro.
Maadok (Quarm MAquahuitl)
1 meter wooden club grooved with sharpened stone edges glued into it. The primary weapon of war for the Quarm elite. 1 handed melee weapon (swords - does medium slashing crit or medium crushing crit). Modern versions of these have become very popular with the Quarm elite. 2 - 4kg. Uncommon but not restricted. Vibro version also available (does large slashing crit or medium crushing crit). Rumor has it that Joyco Arms is developing a vibro/stun version but none have been released yet. 75 credits for normal, 200 credits for vibro.
Maadok-ka (Quarm two handed Maquahuitl)
Larger 2 meter two handed version of Maadok. 2 handed melee (sword) does large slashing crit or large crushing crit. 3 - 8 kg. Uncommon but not restricted. Vibro option available (does huge slashing crit or large crushing crit). 125 credits for normal 350 credits for vibro.
Taasak-ka (Quarm tepooztopilli)
3 meter long wooden polearm with sharpened stone inserts. May be used one or two handed and may be used either piercing or slashing. 1 or 2 handed melee (polearm); 1 handed does medium piercing or slashing, 2 handed does large piercing or slashing. This is the everyday hunting melee weapon of choice for Quarm hunters. Modern versions of these are becoming very popular with any Quarm hunter that can acquire one. Vibro versions of these are available but much less common (1 handed does large piercing or slashing crits, 2 handed does huge piercing or slashing crits). 4 - 10 kg. Uncommon but not restricted. 75 credits for normal 200 credits for vibro.
Taasak (Quarm javelin)
1 meter long stone tipped javelin. Same as a regular primitive javelin. Modern javelins are quickly becoming the missile weapon of choice for Quarm hunters. Unrestricted 30 credits.