Channeling Professions for Elves

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Edited by Terence Wynne for The Guild Companion

"All Rangers are good archers trained in guerilla tactics in natural environments."

Only the Animist and Rangers professions are available to elves of the Principalities.


Animist is the most common channeling profession for Wood Elves, although it is not all that common, as few elves have the dedication to pursue it.

Elven Animists are usually sendentary, tending to their home land as the gardeners they were created to be by the Urlocs. In the Darkwood Principality, this means tending to the spider herds in Spider Valley and the intelligent trees in Brightbosk. In the Greatwood, they ensure the balance among the forest, its animal population, and its elven inhabitants. They also grow and maintain the Great Trees.

In the Dustown Principality, they ensure a balance between the arid desert and the lush elven croplands.

All Animists will maintain a personal herb garden with rare herbs and plants useful for their medicinal and other properties. In fact, they are the main source of healing in the Principality for grave problems.

Elven Animists are very rarely adventurers.


Elven Rangers will usually specialize in forest or desert environments and look after their favorite environment in either the Darkwood or Dustown Principality, respectively.

  • They patrol against incursions into the ruins of the two Urloc cities of Darkwood and Dustown by cultists, the organization of the Demon, and the Vard orcs seeking the Urloc powers (presumably) left there. In Darkwood, they must cooperate (with difficulty) with the knights of the Inquisition who watch the Imperial along the Imperial border.
  • The more solitary Rangers explore the quiet and untouched wilderness of the Westrock Mountains or the Vard desert, looking for passes to the Orcish Steppes, surviving Urloc traces and communion with Nature. Lately, they have watched the Kaos volcano more carefully because of renewed activity there.
  • They watch over the Victory Pass and its destroyed mountain route for any sign of orc activity indicating the return of a new horde.
  • Some of them may also spend the time in the Darkwood Principiality working with the giant spiders as spiderherds, or learning of trees in the Brightbosk.

Elven Rangers prefer to live in harmony with animals and therefore avoid domesticating them. As a result, they seldom ride horses or use guard dogs as humans do.

An exception are the griffins which live in the southern Westrock Mountains above Colpass County. They are not so much domesticated as befriended. The Rangers who try and succeed are usually the fiercest loners who like to patrol deep in the mountains, since the griffins seldom enter the more civilised low lands for any length of time. Almost all of the elven griffin riders are Wood Elves, and they earn for themselves the title of "High Riders".

Rangers optional rule

All Rangers are good archers trained in guerilla tactics in natural environments. Add a basic fighting style with the bow to their Everyman skills. This is usually the Greatwood, Ring or High Rider Archery style (see the Arms Professions page).