Elemental Gems

Copyright Richard Runyan © 2012

Edited by Terence Wynne for The Guild Companion

"It is for the one who shall come and can wield all the elements, that I have created these Elemental Gems."

Author's Note: This work utilizes the RMFRP work: Fire & Ice (F&I), which is available at RPGNow.

The Elemental Gems are legendary artifacts created by Franajatal, the legendary Master Arcane Elementalist Forger. Also called the Milvarmirn (D: Milvar Crystals), after the substance from which they are made, milvar, the Elemental Gems get their color and appearance from the elemental forces they contain. Milvar is a colorless, transparent, non-metallic element twenty times denser and five times harder than pure diamond, and can only be worked through supernatural means. In fact, milvar is so colorless and transparent that it is practically invisible.

Unfortunately, milvar will never again be refined. As Franajatal said, "It is for the one who shall come and can wield all the elements, that I have created these Elemental Gems. In the true fruition of one's greatest of works, there are some deeds that may be accomplished but once only. In that deed, one may rest his heart. Never again shall any make the like of these gems."

With that statement, Franajatal's spirit was released from the realm of the living. It seemed that in the creation of the Elemental Gems, Franajatal was consumed in spirit, mind, and power, and so yearned to be released from the living. The desire for release was so great, that when Franajatal's spirit left, his body was consumed and reduced to ash.

Franajatal's people, the Dugaru, locked away the Elemental Gems, awaiting the coming of the one who could wield all elements. The Great War of Dominion saw the demise of the Dugaru people and the complete destruction of their cities. Over the millennia since the end of the Great War, the ruins of the Dugaru cities have been completely buried and consigned to the annals of geologic history. It is very unlikely any of these greatest of gems will be found by chance. Franajatal did prophesize they would be found by the one who would need them, so Fate is another story.

Traits Common to All Gems

The traits common to all Elemental Gems, except the Master and the Void Gems, are listed below. Remember, these traits are not gained until the user is attuned to the gem.

  1. +50 to all rolls involved with using/controlling the elemental force of the gem.
  2. +25 DB and RR bonus versus the elemental force of the gem.
  3. ×3 Power Multiplier for Elementalist of same elemental force as the gem; ×6 Power Multiplier for The One and attuned to and possesses all gems.

Alternate to Trait 1 Above

Look at the bottom of page 23 of Fire & Ice. There is a table showing the relationship of the elements. Listed below are the alternate bonuses for using/controlling elemental forces dependent on the gem and the elemental force used.

In this case, read column A to column B as "The [column A element] Gem gives a modifier of [below modifier] to control [column B element]."

Table Listing Bonus
N dash (-) +50
Source +25
Complement +10
Neutral 0
Scourge -50

Exceptions: The Ęther and Nether gems give a +50 modifier ONLY for the elemental force of the respective gem, and a -50 for the other elemental force (A character attuned to the Ęther Gem receives +50 for Ęther, -50 for Nether only),

Elemental Gems Images

Here are some images I made of the Elemental Gems using Bryce 7 PLE. Also listed are the specific traits of each gem. GMs are encouraged to change the specific traits if desired.

  • Allows access to full Ęther Mastery spell list. User/possessor must have the PP.
  • Can summon a Lesser Ice Elemental Entity 1/day (F&I p. 71).
  • Can cast Hypothermia 1/day (F&I p. 33).
  • Can cast Avalanche I 1/day (F&I p. 34).
  • Ice Running at will (F&I p. 34).
  • Can summon a Lesser Water Elemental Entity 1/day (F&I p. 71).
  • Can cast Favorable Current II 1/day (F&I p. 37).
  • Can cast Desiccation 1/day (F&I p. 38).
  • Cleanse Water at will (F&I p. 37).
  • Can summon a Lesser Fire Elemental Entity 1/day (F&I p. 71).
  • Can cast Cube of Heat 1/day (F&I p. 31).
  • Can cast Create Fire II 1/day (F&I p. 32).
  • Ignite at will (F&I p. 32).
  • Allows access to full Nether Mastery spell list. User/possessor must have the PP.
  • Can summon a Lesser Earth Elemental Entity 1/day (F&I p. 71).
  • Can cast Earth Phasing 1/day (F&I p. 71).
  • Can cast Force of Gravity 1/day (F&I p. 71).
  • Identify Earth at will (F&I p. 30).
  • Can summon a Lesser Air Elemental Entity 1/day (F&I p. 71).
  • Can cast Mass Fly I 1/day (F&I p. 28).
  • Can cast Force Field I 1/day (F&I p. 27).
  • Internal Air at will (F&I p. 28).
  • Can summon a Lesser Light Elemental Entity 1/day (F&I p. 71).
  • Can cast Shadow Spy 1/day (F&I p. 35).
  • Can cast Lightning Discharge 1/day (F&I p. 36).
  • Detect Shadows at will (F&I p. 28).
The Void gem can absorb an unlimited amount of power/energy. To do so, the attuned user/possessor must hold the Void gem to hand in a defensive manner as if fending/blocking against a thrown object. This will tend to make the user/possessor practically invulnerable against any form of power/energy attack. Using the Void gem in such a manner, however, precludes any other actions except 10% movement rate, for the user must keep his/her full attention on the battle so as to be prepared for a power/energy attack. Basically, the power/energy is shunted into The Void through the gem. For those who are familiar with UNIX/Linux, this is similar to sending stuff into the /dev/null device (it never gets larger than 0 bytes). Any power/energy attack the user/possessor is NOT aware of will not be stopped by this gem. Furthermore, the only power/energy this gem will not work against is kinetic energy (i.e., thrown or fired objects).
The Master Gem allows the attuned user/possessor to use the elemental force of any other elemental gem he possesses and is attuned to. Simply change the elemental force of any elemental spell to the desired elemental force, regardless of the user's elemental specialization. Example: Suppose an Elementalist specialized in Air possess and is attuned to the Master, Earth, and Fire Elemental Gems. Through the Master Gem, the Elementalist would be able to cast elemental spells composed of Air, Earth, or Fire. Although the Elementalist's spells will still be based on the Air lists, the caster will be able to choose whether to have the spell effects composed of Air, Earth, or Fire, but must choose before casting the spell.

Attuning to the Gems

Using the Attunement skill, one must spend a minimum of one-third of a rotational period (day) of uninterrupted meditation on attuning to the gem. Remember, if your world's day is 30 hours long, then the meditation must be for 10 uninterrupted hours (one-third). Then roll on the Static Maneuver Table using Absurd Difficulty modifier. Roll OEd100 + (attunement skill bonus) + (difficulty modifier); if > 100%, then attunement is achieved. If < 100%, then the character can try again on the next day with a -1 Difficulty Level (i.e., if a character fails the first day, then next day becomes Sheer Folly, then Extremely Hard on third day, etc.). This first Attunement only lets the attuner know the capabilities of the gem. Each of the gem's abilities must be attuned to separately, using the same method. Thus, attuning to all the gems will be long process (minimum of 60 days).

Of The Void

There are many who will say the Void is not an element. Why not? If small parts of Something can be elements, then why cannot Nothing also be an element? To have Something, you must also have Nothing. The Nothing is also called the Void. Think about it.

Author's Image Creation Notes:

  1. Of all the gems, the Air gem was the most difficult. It seemed a nightmare trying to create a material that was supposed to be as clear as the milvar, yet still be visible.
  2. The object is a simple sphere primitive stretched into a prolate spheroid, multi-replicated three times, rotating it 45° each replication. Then all four prolate spheroids were booleaned into one object.
  3. The other difficult gem was the Master gem. Initially, I had made its material the same as the Ęther and Nether gems but just changed the color of the material. Then I had the idea, "Why not make the most powerful gem, the most plain?" Thus, I gave it the same material as crystal diamond.
  4. The materials used were all created by me except for the "diamond" material used for the Master Gem. Although the original Air material was modified, all the materials were originally created using Bryce version 4 about 13+ years ago to define the elements from the original Elemental Companion. I just kept backups and imported them in the new versions of Bryce.

Technical Data

Milvar is listed as 20 times denser than pure diamond. Pure diamond has a density of 3.52 g/cm3. This gives the density of milvar as 70.4 g/cm3. This makes milvar not only a trans-uranic element, but a trans-actinide element, since the densest element is the unstable, man-made, radioactive element Hassium (Z = 108), with an estimated density of 41. Unlike most trans-actinide elements we have manufactured (all with Z = 104+), milvar is completely stable and non-radioactive. The images above do not indicate any size. It is the author's intention that the gems are 2½ cm major axis diameter and a minor axis diameter half that (1¼ cm). This gives the gems an approximate volume of 32.75 cm3. This means that each gem will weigh slightly more than 2300 grams (2.3 kg, 5 lbs). For a better visual aid, the stone in my hand is about 38 cm3 (a little bigger than the Elemental Gems). Imagine that little stone weighing as much as both of the rocks on either side of my hand (5.1 lbs).