The Art of Fighting, Appendix A

Copyright Johs. Sondrup © 2012

Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

"The mystic order known as The Order of Mianta uses these swords and the stories about their adventures are many and very popular with any crowd."

Power Swords and Force Knives are weapons of legends and bards' stories: Used by great heroes to slay monsters and do incredible deeds. The mystic order known as The Order of Mianta uses these swords and the stories about their adventures are many and very popular with any crowd. Death Knights of Alana have also been known to use this weapon because it burns as it strikes, effectively stopping undead from regenerating.

When not ignited a power sword look like a wand in the shape of a hand-and-a-half sized sword-hilt, but when the owner activates it, a broadsword-shaped blade of magical energy spring forth from the wand. A Force Knife looks somewhat similar, just smaller as it has the size of a knife hilt and the blade is the size of a short sword. Force Knives are even rarer than Power Swords.

The hilt can have any number of designs, but is almost always made from an enchanted material to protect the inner core: A rod made from Crystanite, connected with a crystal made from Arinyark (a bluish-green lustrous material that absorbs and retains raw magical power). When the weapon is activated, the Arinyark crystal sends raw power into the Crystanite rod, where it is focused and converted into the blade. The blades of Power Swords and Force Knives come in 6 different colors: blue, green, purple, yellow, orange and white, depending on the type of Crystanite used to focus the magical energy. The most common types of Crystanite are green, yellow and white. This is laregely because blue, purple and orange are made with and powered by Psionic Power.

The wielder may make melee attacks with this weapon (it's a 1-handed-slashing weapon) using his skill along with any level bonuses that he might have. Stat bonuses are based on Agility and Quickness.

A Power sword or Force Knife can cut through non-metal with ease; treat all non-metal armors as AT 1. Magical armors get a resistance roll against a level 20 attack.

The blade has substance and can parry and be parried, but any non-metal weapon used to parry is cut in two. When used to parry, the blade gains more substance and loses its sharpness, so parried weapons do not have to make a resistance roll.

The most famous ability of these weapons is that they can be used to parry elemental bolt attacks. This ability is for some reason limited to the Order of Mianta and it has been speculated that these warriors have a special ability that allows them to do so.

There is however a drawback to this otherwise impressive weapon: The Arinyark crystal can only hold 120 charges of power and recharges at the rate of 4 charges per hour. It takes 2 charges to activate the blade and then 1 charge per round to keep it activated.

This means that if used too frequently and for long periods, it will run out of charges and stop working until recharged. Magic or Psion users can recharge it using their own power by simply holding it and concentrating while they channel power into the power sword. For every 2 power points they channel, the Arinyark crystal gets another charge. This, however, takes ten seconds per charge. Please note that it is not possible to channel power out of the Arinyark crystal.

All Power Swords and Force Knives:

  • Count as a Magical weapons.
  • Inflict damage that Undead cannot regenerate.
  • Can be used to parry directed spells.