Words from the Wise (Guys)

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Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

Welcome to the 163rd edition of the Guild Companion. This month we return to Forgotten Realms, with a conversion of Human races and cultures. We also present a selection of four magical lamps, less potent than Aladdin's lamp perhaps, but quite interesting in their own right.

In the interest of a timely release, I'll forgo my usual musings. The real world has intruded across the boards; Aaron offers the following to explain why part 2 of the Forgotten Realm's conversion didn't appear last month:

Sorry for the delay in the second installment of this series of articles. The fault lies with me, not the author. Life was very busy over the past two months.

Until next month, may all of your Large criticals be open-ended.
Peter Mork
General Editor