Magical Meditation Oils

Copyright Phillip A. Ellis © 2013

Edited by Terence Wynne for The Guild Companion

"Unlike most potions, they are not ingested but applied to the skin of the user."

Magical meditation oils are a subset of potions. Unlike most potions, they are not ingested but applied to the skin of the user. Each application has enough to be used by one medium being; a GM might rule that one application may be able to be used by two small beings, and that a large being may need two applications, and so on.

The basic idea is as follows: Immediately prior to attempting a meditation maneuver, the user coats themselves with one application of the oil, over all portions of the body that would normally be oiled for the purposes of massages and the like. The various active ingredients and scents act to aid the meditation process, but rather than applying a bonus to the meditation roll they create a variety of magical effects. In this way they are suitable for embedding relevant spells (the example below lists one such spell).

To be effective the user must then meditate for at least a minute, as per the skill description. Depending on the spell description of the embedded spell, this meditative trance may or may not continue. It is up to the GM to determine the parameters of such.

The GM may easily create similar magical items, using other materials and objects as their basis. An example of this would be a small block of incense that, once lit, serves to create a spell effect after the user has meditated. Likewise small hand cymbals, tinkled together after a meditation session, could create their spell effect. There are many options available for the creative GM.

Oil of Astral Travels

Duration: 3 hours
Spells: Conveyance (Delving Ways; lvl: 17); Lord Potion (Liquid/Gas Skills; lvl: 50); Work Liquid (Liquid/Gas Skills; lvl: 1).
Time: 17 weeks
Cost: 1156 gp

Contrary to this oil's name, the user of this oil does not enter into the astral plane, or, otherwise, undertake astral travel. Instead, on a successful Meditation roll after one minute or more of meditation, the user's consciousness leaves his body; while his consciousness is absent, the body is inert, and appears as if still in the meditative trance. For two hours and fifty minutes, this consciousness can travel up to one mile per minute (that is, a maximum of 170 miles), although at a maximum of ten feet per round while moving through solid material or when observing the world around it. If the user's consciousness has not returned by the exact end of those two hours and fifty minutes, it will do so at a rate of five hundred feet per round; upon returning to the user's body, the user must make a RR at -50 or die: The level of the attack is equal to the number of rounds overstayed; the relevant statistic is equal to three times CO.