The Abraxas Stupa

Copyright Phillip Ellis and Joeri Timmerman © 2014

Edited by Terence Wynne for The Guild Companion

"There [the abraxases] will hide, taking good account of the darkness, using their spears to good effect against those framed in the doorway."

Creature Lvl Move MaxPace MS/AQ Size Hits AT(DB) Combat stats XP Bonus Outlook (IQ)
Abraxas, Male 7 70 FSpt/10 MD/FA L/- 152 3(30) 80sb/65MPi/65MGr(2x)/115LCr✓ E Hostile (LO)
Abraxas, Female 5 70 FSpt/10 MD/FA L/- 112 3(30) 65sp/55MPi/55MGr(2x)/105LCr✓ E Hostile (LO)
  1. View from the Path
    From the path, a vine and plant-covered mound rises in the near distance, and to the west. The ground between the path and the vegetation-covered stupa is covered with thick undergrowth, including wiry bushes, thorned plants, and thickets of spiky grasses. While it might be possible, with effort and much noise, to force a path through to the stupa, doing so will easily alert both abraxases. If combat occurs, you may easily consider appropriate penalties to movement and manoeuvres.
  2. Pebbled Path
    This path leads from the path to the ruined stupa. It was once used by pilgrims and local worshippers; now, the grass peeks here and there between scattered and embedded pebbles. A successful Hard perception roll (-10) will notice the tracks of the abraxases' twin serpentine legs.
  3. Pits
    There are two pits here, each ten foot wide by ten foot long by ten foot deep. They are covered by lightly pegged skins that have pebbles and grass glued to the upper side; as a result, it takes a Hard (-10) Perception roll to detect the covers before falling in. Those who fall in suffer the usual falling damage.


Don't forget to be familiar with the description of the abraxas in Creatures and Monsters, especially regarding their +5 bonus to their beaks' criticals.

If there is any noise made outside, the two abraxases will investigate, the male holding a spear. The female will hold back, lurking around the entrance to the stupa, using the following for distance attacks: 11 arrows (lighter design = .125 lb each) in a quiver (heavier design = .6 lbs), and a +5 short bow (factored into the OB above). If she runs out of arrows, she retrieves the spears from inside, throws up to four, and then uses the last remaining spear for hand-to-hand combat; her OB with the spears is 75. They use the spears to prod and poke any standing beside the pits towards them, and to attack those within the pits until everyone is dead. If need be, they will close in for combat, biting, and grappling with their snaky legs.

If needed, and if still wielding a spear, the abraxases will retreat to just inside the darkness of the stupa. There they will hide, taking good account of the darkness, using their spears to good effect against those framed in the doorway. Should their opponent bear a light source, they will attempt to knock it away, so that they remain shrouded in the blackness, and so their opponents are at a disadvantage.

If the players clear the stupa of its vegetation, they will see a crumbling edifice that once supported intricate and detailed erotic statues. Anyone making drawings of or notes about the statues, and cogitating on them, can reduce one DP from the cost of their next rank of Seduction (this applies only once, however).


For variety, you may like to have a nest carrying four eggs... which hatch when the abraxases are dead, and the players are ransacking the lair.

Map of the Abraxas Stupa