Gods of Kur - Part 3

Copyright Peter Mork © 2014

Continuing in the spirit of contradictions, this month we consider a pair of gods that actively oppose each other. To date these gods have never come to blows, but the tension runs high, especially among their clergy.


Nyx is the goddess of death and darkness. She is incredibly sexy, and she knows how to use that to her advantage. She wears a short black dress that reveals all of her curves along with long black boots and gloves. Despite the fact that this attire leaves almost nothing to the imagination, she is able to hide numerous razor-sharp blades on her person.

Nyx is not, however, fond of wanton destruction or slaughter. She prefers playful assassinations and artistic savagery. On occasion, instead of killing her victim, she has opted for simply driving the individual insane. On other occasions, she has stopped short of murder, content with sadistic torture. Basically, she customizes her approach for the victim, a personality quirk of which Justice approves.

The Goddess of Death gifted all living beings with a soul. This includes sentient beings as well as beasts and plants. Nyx is able to observe the passing of souls and she takes great delight in the flood of spiritual traffic her gift engenders.

When a being dies, its soul lingers on Kur until it is escorted to the gates of the afterlife. Nyx's minions frequently misdirect and confuse these souls, causing them to remain on Kur long after death. The souls of great heroes, however, are personally escorted by Nyx (or her avatar).

Olive Branch

Olive Branch is the goddess of peace and is as gorgeous as Nyx, albeit beatific. She possesses an ethereal nature and translucent purple wings. Unlike her sister, Olive wears a long, loose-fitting dress. However, one should not underestimate her chaste appeal!

Olive is the patron of the healing arts and can restore the body, mind, or soul of any being, although rarely does she restore the soul of a being that has crossed from life to death (in which case Nin-Kisura must grant her consent). Moreover, Olive is hard to injure, and she recovers from any injuries almost immediately.

She cares for all living beings, especially those with sentience. Olive weeps a single tear for each soul that reaches the afterlife; her tears fill the oceans of Kur. The angels of peace escort Olive's followers to a special afterlife, bypassing Nyx's tricks and Nin-Kisura's surveillance.

Olive is not, however, pure goodness. She cast out of heaven those angels that were not sufficiently devoted to peace. These Anzhel now reside on Kur as beings formed of hardened emotion, devoted to pacifism. Olive also created the Cherubim, to whom she gave two directives. First, they must never harm one another. Second, they must enforce peace. This latter task they embrace with great relish having interpreted this order to mean the eradication of sentient life (apart from the Anzhel and Cherubim).