The Origins of Kur

Copyright Peter Mork © 2014

The Origins of Kur

In the beginning...

No, that's not a very good place to start. Let's try again.

One morning, the original siblings awoke: Khapheira and Kazadory, Machafuko and Nin-Kisura, Olive Branch and Nyx, and Cha'tima. Like so many times before they were imprisoned in the Palace at Kish. And, like so many times before, as soon as the brothers and sisters realized that they were trapped, they began to plot their escape.

You see, this is why it wouldn't make sense to start at the beginning. Until now, every single escape attempt had been foiled and the young gods' memories erased.

Exploring the palace, the gods found the Interface used to control access into the palace. Unfortunately, blindly issuing commands to the Interface only resulted in creating an even younger copy of Machafuko (i.e., Eris).

While Kazadory distracted the palace guards, Cha'tima mastered the Interface, transferring the gods from the Palace at Kish to the Palace at Kish. (This outer palace contained the inner palace.) By recursively expanding each of the nested palaces simultaneously, Cha'tima broke the Interface, freeing he and his siblings.

Dwelling in the real Palace at Kish were Utu and Nin, father and mother to most of the Gods of Kur. (You see, Utu had imprisoned all of Nin's children because of a prophecy that Nin's child would be a force of great evil. More on that later.)

While Utu slept, Nin made a bargain with Machafuko. If he would steal Utu's orb, she would help Machafuko and his siblings to escape. They sealed the deal with intercourse (Machafuko didn't realize that Nin was his mother or didn't care, it's not clear). Nin then placed the contents of her womb in Utu's orb.

Utu awoke and, upon seeing his orb missing, flew into a blind rage (for without his orb he could not see). Nin soothed his rage, and the Gods of Kur escaped the Palace at Kish (and their parents).

To keep Utu from recovering his orb, they hung it in the sky of Kur to provide light and heat. And for a time all was good. Until, that is, Utu's orb hatched, birthing Celsior, son of Machafuko and Nin.

Nin-Kisura then constructed the necessary barriers, separating Kur from Kish, land of the gods and home of the dearly departed.