Gods of Kur - Part 1

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Gods of Kur - Part 1

For the next several issues, rather than musing about aspects of role-playing, I figure I'll share snippets from Kur, the world in which the players assume the personas of the gods, their avatars, and (eventually) mortals. The most obvious place to start is with a description of the gods, beings that would love to make cameo appearances in other worlds.


Kazadory is the goddess of the hunt—both the literal hunt (for game) as well as the figurative hunt for knowledge. Kazadory is a humanoid feline, bereft of human speech, but possessing of telepathic abilities. That is, she can meow, or she can project her thoughts to a target she can see.

Kazadory enjoys the thrill of the chase, but only rarely does she kill her victim. Like a cat, she prefers to play with her prey. Thus, she rarely interacts with her followers, whom she trusts to be similarly self-sufficient.

As the patron of library science, one might expect Kazadory to be highly organized. This observation is only partially true: To outsiders, she seems whimsical or even capricious. However, internally she has a complicated system for organizing her experiences. Note that Kazadory hunts for "lost" knowledge; she is neither an experimental researcher nor a creator of knowledge (thus she is not at odds with the God of Mystery).


Khapheira is the goddess of the oceans and storms. She is simple in her pleasures, almost childlike, although she has been known to submerge half a continent out of spite. She is a blue, humanoid lobster, with tentacles covering her mouth (much like Dr. Zoidberg). She is never without a pair of sabres with wavy blades that represent the two great oceans of Kur.

Khapheira is able to assume the form of any aquatic creature, although she has an indolent preference for jellyfish. Indeed, she has constructed a giant pool at the gateway to the afterlife in which she can laze about observing the souls of the dead awaiting judgment. Not because she has a stake in their fates, but simply because it's interesting.

Anything that happens within sight of a coast or major river is known to Khapheira. Thus, she possesses great pearls of wisdom. This knowledge is not limited to Kur, but expands across the multiverse—anywhere there is water not claimed by another power (e.g., Poseidon can prevent Khapheira from monitoring the Argonauts' progress).