Gods of Kur - Part 6

Copyright Peter Mork © 2014

Over the past few months, we've introduced the greater gods of Kur. This month we turn our attention to the lesser gods: Celsior, God of the Sun, Eris, Goddess of Discord, and Umbra, Goddess of Interconnectedness.


Celsior is god of the sun, the patron of undead, and the most detested of the immortal siblings. He is of average height and weight, with perhaps just a little too much pudge around the middle. He has short, blonde hair and jovial eyes. Celsior is almost never without a slight smile, and his voice oozes insincerity. Despite this, he tends to get his way.

Celsior was born of Machafuko and Nin (not Nin-Kisura, Machafuko's sister, but Nin, their mother). Nin seduced Machafuko and placed her fertilized egg inside a golden orb. She then convinced Machafuko to steal the orb from his father, Utu. When the gods of Kur hung the orb from the sky to light the world below, Celsior was free.

It is because of Celsior that Cha’tima is trapped within a glass labyrinth. Celsior also brought the sentient undead to Kur. Most of these beings are terrified of their master and therefore avoid the light of day. The vampires tried to usurp Lord Celsior; as punishment, the sun's rays are lethal to these creatures. Celsior is always plotting some new way to torment his family. Not because of any offense, but because Celsior is a sociopath.


Eris is a young child with blond curls, grabby hands, and a mercurial disposition. When Machafuko was trying to escape the Palace at Kish, he inadvertently made a copy of himself. That copy became Eris.

Since then, Eris has been a constant source of delight and frustration. Whatever Eris does, she does it loudly and without regard for others. In addition, she is the patron of dragonriders, beastmasters, and any other being that bends another to their will. (She tends to get her hands on items that control other beings' actions.)


Umbra is the most recent addition to the pantheon. She looks like a teenager with long, dark curls and an olive complexion. Umbra is the result of an affair between a Succubus and a human. As such, Umbra also sports a tiny pair of horns and small (useless) wings of red leather.

Umbra is eternally curious, and very respectful of the other gods. She is especially fond of "Uncle Cha’tima." With his help she discovered her portfolio: The Interconnectedness of All Things. This portfolio does not win her many followers, except among esoteric monks, but it does give her wisdom beyond her years. Unfortunately, she comes across as a simpleton because processing new information takes a long time: she must ponder the impact of each new datum against the whole of existence!