Gods of Kur - Part 5

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Gods of Kur - Part 5


En is the god of mystery. He looks like a dark-skinned human, but where his eyes should be are black swirls of infinite depth. He wears a dark cloak and a deep hood. Of course, this assumes that En wants to be seen. He tends to lurk invisible and nigh-undetectable to means both mundane and magical (although particularly sensitive animals note his presence).

Like Justice, En does not seem to be related to the other gods. He was found at the bottom of a deep mine inspecting a chunk of meteoric metal that had mysteriously fallen from the sky. En now wanders from civilization to civilization with two purposes: First, he is fascinated by any mystery, however trivial. Second, he ensures that scholars and theoreticians always have more mysteries. Thus, he is both a patron of science as well as the scourge of scientists.

Rather than an established religion and culture, En has cults throughout all of Kur. These cultists are only loosely affiliated with one another. They share hand signals to recognize one another, but their individual purposes are private.


  (yes,  , is her name) is the goddess of lost things. Her origins are even more mysterious than En's. One afternoon, while in the bamboo forests near Kale-Met, En reached into his pouch to pull out a cloak to protect himself from the torrential rain. Instead, he pulled out   (she's still wearing En's cloak).

The goddess of lost things looks like a waifish girl with long, dirty-blonde hair. Her clothes are ragged and her pockets are filled with treasures she has found. She carries a long walking staff that she uses to protect herself from those who take offense to having lost their treasures to her. Accompanying   on her travels is a magpie with the ability to be in two places at once. This bird is perhaps the only creature to have successfully stolen from  .

This goddess loves to meddle in human affairs, but her aims are inscrutable. She is the patron of explorers; rogues whisper her (non-)name in the hopes that she will let them keep their loot.