The Su Barrow

Copyright Phillip Ellis and Joeri Timmerman © 2014

Edited by Terence Wynne for The Guild Companion

"This entrance is only used when needed, such as when one su can exit, then circle round and attack an intruder from the rear, or when the su want to go fishing."

Creature Lvl Move MaxPace MS/AQ Size Hits AT(DB) Combat stats XP Bonus Outlook (IQ)
Su, Male 3 120 FSpt/30 FA/VF M/- 111 3(20) 65MCl/55MBa/85MBi✓ a Aggres. (NO)
Su, Female 2 120 FSpt/30 FA/VF M/- 101 3(20) 60MCl/50MBa/80MBi✓ a Aggres. (NO)
Su, young (4) 0 120 FSpt/15 FA/VF S/- 80 3(10) 50SCl/30SBa/60SBi✓ a Aggres. (NO)
  1. Reeds [crosshatched area]
    Where the river has worn a channel between the river bank and the islet, thick growths of cane-like reeds grow. Moving through them makes a distinctive clacking noise, alerting the su in their burrows.
  2. The Eastern Entrance
    This hole in the ground leads through a tunnel to the waste chamber. If the su are alerted to intruders, the male waits halfway down the tunnel.
  3. The Waste Chamber [eastern chamber]
    The floor of this chamber is softened, churned up dirt. When they are confined to their barrow, the su deposit their droppings in this barrow, to help disguise their presence from their prey.
  4. The Southern Entrance
    This entrance is only used when needed, such as when one su can exit, then circle round and attack an intruder from the rear, or when the su want to go fishing.
  5. The Bone Larder [shall chamber south of chest]
    This small chamber has piles of bones moldering in shallow pits. When a bone is ready to eat, it is dug up and dragged into the main chamber.
  6. The Intersection
    Dragged into the lair, then forced into the side of the wall of this intersection is an old, abandoned chest. It contains, along with rotten clothes and decayed books, an ordinary short sword, in a rotting scabbard, and marked here and there with thin patches of rust (cleaning it will restore it to tip-top condition). There is a rusty needle in the latch that will prick an unwary opener (Easy to find).
  7. The Western Entrance
    This hole in the ground leads to an intersection where the female su will wait, if alerted to intruders.
  8. Main Chamber [large chamber]
    Here is where the su bring up the young su, when they're not hunting, and this is also where they eat their meals. Scattered around this chamber are the following: 12 bp & 75 cp. The money is of little interest to the su, and is the remnants left after one recent kill. If the adult su are fighting intruders, the young wait here, and if intruders approach they seek shelter either escaping though the southern entrance or hiding in the bedding in the sleeping chamber.
  9. Sleeping Chamber [western chamber]
    This is where the su gather to sleep. They have made a thick, cozy nest of dried reed leaves and grasses.

The tunnels are cramped and force any human-sized intruders to crawl on their hands and knees. Only short weapons such as daggers and short swords can be used; due to the cramped conditions, they gather a -25 OB, and the intruders lose their DB, being unable to maneuver. Halflings and similarly sized beings can stand, though stooped by the low ceiling. Swinging a weapon around in the earthen tunnels can easily cause a cave-in.

The su are not hindered by the tunnels, and can fight and maneuver easily and freely. If only one or two intruders attack using the same tunnel entrance, one of the su will attempt to attack them from within, while the other circles and attacks from the rear.

Map of the Su Barrow