Alchemy Recipes

Copyright Fernando Aznar © 2014

Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

"Alchemy has seen not much use in Shadow World ... but any competent alchemist can make some potions and elixirs."

Alchemy has seen not much use in Shadow World due to the strange effects that Essænce can have over chemical reactions, acting as a catalyst or completely inhibiting the process. But any competent alchemist can make some potions and elixirs using herbs and/or poisons without using spells.

These recipes are usually secret as anybody can make it with the proper knowledge, a lab, and the ingredients. The laboratory equipment is classified below with the difficulty, cooking some recipes requires a minimum lab.

  • A potion is a liquid that the user has to drink in order to get the effects.
  • An elixir is more dense and it’s usually mixed with another liquid.
  • A paste is a dense fluid that has to be applied in the area where the user wants to get the effect.

Modifiers to prepare a recipe

Quality of lab Maneuver Mod
Astounding Routine +30
Incredible Easy +20
Impressive Light +10
Good Medium ±0
Poor Hard -10
Kitchen well equipped Very Hard -20
Kitchen Extremely Hard -30
Fire, pot and glasses Sheer Folly -50
A campfire and a pot Absurd -70
A campfire Insane -100

If the Alchemist fails the maneuver, the result is that the recipe does not work. Usually the Alchemist tests the recipe, but if somebody uses the potion/elixir/paste roll 1D100:

  • 01-10 = no effect
  • 11-89 = intoxication or allergic reaction that results in -20 to all maneuvers for 1 day minus Con bonus in hours
  • 91-100 = random poison

Changramai Recipes

Although many Changramai are spell users that wield their own power to reach the superhuman skill they are renowned for, some of them do not have the gift and have to rely on these potions. Note that Changramai are practical enough to use everything to gain the advantage in a combat.

Some of the recipes contain poison in the mix, the Changramai are naturally resistant to many poisons as they have been exposed to these poisons and potions since children, but usually the recipes are poisonous for anyone not Changramai.

Simple Recipes

Requires Knowledge of Alchemy +25 and any quality of lab
Ingredients cost 1 gp per dose

Alzodar (Potion)
Adds 30 to adrenal maneuver rolls for 10 rounds.
Burusi (Potion)
Haste for 10 rounds.
Hokinatores (Potion)
x2 strength (double concussion damage, +10 to hit) for 8 rounds.
Kurakor (Potion)
Restores as a nights’ sleep or meditation. After 2 uses without resting, it does not work until the Changramai rests.
Lonkana (Paste to rub)
Enhanced vision and hearing (+25 to Perception) for 5 hrs.
Makani (Potion)
+20 Hit Points for 5 hrs. The Changramai is able to sustain an additional 20% of his total concussion hits before passing out, hits are still taken.
Zao (Potion)
Heals 20 hits.

Practical Recipes

Requires Knowledge of Alchemy +50 and a kitchen
Ingredients cost 3 gp per dose

Alzodaries (Potion)
A potent version of Alzodar. Adds 50 to adrenal maneuver rolls for 20 rounds.
Glikeima (Potion)
Delays any poison effect for 25 hours.
Jurdakat (Potion)
Strong stimulant, +30 to Perception, for 75 hours the Changramai does not need to rest or eat, only drink. After this time, he will collapse and rest for 15 hours.
Pliarkinatos (Potion)
x3 strength (triple concussion damage, +20 to hit) for 10 rounds.
Vorpakyre (Potion)
Haste and +50 to initiative roll (RMC system) for 10 rounds.
Zao’mi (Potion)
A potent vesion of Zao. Heals 50 hits.

Master Recipes

Requires Knowledge of Alchemy +75 and a good lab
Ingredients cost 9 gp per dose

A’Cirovag (Potion)
The deathless potion, it is said that this recipe came from the Xiosians. As long as a Changramai takes this potion regularly, his stats do not drop because of age.
Azelaise (Potion)
Allows one to increase 3 random potential stats by 3 points each. Effect is permanent. The Changramai drinks this potion at the end of training; the first time used it is considered a 10th level poison, benefits are only obtained if the Changramai passes the RR. If potion is used again, it does not work at all but provides a good sleep.
Hokriteremas (Potion)
The warriors’ potion. Haste and +50 to initiative roll (RMC system), +30 to OB for 10 rounds.
Sydotaphe (Paste to rub)
In the area where the paste is rubbed, +30 to DB and -30 to critical rolls.

Amazons of Sarnak Recipes

The Amazons of Sarnak also know the Potion brewing art, and their warriors have used it for centuries, protecting the secrets from enemies. As a side effect, they have worked hard to make their potions effective only in females, but there are some drawbacks: while one uses the potions they also act as a contraceptive. Interestingly, all these potions have the chance to work also in mortal males (15%) and in the elven tribes quite frequently (75%).

It has been pointed by some Loremasters that the effect of some of these potions and the Eugenics policy of the Amazons is making the Sarnaki slightly different from the normal Laan/Shay mix that was the bulk of the population.

Simple Recipes

Requires Knowledge of Alchemy +25 and any quality of lab
Ingredients cost 3 gp per dose

Kulaguim (Potion)
The typical Amazons’ potion, gives +10 to initiative roll (RMC system), +10 to OB and +10 Hit Points for 1 hour.
Nekurim (Potion)
This potion allows one to focus completely in combat. It gives 1 round less of Stun, and Stun no parry becomes just Stun, also -10 to Critical Rolls against the Amazon.
Purvull (Paste to apply to thrusting and cutting weapons)
This 10th level poison is not activated unless the attack yields at least 10 points of damage. If the target fails his RR, he falls into a berserker rage for 3 rounds. It is known that the Amazons have used Purvull against a line of enemies to break the lines. The Amazons have even cruelly sent a battalion of captured prisoners to be shot in the back when they were reaching their comrades. Purvull is used also on caltrops.
Sagranta (Potion)
A Healing salve that cures 10 Hit Points.
Vogrik (Potion)
A sort of immortality potion. If an Amazon would die from hit points (not a direct critical), she is stabilized for in a coma. Body temperature drops and it’s necessary to use First Aid to verify if she’s dead or alive. An amazon has to drink the potion before combat and the effect lasts her Co bonus in hours.

Amazons of Itanis Recipes

The Amazons of Itanis share some secrets with their partners the Warlocks, thus making a platoon of Amazons a truly impressive force.

Simple Recipes

Requires Knowledge of Alchemy +25 and any quality of lab
Ingredients cost 3 gp per dose

Ako-na (Elixir)
This Elixir is normally added to the diet of all the Amazons, mixed with wine or water, provides +35 to all Disease RRs and a +10 to Co Bonus, the effect lasts until the Amazon spends 2 weeks without drinking it.
Baisea (Potion)
This potion provides a bonus of +20 to all rolls for 5 minutes.
Hris (Potion)
Alllows mental summons of friends (100 feet x level of user) for 5 rounds.
Nasit (Potion)
A healing salve that cures 10 Hit Points.
Zitis (Paste)
This paste applied to the eyes allows one to perceive enchantments and see invisible for 1 hour. The eyes glow green when the paste is active.

Practical Recipes

Requires Knowledge of Alchemy +50 and a kitchen
Ingredients cost 3 gp per dose

Furdasa (Paste)
This paste made with Chameleon Vine is applied over the skin and gives +75 to Hide but not to Stalk. Combined with their usual clothing also treated with the Chameleon dye can make a company of Amazons almost invisible.
Hrisanor (Potion)
Allows mental contact with friends (1 mile x level of user) for 3 hours. This potion is used by the Amazons to coordinated attacks without having to cry out orders.
Pakta (Potion)
The Amazon is completely in control of her body but at the same time divorced, some people could call it a quiet frenzy. The amazon gets a +50 bonus to all Fear/Morale rolls and +30 to all Concentration skills. She can also take double concussion damage and ignore stun results for the duration. The Amazon can use skills normally. After the duration (1 min x level), the Amazon usually collapses for 3 rounds recovering from the stress.