The Splaid Goat Inn & Tavern

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Edited by Terence Wynne for The Guild Companion

"It is sometimes jokingly referred to by some of the locals as 'The Goat's Spleen'."

The Splaid Goat Inn & Tavern is one of several such businesses located in the Light Tower District of the island city of Argentum (it is sometimes jokingly referred to by some of the locals as “The Goat’s Spleen” [a nickname developed by my brother David Smalley over many sessions]. The Light Tower District is the gleaming beacon of the merchants that dominate the smallest in area but largest in trade and wealth of the five Channel Cities. The Channel Cities, for those who are not familiar with them, are a collection of five separate cities that sit at the narrows that separate the Éipláh continent (also known as the “Little Continent”) and Lemgláhrúbha continent (“Large Continent”). Each has its own government, industry specializations, economics, and underworld. Combined they are the economic, educational, political, religious, and social center of the world of Ærnth. It is building number 3 on the Light Tower District map of Argentum on the second map below, with the Light Tower District sitting at the north-west corner of the island city-state of Argentum, also designated as district F2 on this first map, showing the layout of the Channel Cities and their widely recognized districts:

This modest sized and busy inn and tavern is frequented by some of the less-savory of the Light Tower District’s visitors and regulars (primarily sailors and dock workers) and as such can be a rough place if you don’t fit in. It is sometimes jokingly referred to by some of the locals as “The Goat’s Spleen” [thanks David], due to the quality of the food leaving something to be desired. The tavern has stools to seat a little over 50 people, but it is actually common in the evenings for there to be 70+ customers, creating a crowded and standing-room-only environment during their peak times in the evening.

Pricing for renting rooms is shown on the floor plan, with the smaller rooms having a single bed, while the larger rooms vary from one bed to multiple beds. There is also a common room with numerous straw mattresses spread out around the floor. The following table details the costs for rooms using different standardized coinage systems as well as room costs. Costs for rooms are for a single night, with small reductions in price sometimes being available (I encourage GM’s and players to bargain, as that was common prior to the invention of the modern-day price tag) for longer terms of stay.

It is a three-level structure with outer walls of cut stone mortared together, while most of the inner structure is of wood construction, with a modestly pitched roof of tile plates over a heavy wood frame and board structure.

The Innkeeper’s name is Crother Drelliam, who is a heavy set man with thinning but long hair and a spare grey beard and with an ornery and not very personable manner. The patrons seem to enjoy the poor treatment and snide remarks, however, and joke about it being like being at home (most of those patrons likely come from homes where that type of an ornery attitude is common).