Races of Venat

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Venat is the cradle of civilization. It was here that humans first formed into groups more complex than simple tribes. Before delving into these first cultures (in a future article), we will first review the geography of Venat and introduce the races native to this region.


Venat is a land of extremes. The southern end is covered with hilly jungles and plains. The northern end is more rugged, given to deciduous and coniferous forests that dwindle to scrub in the higher regions. Much of the southern (equatorial region) is downright hot, while the north is pleasantly temperate.

Venat is home to the Wrin (humans) and the first civilizations (primarily near the coast that runs south from Greatbridge). Hengeyokai are also native to the region, although various sub-species can be found throughout Kur. Near the isthmus connecting Venat to the Wetwoods are drifting clouds that Calm any sentient being within. Ferocious beasts prowl this region, able to get the jump on becalmed prey. Vulfen (from before the cataclysm) also run rampant in the area.

Wrin (Human)

The race of Wrin originated in Noctis, but their tribes were displaced by the more aggressive Kish. After crossing the perilous jungles of the Greatbridge, they settled in the untamed expanses of Venat and the Wetwoods.

Overview: The Wrin represent "normal" humans on Kur. On the whole they are agile and intuitive. Otherwise they have no particular advantages or disadvantages. (In terms of game mechanics, this frees up more DP for skills and talents.)

Build: The average Wrin stands about 5'10" and weighs around 160 pounds.

Coloration: A Wrin generally has pale skin, which tans from exposure to the sun. Thus, the northern Wrin (who must avoid Celsior's scorn) tend to remain pale, while the southern Wrin are well-bronzed. Their hair color ranges from blonde to brown and includes a surprising number of red-heads. Their eyes run the gamut from blue to green, grey to brown.

Aging: As a Wrin ages, their hair turns grey, and it loses any curl or wave it once might have had.

Cat Hengeyokai

The Hengeyokai were created by Kazadory to allow animal spirits to assume human form. Whereas these spirits can be found anywhere on Kur, one kind of Hengeyokai predominates in each region of Kur. In Venat, Cat Hengeyokai are most common.

Each kind of Hengeyokai is a distinct species—a Cat Hengeyokai and a Dog Hengeyokai cannot have children together. In general, Hengeyokai cannot reproduce with humans, either, although on rare occasion, a human child may result from such a union.

Overview: Cat Hengeyokai are both quick and agile. However, in keeping with their feline nature, they suffer from very poor self-discipline. Even if they have the best of intentions, they have a hard time following through.

Build: In human form, Cat Hengeyokai resemble the local population, although they are naturally slender and obviously agile. In cat form, they are identical to any ordinary (domesticated) feline.

Coloration: A Cat Hengeyokai's fur and eyes are dictated by breed. This coloration is preserved in human form (making it fairly easy, for example, to recognize a calico Cat Hengeyokai).

Aging: As a Cat Hengeyokai ages, they become increasingly sedentary. Whereas they normally need 10 hours of sleep a night, this can increase to almost 20 hours of sleep for an extremely old Cat.

Fortunate Fate (Greater): +3 Fate Points
Shapechanger: Cat to human


The Vulfen are nocturnal natives of the sunny highlands of Venat. They originally ran in small family packs, until Celsior showed them how to work together to raid Wrin settlements. Even in the best of times, a prejudicial gulf exists between Vulfen and Wrin.


Build: Vulfen are powerfully built creatures, with wolfish heads and tails. On average they around six-and-a-half feet tall, weighing in at around 250 pounds. Given their fangs and claws, they can easily be confused with werewolves.

Coloration: Most Vulfen have grey or tawny fur, although white and black are not uncommon. Their eyes tend to be yellow or brown that redden when aroused (either in anger or lust).

Aging: Given their short lifespan, Vulfen do not exhibit any obvious signs of aging.

Tough Skin (Wolf): AT 3
Natural Weapons: Claws and Bite

Racial Summary

Wrin (Human) Cat Hengeyokai Vulfen
Ag +2 +5 0
Co 0 0 +2
Me 0 0 0
Re 0 +1 0
SD 0 -4 -3
Em 0 0 -2
In +2 +2 0
Pr 0 +1 -1
Qu 0 +5 +5
St 0 0 +3
Body Dev 0 • 6 • 4 • 2 • 1 0 • 6 • 4 • 2 • 1 0 • 6 • 5 • 2 • 1
Exhaustion Pts 0 0 +10
Channeling PP 0 • 6 • 5 • 4 • 3 0 • 4 • 3 • 2 • 1 0 • 5 • 3 • 2 • 2
Essence PP 0 • 6 • 5 • 4 • 3 0 • 5 • 3 • 2 • 2 0 • 4 • 3 • 2 • 1
Mentalism PP 0 • 6 • 5 • 4 • 3 0 • 5 • 3 • 2 • 2 0 • 4 • 3 • 2 • 1
Channeling RR 0 +5 +20
Essence RR 0 0 +20
Mentalism RR 0 +10 +20
Disease RR 0 +10 +10
Fear RR 0 0 +30
Poison RR 0 +10 +10
Recovery Mod 1 0.75 0.5
Sleep Req 6 hrs / night 10 hrs / night 6 hrs / day
Lifespan 100 yrs 80 yrs 40 yrs
Soul Departure 12 rnds 9 rnds 18 rnds
Race Type 3 3 2
Cost* 40 107 150.5

*Kur is a world of great variety—virtually any combination of race and culture is possible. Thus, the talent point cost for races and cultures must be computed separately to determine a character's background options.