Cultures of Metal Age Kur

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Cultures of Metal Age Kur



The Dwarves of the Metal Age are a very cautious lot. The sea is a fickle mistress and the dwarves are not a fecund race. Thus, they are not given to great quests of exploration or conquest. Instead, the calmly and quietly sail their ships throughout the region, trading Dwarven, Ayrish, Skelli, and Telquelli goods.

Dwarven settlements are nestled into coves and inlets. These villages consist of several wooden long-houses arranged in a semi-circle around the harbor. Their most impressive structures are their docks and board-walks. The residents will readily give up their homes when under attack, but they will, if at all possible, load portions of their docks onto their galleys. You see, Dwarven ancestral spirits dwell beneath the docks and to lose their kin would be tragic, indeed.

Despite the heat and humidity, Dwarves cover themselves with long pants and shirts. They also wear padded overcoats; this armor can easily be discarded should a Dwarf fall into the water.

Dwarves have access to the same skills as the people of the Wetwoods.


Without piracy, the Sea-Krals would have no economy. Whereas their broadships lack sails, Sea-Kral rowers can chase down many Skelli and Dwarven galleys, especially those laden with cargo.

Sea-Kral architecture consists of stone and mortar towers scattered about the islands of the Levensild Sea, especially the western end. Each outpost is organized around a lighthouse. Each lighthouse has a bright fire and a polished copper mirror that allows the Sea-Krals to communicate rapidly over great distances. Thus, eradicating the scourge of piracy would require significant resources. Sea-Krals may skirmish with one another, but they are smart enough to unite against a common enemy.

In addition to boat-building, Sea-Krals are masters of both stone and copper shaping. They decorate their tools and weapons with elaborate enamels. Tribes can be further identified based on the dyed scarves they wear wound around their arms.


Most Telquelli have never personally witnessed a Shuikmar, but these terrors are not just a fantastic bogeyman. Beneath the surface of the Levensild Sea, the Shuikmar have an extensive nomadic civilization.

Most Shuikmar spend their entire lives in or near the water. In addition to hunting fish and other sea creatures, Shuikmar hunting parties raid the swamps along the northern coast of the Levensild Sea. They build dugout canoes and paddle in search of game and slaves. (The life of a Shuikmar slave is short and brutal. The slave is only useful while the Shuikmar band is on land. Thus, slaves soon transition to being dinner.)

From an outsider's perspective, the Shuikmar are fierce warriors and capable hunters. Within Shuikmar society, though, they are remarkably egalitarian. Hunters are required to share their kills with their brethren. A Shuikmar would never dream of eating their own kills unless they are completely isolated from their tribesmen.

Shuikmar have access to the same skills as the people of the Wetwoods.

Starting Skills

Category or Skill Dwarf Sea-Kral Shuikmar
Armor • Light 1
    Textile 1
Athletic • Brawn 1 1 1
Athletic • Endurance 2 3 5
    Rowing 2 3
    Swimming 2 5
Athletic • Gymnastics 2 3 1
    Climbing 2 3
Awareness • Perceptions 0 0 0
    Alertness 2 2 2
Awareness • Searching 1 1 1
    Observation 1 1 1
Awareness • Senses 0
    Direction Sense 2
Body Development 0 0 0
    Concussion Hits 2 1 2
Communications: Kur 2
    Kurian (W) 1
    Sea-Kral (S) 5
Communications: Wrin 3 2
    Dwarvish (S) 5
    Shuikmar (S) 5
    Skelli (S) 3 2
    Wrin (W) 1 1
Crafts 0 0 0
    Earth-crafts 1
    Fletching 1
    Rope-crafts 1 1
    Stone-crafts 1 1
    Textile-crafts 1 1
    Wood-crafts 1 1 2
Influence 2 1
    Intimidation 1
    Trading 2
Lore • General 3 3 3
    Culture Lore: Dwarf (Metal Age) 3
    Culture Lore: Sea-Kral (Metal Age) 3
    Culture Lore: Shuikmar (Metal Age) 3
    Fauna Lore 2
    Flora Lore 2
    Region Lore: Own 3 3 3
Outdoor • Animal 2
    Animal Handling: Aquatic 2
Outdoor • Environmental 2 2 3
    Fishing 1 2 2
    Foraging 2
    Hunting 1
    Survival: Ocean (O) 3
    Survival: Saltwater shore (S) 2 1
Resistance 0 0 0
    Critical Resistance 0 0 0
    Disease Resistance 1 1 1
    Divine Resistance 1 1 1
    Fear Resistance 1 1 1
    Impulse Resistance 1 1
    Poison Resistance 1 1 1
Subterfuge • Stealth 1 3
    Hiding 1 3
    Stalking 1 3
Technical/Trade • General 3 3 1
    Mapping 3
    Rope Mastery 2 2
    Sailing 3
Weapon • Bow 3 2
    Blowgun 2
    Bow 3
Weapon • Chains 1
    Net 1
Weapon • Chopping 2
    Hammer 2
Weapon • Crushing 2
    Mace 2
Weapon • Pole Arms 2 3
    Spear 2 3
Weapon • Thrown 1
    Direct Thrown 1
Hobbies 4 4 4
Everyman Skills Seaborne Combat Seaborne Combat Swimming,
Underwater Combat
Cost [1] 35 14 46

[1] To determine a character’s background options, add up the racial cost and the culture cost. Convert that total into talent points or background options using Talent Law. The Dwarves fall in the 176-200 point range, resulting in 30 talent points or 3 background options. The Sea-Krals fall in the 76-100 range, resulting in 50 talent points or 5 background options. The Shuikmar fall in the 126-150 point range resulting in 40 talent points or 4 background options.