THE Mono 77 laser edge blade

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"the invisible blade"

The Mono 77 is a 100 cm or a meter or 39 inches length of special synthetic alloy.

The length is not so uncommon but the width of the blade is, the cutting edge is sharpen down to an almost atomic level. The blade has a gradual increase in width to the back of the blade to a millimeter, this allows the blade if turned to the target seem near invisible. These blades are strong enough to be parried with if the back of the blade is turned to parry. If the edge is used it is possible to shear an opponent's weapon in twain. But this increases the chance of dulling or destroying the edge.

The blade ignores half of all armor except ceramic plate. It deals normal damage of a broad sword or a katana, but its weight is only 4.4 pounds, or 2 kilograms. If there is no resistance from armor this blade can shear though flesh very efficiently. Thus treat all non-armored opponents as if they were attacked by laser, because the secret to the mono 77 is embedded in it blades edge. Along its edge a single laser runs along the blade to keep the almost atomic level edge . This is why making contact with anything but a soft target or with a lightly armored opponent is necessary, otherwise it risks dulling the edge by taking the almost atomic level edge alignment out. A specific skill has to be learned to handle this special blade. In some corners of the Galaxy the law insist that the laser be visible so as its edge can be seen, as to make the fight fair or to give warning to an assailant or to warn some one of an attempt at their persons.

The sword activates its laser as soon as it is gripped by its owner, the laser will continuously run up and down the blade at a speed that make the blade appear as a laser itself.

If a fumble is made by the user, the blade could possible be destroyed. the edge and the blade will need to be repaired. To repair the sword could cost as much to buy a new one, so they are rarely repaired, but by a weapons smith who will take the dulled old blade and recast its edge with a laser and resell it as refurbished. All though most will not buy a refurbished blade, real masters know that once you have a blade you do not relinquish it. Master swordsmen well refurbish their own blades. Refurbishing a blade will take weeks, as a spare time endeavor. A dedicated craftsman Who would work full time on the task can have it accomplished in a few days. This is why to refurbish the blades cost so much. Besides the shear edge and lethality of its blade the Mono 77 has a few other tricks up its pommel. Micro circuitry can be embedded in the grip, to be only useable by its owner. A biometrics scan of the swords owner and set into the hilt and grip so as if anyone other than the owner where to grab the grip or hilt, they would receive a sharp shock. A shock at first well is just enough to stun or cause the hand of a human to jerk back. If anyone other than the owner tries to persistently grab the grip they could eventually be shocked into unconsciousness. Some productions of the Mono 77 , called the pseudo Mono is a mono 77 false , that is actually hiding a laser or Force blade. So in areas where Laser swords are illegal, the Mono hides its true nature.

If a society has nano- machine tech the almost atomic level edge can be maintained with Molecular size robots. This is very expensive weapon, and tends to be the mark of a master or the rich and ruling elite. On some worlds this is carried as a mark of a warrior caste, or noble caste for laws entitle them to their person as a mark of sovereign power to self-defense.

HARP SCI FI : AVAIL: R Cost: 3000 Mass 1 attack size ;slash huge/laser medium fumble 01-05
No range more than 1 meter.
Spacemaster: privateer - Tech law: equipment guide page 35
Monosword (Tech Level 17)
This weapon is made from special composites which allow it to be sharpened to a nearly monoatomic edge. It attacks on the monosword table, and delivers Raking critically.

  • Note some assassins have the laser using ultra violet light so as it cannot be seen and use it near invisible advantage to get to their marks . some defense probes are design to detect the laser type weapon and head straight toward an activated sword.
  • There are Rumors that a secret cult of psionic or psychics train in a special kind of combat that allows them to utilize the Mono 77 with their extra abilities, and they are thought to become invisible to the casual eye, till the mono 77 is sticking out of their targets throat.
    A rumor of a secret order that is called the Pistovion Knights , a militant order of knight/Royal psychic warriors who originally used the sword to kill guards and soldier in their way quietly, other guards and soldiers think it's just their Sergeant of the watch messing with their heads.
  • Story hooks : the Mono 77 is manufactured one weapon at a time by weapons engineers and craftsman , they are very expensive, some are collected for each is a custom design for the owner. The rumor has it that each sword has its own quirks and custom tricks.
    With this is mind a collector has had his three swords stolen while on a visit to another collector. The collector suspect the other of taking the weapons, but the other collector has had his Mono 77 stolen too. Who is behind these thefts?
    Is it the Pistovian Knights order or is it a one of the collectors framing the mythical order, and who has hidden all the swords in an attempt to throw off the investigators?
  • Yoni Mettoshom a Mono 77 weapons master and craftsmen has been killed in a duel and his weapon was taken by his opponent Herio Rauthorn, now Herio has both his and the masters weapons, the family wants the weapon back so they can seal it in the crypt with the dead master. The law state dueling is illegal and the family cannot go to law enforcement. But tradition state that if killed in a duel the victor get the right to the their opponents weapon. This could also set off a clan war of secret Mono Sword master fighting in the streets, but if the Characters owe favors to the former master, or what if the sward has been promised to the a Character after the masters death in their last well and Testament?