The "Zephyr" Class Conflict Freighter

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Edited by Mario Butter for The Guild Companion

"Regardless of the details, eight completed vessels suddenly appeared on the black market at discount costs with forged documents claiming they were one of the twelve legal vessels."

The Zephyr Class Conflict Freighter is an infamous line of starships in Federation Space. It was designed and built by Hermes Trimagus Corporation a small start up company based in the Terran Asteroid belt. The Zephyr was by design a very fast armed light freighter. Hermes Trimagus claimed the design was to protect commerce in conflict zones where escorts were unavailable. Twenty Zephyr class ships were built before Hermes Trimagus ran afoul of legal actions from larger ship makers. Solar & Galactic lobbied Federation Authorities with allegations that the Zephyr class was nothing more than a smugglerâeuro(TM)s blockade runner and pirate ship. The legal action froze the assets of Hermes Trimagus including eight completed vessels awaiting delivery. The details of what happened next are highly contested. Solar & Galactic alleges that the owners of Hermes Trimagus hired a mercenary crew to raid their own shipyards, while the owners profess their innocence (and are pressing for payment from their insurer). Regardless of the details, eight completed vessels suddenly appeared on the black market at discount costs with forged documents claiming they were one of the twelve legal vessels.

Almost every dock master in Federation space now automatically suspects any Zephyr Freighter to be stolen and in the hands of unscrupulous pirates and smugglers. This has made these ships less desirable to many crews, but others will swear by their capabilities.

The Zephyr is armed with a Mark III laser Cannon, two Mark I Laser Cannons, and a Point Defense System. These weapons combined with the Armored Hull, Space EW suite, Damage Control System, Redundant Communications system, Decoy launcher (with four decoys), Drone launcher (with four drones), and Escape Pod, all make the Zephyr a solid and survivable ship in a fight. But the real strength of the design lies in its advanced material hull, high output power plant, Chameleon Surface features, and Holographic Cloaking device. These components make the Zephyr faster than most other freighters or corvettes, and able to sneak past the sensors of larger and faster capital ships. Unfortunately these same components made the ship very expensive to purchase and repair.

Living Conditions on the Zephyr class are reasonable. Crew quarters are spartan with a galley and recreation areas for extended trips. Two larger cabins can act as an owner/officers quarters, passenger accommodations, or a lockable room for prisoners depending on the needs of the crew. Access to the ship is through either a 3-man airlock behind the bridge, or a 5-man cargo airlock in the cargo hold. A rudimentary medical bay with a single bed sits next to the escape pod.

Conditions on the Zephyr class are also decent but not lavish. The bridge has three crew stations for the Pilot, Comms, and Weapons officers. While the engineering section holds the “Hot Shot” double output fusion reactors, fuel stores, Cloaking generator, Shield generators, Hyperspace unit, and Grav drives. Engineering also has a crew station for the chief engineer and a 1-man workshop. Just fore of Engineering is a cargo bay and 105 cubic meter Hanger bay rated for 35 tons of sub-craft. These sub-craft are typically used for quickly loading and unloading the vessel. The cargo section of the Zephyr is 4000 cubic meters and rated for just over 1300 tons with a small portion of the hold for secured cargo.

The Zephyr class freighter is streamlined for atmospheric operations, and includes landing gear for surface landing and unloading. A ship interlock next to each airlock allows for transferring crew and cargo while in vacuum as well.

The fuel capacity for the Zephyr allows it to operate for over 85 days without refuel or needing to carry additional fuel in the cargo hold.

Game Statistics

Vehicle Zephyr Class Conflict Freighter
Cost 970M (but stolen vessels typically sell for 500M)
Mass 4000 tons
Passengers 10
Cargo 4000 m3 unsecured, 23m3 secured (1340 total tons)
Harger Bay 105 m3 rated for 35 tons of vehicles
Speed/Accel 900g / 0.07c
Energy 400F2 (3200)
Weaponry 2x +0 Tiny Laser Cannons, 1x +0 Medium Laser Cannon, Point Defense System
Features Decoy Launcher (4 decoys), Drone Launcher (4 drones), Hyperspace capable
Init -3
Hits 105
Armor 20
Shields 10
EW 10
PD 10
Man 12


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