The Adventures in Barlo Meadows

Copyright Christopher Lee House aka Gaharis of Cearleon © 2015

Edited by Terence Wynne for The Guild Companion

"This place was often mistaken as enchanted, when it was really just simply, a magical place."

There once was a place somewhere near the woods that was sometimes called Barlo Meadows.

This place was often mistaken as enchanted, when it was really just simply, a magical place.

This place often came in contact with a road that lead of to nowhere called the old dirt Road and on this road lived a little girl, no, no, no; let me say it this way.

There once was a little girl who was fostered by the Sloan family. She was petite and brown eyed and had very long black hair, and she loved Tuesdays and picnics and reading books. It just so happen one day her Adopted mother Merry suggested she go have a picnic near the big gnarly Tree on the edge of Barlo meadows. Merry even let her make her own sandwiches of Strawberry jam; she had three whole jars full of the stuff, which Mr. Ron Sloan said was left at their door steps every spring by some unknown and distant Neighbor. This was very unusual kind for Merry Sloan, who was often so greedy she ate the jam herself, she did often share even with Mr. Ron Sloan.

What you have a question. Oh you want to know what was the little girl’s name?

Her name was Racheal Sierra Kayla Maranda as of six days ago she had been taken in as foster child by the Sloan’s who are said to be very kind and often take in small children only to have to live with the tragedy of them running away or dying from an accident, it is said that the Gods are often Cruel.

There was a Goblin who lived near Barlo Meadows as well, named Marcus who loved to gobble up little children, little Girls was his favorite, there was a Gnome running around Barlo Meadows too, but we digress and well continue with our little Girls story, so Racheal the little girl who lived on old dirt road near The Gnarly Tree that was next to Barlo Meadows, was going on a Tuesday picnic with her favorite book and a strawberry jam sandwich rapped in cheese cloth and an apple and a thermos. All in a basket loaned to her by her new foster mother Merry Sloan. There was also a goblin coming along too, but he was not interested in strawberry jam sandwich, but in gobbling up our little Girl. (Pun intended.)

Oh but look I just saw Iep the pixie fairy fly into Barlo meadows, he is a dashing fellow with sharp pin sword and billowy shirt and long tight pants with a red scarf wrapped around his waste, he has black hair and green eyes. What, he has green eyes? Wow poor Iep. Do you know what green eyed pixies mean? He has succumbed to the vile practice of eating other pixie s to gain a rush and to get stronger and faster. This is an evil habit and once started it is said the poor Pixie cannot stop on their own and well often hunt their own kind to near extinction. I THINK Poor Iep is hunting new born Pixies , there not born like you or I ( if you are a hominid as myself, if you’re a fairy pardon the assumption.) there born full grown as it were at their full almost three inches and with their wing wet from morning dew.

New Pixies are slow to catch on when they first are awaken and it takes afew days for a Pixie to catch on to the whole friend and foe, and that is a tragic loss as the waking new born Pixie is not often aware of the predatory nature of Foxes and local pussy cats or other Pixies who have taken on the nasty habit of eating their own! This I am afraid why Poor Iep is hunting new born Pixies, because they are easy pickings for someone with Ieps advance age and skills with sharp pins, I think Iep is a whole three months old. And I have just been told has already eaten not one , but three other Pixies. Jesopher, Studdbo and oh a Lucky. Who did not truly live up to the name? Well that is life as a pixie.

So the little Girl walked into the kitchen put on her rubber boots over here little buckle shoes took her blanket, which Mommy Merry had Given her just for this occasion, it was an old blanket with many a strawberry jam stains on it! Then grabbed her basket and thermos, and proceeded out the back door, when Her foster mother Merry Sloan who was washing up in the kitchen cleared her throat and told Racheal, “Remember stay in sight of the back window so I can see you at all times.” Yes Mommy Merry said Racheal who still felt funny calling Miss Sloan Mommy, but She insisted. Racheal waited for Merry to bend down so she could kiss her, but She kept on wiping the counter and looking out the window. There Marcus the Goblin stalked just behind the gnarly Tree.

“I think I have found Waylan the Gnome, you see I said one lived around here.”

“I Think I just spotted him over therein the roots of that old Gnarly Tree, I hope he watches out for that Marcus the goblin. That there Marcus might even gobble up a gnome.”

As the little Girl Racheal strolled over to the Gnarly Tree on the edge of Barlo meadows, Merry Sloan watched intently as the little Girl got to the Tree and spread her old blanket with the straw berry Jam stains and got out her book and put down her Thermos. Racheal then leaned against the tree and pulled out her old battered book and started to read , Slowly Marcus creped upon on Racheal his claw hand extended and with a woosh — Grabbed poor Racheal, poor Racheal felt something take hold of her and pull her down, down into the smelly earth and she Squealed! Marcus the Goblin stuffed what he thought was Racheal into his big mouth — Gobbled her up and sending streaks of strawberry jam like substance everywhere and adding new stains to the old ragged blanket. Marcus like little girls because they taste just like strawberry jam sandwiches and when you grab them they Squeal.

There was a fox who was Friends with a particular Gnome named Waylan and Fox was going to visit Waylan, Waylan Named the Fox so he could call him from other foxes, and this Fox name was Hunter lee, and Hunter lee was going to visit the Gnome named Waylan for he made wonderful strawberry jam. Waylan told Hunter lee the Fox, that he; Waylan the Gnome even made extra strawberry Jam jars and left three jars of it on the door steps of the human home at the edge of old dirt road and the meadow.

The Fox named Hunter lee was sneaking threw the Grass looking for a quick snack or two, when he saw a few pixies and began to watching them very closely, for the fox named Hunter lee knew one of them as Iep the Pixie. Iep the Pixie had gotten bigger and had Great big wings, and the other Pixie was anew born Pixie. And new Pixies tasted like honey dew melons. The fox named hunter lee , got an ideal he would spring out of the bush and gobble up both Pixies and go on to get a strawberry sandwich from Waylan too. That would make Hunter lee the fox a very full fox indeed. So the fox named hunter lee waited, as the pixie Iep swished down from the sky with his pin sword ready, the new pixie who was born today was not born yesterday instincts for danger made him sense danger and leaps out of the way .The new Pixie could see the green eyes of iep and for pixie knows trouble when a Pixie see’s it! Prepared to run away and get away from this big fat Pixie with the great wings,But our little fox named hunter lee has ideals of his own and jumped out to try to snatch up both pixies, but poor fox get nothing but air as both pixies race off, and our little fox has to content himself with strawberry jam.

From the window of the Human home of Ron and Merry Sloan, Merry Sloan cries out shrilly and runs off to tell her husband , as she run into his study, she cried out, oh Ron , Oh Ron Honey come quickly!

Oh Ron !Ron who was busy slowly building a trap to catch Gnomes. Heard Merry Cry out and hoped for the best! What is it Dear says Ron, Marcus has done it again. He has finally take that dreadful little girl !oh laughs Ron he is a hungry little Goblin. Well at lease he is fed. Shall we call the sheriff and report our poor Racheal has ran away? Yes WE WILL NEED TO get another little Girl soon or Marcus might get a taste for larger meals. Well I say to you dear reader, I hope you know sometimes the monster do not have to be Fairies.

Waylan is busy too!

Waylan was watching for his own opportunity to rescue little girl , for he saw Marcus sneak up on the little girl named Racheal and utilizing a few Gnome tricks snatches Racheal away and replaces her in an instant with a strawberry jam sandwich she had made earlier and places it in the mouth of Marcus.

Marcus the Goblin loved the taste of little Human children, they has a sticky sweet taste , some would say just like strawberry Jam. And Marcus would eat strawberry jam , if only it would hid and read books and squeal when he was about to bit it!

Now the only problem is what is Waylan going to do with a Little Girl?

He had already gift children to all his friend and all the kind humans he could find, and now he had another one!

Something was going to have to be done about that pesky Goblin and those nasty humans at the end of the dirty road!

To be continued!