Training Packages of Metal Age Kur

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Ayrish Missionary

Harmony is the Ayrish ideal. In order to live a long and productive life, one must find harmony with all things: the rocks, the birds, the wind, and each other. This quest to fuse inner and outer peace is a difficult one, doubly so for the Ayrish Missionary who has taken on the burden of spreading this ideal. A missionary is a traveling ascetic: many are peaceful wanderers, but some become warrior monks, devoted to the cause of justice.

Category or Skill Ranks
Athletic • Endurance 1
    Scaling 1
    Swimming 1
Athletic • Gymnastics 1
    Climbing 1
Body Development 0
    Concussion Hits 1
    Exhaustion Points 2
Communications: Wrin 2
    Skelli (S) 3
Influence 2
    Diplomacy 1
    Rhetoric 3
Lore • General 2
    Culture Lore: Skell Sailor 2
    Region Lore: Own 2
Technical/Trade • General 1
    Mapping 1
    Sailing 1
Cost 46


With the invention of elemental magic (i.e., the Magician base lists), Skelli boats usually include a mage to protect the vessel from storms and pirates. The Bos'mage is a master of protective magics; most are also familiar with a few offensive spells. Many bos'mages double as the ship's executive office—this dual role provides them with an even greater share of the hold than the captain. (Unfortunately, many pirate vessles have learned to hire a bos'mage of their own.)

Category or Skill Ranks
Athletic • Endurance 2
    Swimming 2
Awareness • Senses 1
    Situational Awareness: Spellcasting 1
Influence 1
    Trading 2
Outdoor • Environmental 3
    Survival: Ocean (O) 2
    Weather Watching 2
Power Point Development 0
    Power Points 1
Spells • Impulse Open Lists 0
    Elemental Shields 3
Technical/Trade • General 2
    Mapping 1
    Sailing 1
Cost 56


At the northern edges of Telquelli civilization, the Vulfen are a constant threat. When a Vulfen force sweeps through, the survivors must adopt, at least for a while, a nomadic existence. The Displaced refer to any such people, in search of a new permanent home. Of course, this adversity has honed the displaced's survival skills, even as it erodes their social status.

Category or Skill Ranks
Body Development 0
    Concussion Hits 1
Lore • General 2
    Region Lore: Own 2
Martial Arts • Striking 2
    Boxing 2
Outdoor • Environmental 2
    Caving 1
    Foraging 2
Subterfuge • Mechanics 1
    Camouflage 1
Subterfuge • Stealth 2
    Hiding 2
    Stalking 2
Technical/Trade • General 1
    Begging 1
Cost 42

Servant of Quel

Within Telquelli society, leadership positions are seen as a form of service. Potential leaders are subjected to a series of trials to demonstrate their perseverance and commitment to the tribe. Not all servants have the humility to become leaders, but Servants of Quel can be counted on to possess a wide range of useful skills.

Category or Skill Ranks
Awareness • Searching 2
    Observation 2
Awareness • Senses 2
    Situational Awareness: Emotional 1
    Situational Awareness: Social 2
Crafts 0
    Food-crafts 1
    Stone-crafts 1
Influence 3
    Leadership 2
    Public Speaking 1
    Recruitment 1
Lore • General 2
    Culture Lore: Telquelli Crafter 2
    Culture Lore: Telquelli Gatherer 2
    History 1
    Region Lore: Own 2
Outdoor • Animal 2
    Riding: Draft 2
Technical/Trade • General 1
    First Aid 1
    Operating Equipment 1
Cost 51