HARP Folkways Preview Excerpt: Faleeka

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Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

"[Faleeka] want to know everything and will do almost any kind of work to get to the bottom of a question that they care about."


The Faleeka are among the most social and gregarious of races. More playful than the Amarvish, more convivial than halflings and more generous than almost any other race, once a Faleeka has decided that you are friendly (or at least not overtly hostile), they would give you the feathers off their back. Faleeka detest spending time alone, much preferring the company of family and friends. They are devoted to friends; their commitment to family is enduring. The typical social group size for a Faleeka to feel really comfortable is six to nine. More is just fine! It is the rare Faleeka who wants to spend time alone. Faleeka do not consider this a problem or an illness. Rather, they just don’t understand why someone would want this! Faleeka are confident and enthusiastic adventurers, as this gives them the opportunity to meet lots of new people. Moreover, curiosity is a core quality of all Faleeka. They want to know everything and will do almost any kind of work to get to the bottom of a question that they care about. If they think you know something, they will badger you like nobody’s business until you tell them. Famously inventive, individual Faleeka have been known to devise all sorts of strategies for escaping the traps, props and snares that are the great bane of most adventurers.

Faleeka are keen collectors and are skilled assessors of value, many developing specialist skills and talents in appraisal. Their sense of beauty is singular. They are particularly keen on crafting and collecting jewelry and glass. Faleeka glass is often times sufficiently valuable that it replaces currency or other gems in trade.


Faleeka are bipedal descendants of a race of intelligent parrots that filled an ecological niche encouraging the growth of intelligence. They stand 4 feet tall and continue to resemble their ancestors. They have richly colored feathers, favoring blue and green. When in flight, their underwing feathers can be seen and they are orange, yellow or red, depending on the age and gender of the Faleeka in question. There is little to distinguish male and female. Faleeka beaks can do significant damage, as can their talons.


Faleeka live between 60 and 80 years. Faleeka attain maturity at age 8.


Faleeka strongly favor the Aerial culture, but their settlements are sometimes found in Coastal or Underhill contexts.

“Twenty Questions”

Wealth (Gift Giving): Nothing is quite as important in cementing the complex relationships that mean so much to a Faleeka as gift giving. The culture of gift giving follows laws established by the legendary founders of the Faleeka people (Arixa and Jaro - the first couple), whose 1000-day courtship teaches all Faleeka how to live productive, rich and meaningful lives. Each of the thousand days is associated with a particular gift or series of gifts. As a result, friends, colleagues, lovers, newlyweds and others have excellent examples of meaningful gifts to mark almost any occasion. Faleeka will spend significant time to select meaningful gifts for those they value. A Faleeka always remembers the gifts they’ve given and been given.

Special Abilities


As the Faleeka descend from avian stock, they have the capacity for flight. Their Base Flight Rate (BFR) is twice their Base Movement Rate and Pace Modifiers apply normally. Flight is extremely tiring, so Faleeka may only stay aloft a maximum number of hours equal to their total Constitution bonus. For each encumbrance level above Light, their BFR is reduced by half, and so is the amount of time they may stay aloft (i.e. Medium encumbrance = one-half normal BFR and time aloft. Heavy encumbrance = one-quarter BFR and time aloft). Faleeka gain a bonus of +50 to the Flying/Gliding skill.

Multiple / Peripheral Eyes [Lesser]

A Faleeka’s eyes are spread far to the sides. Foes do not receive any flank bonuses when attacking the character (unless the character is surprised). The bonus for Rear attacks is reduced from +20 to +10. All Faleeka make Perception rolls at +10.

Natural Weapons (beak)

A Faleeka can use its beak as a natural weapon and can make Small Puncture attacks using a learned Martial Arts skill.

Natural Weapons (talon)

A Faleeka can use its talons as a natural weapon and can make Small Slash attacks using a learned Martial Arts skill.

Racial Limitation

Hollow Bones

Faleeka are able to fly because they have “hollow” bones. Unfortunately these are more fragile than normal bones. All Crush and Impact criticals against Faleeka have their attack size increased by 10 and any penalties relating to injuries associated with bones are doubled.

Racial Stat Modifiers Endurance Power Points Resistance Bonuses
Race St Co Ag Qu SD Re In Pr Stamina Will Magic
Faleeka +0 +0 +3 +3 +1 +0 +3 +1 20 40 +5 +10 +15