Training Packages of the Age of Empires

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It is no accident that the Ivazazhit are masters of trade and commerce. From a young age, many "swamp rats" are trained in the finer arts of negotiation, urban living, and magical manipulation. No trade mission is complete without at least one of these Controllers present. Rarely are these individuals the ostensible face of the delegation, preferring to adopt secondary roles from which to monitor affairs more fully.

Category or Skill Ranks
Communications: Kish 3
    Te'klu (S) 3
Influence 2
    Trading 2
    Diplomacy 1
Power Manipulation 0
    Magic Ritual: Surroundings 1
    Magic Ritual: Other Intelligent Minds 3
Power Point Development 0
    Power Points 2
Urban 2
    Scrounging 1
    Mingling 1
    Contacting 1
    Streetwise 1
Cost 41

Death Dancer

A Death Dancer is an artisan with a macabre palette combining acrobatic feats with murder. These assassins do not work for money or cause, but instead to honor their victims. Once a Death Dancer selects a victim, they will silently follow that individual to learn as much as possible. When the time is right, the Death Dancer will approach and begin dancing. The victim is expected to defend themselves; they are also expected to fail.

Category or Skill Ranks
Artistic • Active 1
    Dancing 2
    Singing 1
Artistic • Passive 2
    Painting 2
Athletic • Gymnastics 2
    Tumbling 2
    Acrobatics 2
Combat Maneuvers 0
    Feral Onslaught 2
Special Attacks 0
    Bite 2
    Claw 1
Weapon • Chopping 2
    Machete 2
Cost 40

Kethyrru Ambassador

Perhaps for good reason, the Kethyrru distrust the Empire's intentions. To monitor events, and to subtly push the Te'klu to do the right thing (from the perspective of the Kethyrru), the Kethyrru maintain an Ambassadorial wing. These individuals are sent into human lands as merchants and guests of the nobles. Many become trusted advisors, and a not insignificant number abandon the cause, seduced by the lure of wealth and comfort.

Category or Skill Ranks
Awareness • Searching 2
    Observation 2
Awareness • Senses 2
    Situational Awareness: Emotional 1
    Situational Awareness: Social 1
Communications: Kish 3
    Kish (W) 3
    Te'klu (S) 3
Influence 4
    Interrogation 1
    Diplomacy 2
    Rhetoric 1
Lore • General 4
    History 2
    Culture Lore: Western Te'klu (Age of Empires) 2
    Culture Lore: Eastern Te'klu (Age of Empires) 2
    Culture Lore: Central Te'klu (Age of Empires) 2
Technical/Trade • Professional 0
    Law 1
Cost 49

Mind Hacker

In Te'klu popular culture, the Hobgoblins are savages that live along the frontier, relying on brutal brigandry to augment their meager lives. In reality, the Hobgoblins train many Psychic mages. Mind Hackers are sent into Te'klu lands to soften the opposition long before the raiders descend. When mundane deceptions fail, Mind Hackers are versed in magical espionage and Te'klu counter-intelligence techniques.

Category or Skill Ranks
Communications: Kish 3
    Te'klu (S) 3
Influence 2
    Interrogation 1
    Duping 2
    Seduction 1
Lore • Magical 1
    Symbol Lore 1
    Spell Lore 1
Power Manipulation 0
    Spell Trickery 2
Power Point Development 0
    Power Points 2
Spells • Psychic Open Lists 0
    Illusions 2
    Cloaking 2
Cost 45

Te'klu Spy

The Empire is a fragile thing. Push too hard and the nobles will rebel. Accommodate too much, and the nobles will take advantage. Maintain this delicate balance requires gathering information on the nobles and their retinues. These spies report to official Imperial Agents stationed throughout the kingdoms. Much of a spy's life is tedious note-taking, punctuated by brief flashes of terrifying intrigue.

Category or Skill Ranks
Awareness • Perceptions 0
    Alertness 1
Awareness • Searching 2
    Locate Hidden 1
    Poison Perception 1
Awareness • Senses 1
    Situational Awareness: Social 1
Communications: Kish 2
    Te'klu (S) 2
Influence 2
    Seduction 1
    Duping 1
Lore • General 1
    Culture Lore: Eastern Te'klu (Age of Empires) 1
    Culture Lore: Central Te'klu (Age of Empires) 1
    Culture Lore: Western Te'klu (Age of Empires) 1
Subterfuge • Mechanics 1
    Counterfeiting 1
Subterfuge • Stealth 4
    Hiding 2
    Picking Pockets 2
    Stalking 2
Urban 2
    Gossip 2
    Mingling 2
Cost 42

War Planner

War Planners are the officers of the Te'klu armies. This position is inherited or purchased, as it tends to keep one far from the front lines. Despite this corruption, War Planners are the heroes of many tales for their cleverness in beating back hordes of Hobgoblins, their bravery in dispatching pirates and plunderers, and their selflessness in squaring off against nightmare creatures. Much of this overblown reputation can be traced back to a handful of War Planners of exceptional skill.

Category or Skill Ranks
Awareness • Searching 2
    Surveillance 2
Influence 2
    Leadership 2
    Recruitment 2
Lore • General 2
    Region Lore 1
    History 1
Outdoor • Environmental 1
    Weather Watching 1
Technical/Trade • Vocational 0
    Siege Engineering 1
    Cartography 2
Weapon • Artillery, Direct 1
    Ballista 1
Weapon • Crushing 2
    Mace 2
Cost 45