HARP Folkways Preview Excerpt: The Trader Profession

Copyright Jon Cassie and Guild Companion Publications Ltd © 2016

Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

"Traders tread a careful line between seeking too much fame and attention, and avoiding a reputation for secrecy or sneakiness."


Traders are buyers and sellers of goods and services. Traders have the unique ability to move between and among the layers of societies with relative ease. Known to members of the city guard, the constabulary, the rich and powerful and even the less well off, those engaged in the merchant trade must be well known to their existing and potential customers. Traders tread a careful line between seeking too much fame and attention, and avoiding a reputation for secrecy or sneakiness. Making money requires accessibility to one’s customers, making large amounts of money requires everyone trusts you. That is the great advantage of the Trader - when they get it right, they can get away with anything, because no one believes that the Trader is anything other than a purveyor of goods and services.

Favored Categories

Artistic: 2
Combat: 2
General: 6
Influence: 6
Physical: 2
Subterfuge: 2
Key Stats: Insight, Reasoning, Presence

Professional Abilities

All Traders may choose from one of the following talents: Diplomatic Training, Racial/Cultural Expert, Silver Tongued, or Skilled Trader. Beginning at first level and then every five levels, Traders gain a +10 bonus to a General or Influence skill of their choice. No skill can have more than a +30 bonus from this ability.

New Talents

Diplomatic Training

The character has been trained for a career in diplomacy. This Talent gives a +10 bonus to Diplomacy, Public Speaking and one Mundane Lore (such as Heraldry or a Culture Lore).

Cost: 15

Racial/Cultural Expert

The character gains +10 to all skills relating to one race or culture (not their own). This Talent may be purchased multiple times for a different race or culture each time.

Cost: 15

Silver Tongued

The character has mastered the arts of duplicity in spoken word and manner. This Talent gives a +10 bonus to Acting, Charm and Duping.

Cost: 15

Skilled Trader

The character is a shrewd dealer in goods and services. This Talent gives a +10 bonus to Appraisal, Duping and Trading.

Cost: 15